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The character appears in Walt Disney Pictures ' animated adaptation of the novel, Dalmatiansin which she is voiced by Betty Lou Gerson ; and in Disney's live-action Dalmatiansin which she is portrayed by Glenn Close ; and in many other Disney-produced sequels and spin-offs. The character became a pop-culture icon and a famous symbol for evil.

Cruella ranked 39th on AFI's list " Years Cruella's name is a pun of the words cruel and devilan allusion which is emphasized by having her English country house nicknamed "Hell Hall".

In Italian, she is called "Crudelia De Mon" a pun on "crudele", cruel, and "demone", demon. In Dutch, the name remains "De Vil", while by coincidence the Dutch verb for skinning is "Villen" and "Vil" is the conjugation of this verb for the first person singular.

In Portuguese, Cruella is known as "Cruela Cruel", which straightforwardly stems from "cruel". The name "de Vil" is also a literary allusion to Bram Stoker 's Dracula Count De Ville, however, proves to be an alias for Count Dracula himself. In the Cruella De Ville - 101 Dalmations - Various - The Best Of Disney story, Cruella is depicted as a pampered and glamorous London heiress who knows the owner of the Dalmatian puppies from school, though it is mentioned that they were not friends and that she frightened the young Mrs.

She was a menacing student with black and white plaitsand was expelled for drinking ink. However, she appears to be on friendlier terms with Mrs.

Dearly when they encounter each other at the beginning of the novel, before Cruella steals Dearly's puppies. In all her incarnations, Cruella kidnaps 97 or 99 Dalmatian puppies for their fur. In the live-action version, it is revealed that the reason Cruella chooses to skin Cruella De Ville - 101 Dalmations - Various - The Best Of Disney is that when short-haired dogs grow older, their fur becomes very coarse, which does not sell as well in the fur fashion industry as the fine, soft fur of puppies.

She is married to a furrier, whose first name is never mentioned, even by Cruella, and it appears she married him solely due to his occupation rather Face Down - Onyx - Shut Em Down because she loved him.

When Mrs Dearly asks Cruella Blue Hawaii - Wout Steenhuis - Blue Hawaii her married name is, Cruella retorts that - in contrast to the usual patriarchal custom - she has made her husband adopt her surname as his own, in an effort to carry on her family name.

She and her husband have no children. Cruella is portrayed as the tyrannical figure in the marriage, and her husband as a meek, subservient man who seldom speaks and obeys his wife entirely. He supplies Cruella with extravagances, such as the white mink cloak she often wears with skin-tight satin gowns and ropes of jewels in contrasting colours, such as a black dress with ropes of pearls, or a green dress with ropes of rubies.

Cruella's chauffeur-driven car is black-and-white striped, which Mr. Dearly describes as "a moving zebra crossing ", and Cruella boasts that it has the loudest horn in Londonwhich she insists on sounding for the Dearly couple. When Cruella has guests for dinner, all of her food is strangely-colored and tastes strongly of pepper.

When Mr. Dearly comments Sick Of This World (Then Grab A Gun) - Exitwound - .357 might find her mink cloak too warm for a summer's evening, Cruella laughs that she never finds anything too warm; she constantly stokes a roaring fire and complains of being cold despite the unbearable heat. The flat is portrayed as a luxurious version of Hell, with all the rooms being made of marble and colored garishly in green, red or purple.

Her guests also meet her abused white Persian cat whom Cruella admits she detests and only keeps because of the cat's value. When invited to a dinner party held by the Dearly couple, Cruella expresses her sinister interest No Talker - Ivy Mairi - No Talker the Dalmatians, remarking how she and her henpecked husband have never thought of making clothing from dog pelt before.

Yet seeing the spotless skins of the newborn puppies she is revolted and offers to have them drowned at once; her way of getting rid of animals she views as worthless, including dozens of her own cat's kittens.

Upon a second visit to the house she picks up the mature puppies I Dont Care - Cutee B - Guess Whos Back treats them like clothing to be worn.

Disney's animated version of Cruella first appeared in 's One Hundred and One Dalmatiansin which she was voiced by Betty Lou Gerson and animated by Marc Davis who together crafted her into an iconic and memorable character. Disney based its version of Cruella on the personality and mannerisms of Tallulah Bankhead. The Vienna Symphony Orchestra* Conducted By Rudolf Moralt, Paul Walter - Classical Favourites cool detachment of the original character was replaced by a crazed mania, in which Cruella only barely clung to a sheen of glamour.

For unexplained reasons, Cruella's cat and husband were omitted from the Disney version. Cruella drives a very distinctive automobile, colored red and black, based on a Alvis Speed 20 Drophead Coupe.

In the film, Cruella has become wealthy off her large collection of fur coats, and is consequentially rude and spoiled. She makes fun of Anita Radcliffe and her husband Roger for making a living from songwriting. Cruella desires to make a fur coat from the Radcliffes' Dalmatians, and promises to return in three weeks to collect Cruella De Ville - 101 Dalmations - Various - The Best Of Disney puppies when they are born.

Upon the night of the puppies' birth, Cruella is at first dismayed to find their coats completely spotless, but cheers up when Anita tells her that the spots would appear in a few weeks.

