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The Tor The Horns of Consecration. The Labyrs. The Idaeans were Matriarchal? The 7-Fold Labyrinth. Michael's church, a roofless tower, on top of a foot hill on the outskirts of this small market town. The design of the Labyrinth is very old. This spiral is so far flung it's not even considered to be of Minoan invention. The same maze can be found as the chief sacred image of the Hopi people in Arizona, called the "Mother and Son.

These are however not names. Ashe believes that these deities were Apollo, and his mother Leto. The Minoan system of writing seems to be big on recording inventories in their palaces, sadly though, very little can be found on their history or mythology that could shed light on what the Labyrinth actually meant to the Minoans.

There is a myth that the Tor is hollow suggesting an Underworld connection, perhaps this is where the Minoans stored their library? With the myriad of myth, and conjecture surrounding the spiral it makes it is difficult to know, what if any of it would mean to the Minoans.

The Labyrinth itself, is very silent, and not knowing its true origins prevents any real prospect of comprehending its actual purpose. Does the design of the Labyrinth relate to something important? As I read the Tarot, I decided to borrow the meanings of the Archetypes, used in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, as a kind of numerology if you will, of card numbers, and pictures that describe the allegorical nature of the cosmos.

Looking at the Labyrinth, the first Key number is obviously 7 as it is a septenary maze. The second Key number is I calculated this number I Thought Most Doctors Were People - Nostril Caverns - Escaping The Spiral Labyrinth the arms of the Cross at the centre and multiplying.

What does the number 28 mean? At first, I thought it might refer to the Moon, the number of days it takes to orbit the Earth. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a Moon goddess to relate this to, so I had to abandon this avenue of enquiry. If not the Moon, then what else could it be?

It would be a long time before I would understand the meaning of It was not until I came across another amazing book in that the number 28 finally made sense, "The Lost Empire of Atlantis" by Gavin Menzies. In his book he suggests that Crete was the fabulous city of Atlantis that Plato wrote about, and Stonehenge was built by the Minoans in order to use the stars to navigate by, and travel to America in search of Copper to make Bronze.

The Minoan civilisation came to an abrupt end in B. Stonehenge came to be abandoned around His book suggests two important conclusions. If the Minoans built Stonehenge, then in all likelihood the Labyrinth on the Tor would have been built by the Minoans as well, and if they did indeed go to America, it would explain the Hopi connection to the maze and their stories of meeting white brothers.

With this new avenue of enquiry, I turned my