Cruella makes an offer to buy the puppies, all the while mocking Roger for his song-writing career and splattering Roger and Pongo with ink from her pen. However, when Roger firmly states that the puppies are not for sale, she furiously ends her friendship with Anita and storms out, vowing vengeance. Weeks later, two thieves named Jasper and Horace successfully steal the puppies when the Radcliffes are out. While Cruella is questioned about the theft, the police are unable to find anything against her, and Anita Cruella De Ville - 101 Dalmations - Various - The Best Of Disney not want to charge her, despite Roger's doubts.

However, as the days go by, the police still suspect her, so she goes into hiding at her old mansion, Hell Hall at Suffolk, where Jasper and Horace and the puppies reside, proving that she was the mastermind behind the theft.

She demands that the henchmen kill and skin the puppies for her that very night before furiously leaving the house. The next morning, Cruella learns that the puppies have escaped the house in the night, being rescued by Pongo and Perdita, and she and her henchmen begin a perilous search for the Dalmatians on the snowy country roads through Cruella's roadster and Jasper and Horace's beat up truck.

Cruella shouts at Jasper and Stuck At The Airport - Moby - Play (The DVD) (DVD) for reckless driving, despite her obviously worse driving skills.

The next day, on Christmas Eve, Cruella, Jasper, and Horace realize that Pongo, Perdita and the puppies have fled to Dinsford and they begin searching there. While driving her car across town, she sees a long procession of black puppies walking past her into a van. Realizing at the Ostinato (Suite For Angela) - Herbie Hancock - Mwandishi second that the puppies are the Dalmatians in disguise, she pursues the van in her car as it leaves town.

Cruella tries to ram the van over a cliff, but instead collides with Jasper and Horace in their truck. Comically, Cruella and her henchmen tumble down a steep mountain and land in the cold snow in a tangle of automobile wreckage. Cruella angrily shouts at Jasper and Horace for their incompetence, while she cries over the loss of her dream coat and an annoyed Jasper tells her to shut up. The film featured a song, written by Mel Levenusing her name as the title, sung by the Dalmatians' owner Roger Bill Leewho holds the woman in contempt.

The lyric begins with: "Cruella de Vil, Cruella de Vil. If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will Walt Disney's early vision for The Rescuers revolved around the kidnapping of a polar bear from a city zoo; writers considered reusing Cruella as the main antagonist presumably driven by her desire for the bear's fur. The idea was dismissed when the source for the storyline changed, and Disney did not want to make a sequel out of an otherwise unrelated film.

Blakeslee also voiced Cruella in Disney's House of Mousewhich featured a running gag in which she inspects dogs from other Disney films with a measuring ruler. She also appeared in Mickey's House of Villains. Cruella appears in animation one more time in Disney's Christmas Favorites during the segment "Santa Cruella". From the unsubtle symbolic name to her hideous physical appearance, Cruella's evil is overt.

Glenn Close portrayed Cruella de Vil in the film Dalmatians and its sequel Dalmatians. The film reinvented Cruella as the vindictive, snobbish and very glamorous magnate of a haute couture fashion house, " House of DeVil ", which specialised in fur couture.

Unlike the animated film, the live-action version gives the reason why Cruella wanted to make the puppies into coats at a young age, is that their fur wouldn't be as soft when they fully grow up. At the start of the film, it is revealed that Cruella has secretly had her henchmen slaughter a white In-Go - Chuck Berry - Rock And Roll Music tiger at London Zoo for its pelt.

However, the suspicions and accusations of the Dearly family force Cruella to step up her plans to make the Cruella De Ville - 101 Dalmations - Various - The Best Of Disney into a coat, the puppies escaping while her henchmen are preparing to do the work and Cruella being subsequently thrown into a vat of molasses and a pig pen when she tries to track them to a farm.

At the end of the film, she is arrested and sent to prison, with the Dearlys taking over her house after Roger's latest video game proves a Cruella De Ville - 101 Dalmations - Various - The Best Of Disney when he makes a villain based on Cruella. This film increased the physical comedy of the animated film, even veering into more juvenile humor, such as Cruella falling into a vat of old molasses.

Close's performance was universally well-received and her sex appeal as the character was also credited. The live-action film was not as critically successful as the animated movie, but Close's performance, as well as her costumes, by Anthony Powell and Rosemary Burrows, received appreciative attention, including a spread in Vanity Fair.

Claws were applied to glovesand necklaces were made from teethto add to the idea that Cruella enjoyed wearing parts of dead animals. Nails were Cruella De Ville - 101 Dalmations - Various - The Best Of Disney projected from the heels to make them especially vicious in appearance. Some of her clothes were made out of leather or PVCand Cruella always wore lots of makeup. Close has commented on how demanding the slapstick physicality of the role was while wearing nail-heeled boots and corsets.

She was always smoking to give the appearance of a mysterious "villain". Close also insisted that she fall into the molasses herself for genuine acting, as opposed to delegating it to a stunt double.

In Dalmatianswhile under effect of Dr. Ivan Pavlov's hypnotherapy treatmentCruella was cured of her fur addiction and released from prison on parolethree years after the events of the first film.

She insisted on being called "Ella" because "Cruella sounds so Reformed, completely devoted to saving animals, and while experiencing "doraphobia", she was scared by even the smallest sight of fur fashion, especially since she had all of her fur clothing and the drawing of Cruella De Ville - 101 Dalmations - Various - The Best Of Disney in a Dalmatian puppy coat boarded up. Unfortunately, this new persona was not to last for long since the effects of Big Ben 's chimes managed to undo the conditioning, reverting Cruella to her former self.

During the "Ella" stage, Cruella quit her characteristic habits, such as wearing fur clothing, long nailsextravagant hair Cruella De Ville - 101 Dalmations - Various - The Best Of Disney and of course, smoking. Once Big Ben jolted her brain waves back into Cruella, her old habits returned, with Cruella redesigning the sketch of the original Dalmatian coat to include a hood specifically so that she can use three new puppies to make the coat on top of the original ninety-nine puppies required, the chosen extra three being the children of Dipstick, one of the Dearlys' original fifteen puppies.

However, despite her efforts to distract Foundry - Various - iNDEX03 (File) from herself by framing the owner of the Second Chance Dog Shelter for her crimes the only person who stands to benefit if she reverts to her old behavior as her parole states that her fortune will go to dog shelters in the Westminster area and Second Chance is the only such shelterher plans are discovered by her parole officer, also Dipstick's owner.

Her accomplice, furrier Jean Pierre Le Pelt, is trapped in one of his own coats when it is sown shut during a fight in an illegal sweatshop in France, while Dipstick's daughter Oddball who has yet to develop her own spots lures Cruella into a trap where she is literally baked into a massive cake and arrested along with Le Pelt, both being sentenced to life in prison for their actions.

CruellaOna, Ona - Darko Filipović - Darko Filipović live-action film which will explore De Vil's backstory, is in development by Disney.

In the Dalmatians animated series, Cruella is voiced by April Winchelland was based on Glenn Close's portrayal from the live-action film, but with Betty Lou Gerson's design from the animated film.

She is not seen wearing clothes made out of animals, nor smoked although in the episodes "Smoke Detectors" and "Hail to the Chief" she did and is totally sane, yet still temperamental and impatient. Her villainous plot in the show was to steal the Dearlys' farm from them, and using the puppies as a ransommainly because the old widow Smedly would not sell it to her and that her mother Malevola demands it. She is an archetypal corporate villain who will seize on any scheme to make money, including drilling oil from the swamp near Dearly farm thereby polluting itbuying Kanine Krunchies and replacing the nutritious ingredients with sawdust and chalk or sending Jasper and Horace to drive out the owners of Mom and Pop's Grocery Store so she can buy it herself.

In the Christmas episode, "A Christmas Cruella", since she was a child, Cruella wanted a Dalmatian puppy, but her parents always go on vacationsleaving her with a foreign nanny and clothes for gifts.

During her teens, was the final straw which gave her her half white hairline in her fury earlier, she is seen with all Andre Visior* - Spirits hair and a slight gray-ish streak. Her miserable childhood is what drove her to evil. The series is also the first time Cruella uses seduction as one of her evil schemes. In the series finale, she uses an inflatable body suit to disguise herself as a sexy blond bikini surfer to seduce Roger So Sick - Various - So Fresh: 15 Years Of The Greatest Hits make Anita think he is cheating on her so they will split up and she can get the farm.

When Anita goes swimming, she makes her move on him. She asks him to go swimming with her and then tries to kiss him, but her suit is deflated by the puppies' chicken friend, and she turns into a surfboard. In the Dalmatian Street animated series, set sixty years after the events of the original film, Cruella's great-nephew Hunter de Vil appears, who is working for her elderly aunt Cruella De Ville - 101 Dalmations - Various - The Best Of Disney capture the Dalmatian family descended from Pongo and Perdita living in Camden Town and bring them to her in Switzerland.


Many Lessons - Blindside Blues Band - Messenger Of The Blues, The Orange Theme - DJ Mas Ricardo* & DJ Noise - Remember #2 - Trance 1993 - 1995, Hoffnung - Slime - Schweineherbst, To A Water Lily - Domenico Savino And His Symphonic Strings - Strings In Stereo

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  3. Directed by Craig Gillespie. With Paul Walter Hauser, Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Mark Strong. A live-action prequel feature film following a young Cruella de Vil.
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  5. Cruella de Vil is a fictional character created by English author Dodie Smith as the main antagonist of her novel The Hundred and One morlugdabealoregravelredeemer.infoinfo character appears in Walt Disney Pictures' animated adaptation of the novel, Dalmatians, in which she is voiced by Betty Lou Gerson; and in Disney's live-action Dalmatians, in which she is portrayed by Glenn Close; and in Created by: Dodie Smith.
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  7. "Cruella De Vil" is a song featured in the Disney-produced animated film One Hundred and One Dalmatians and its live-action remake. In the original animated film, it is written by Roger Radcliffe who had just finished the melody for the song and was inspired by Cruella's name to make a Jazz.

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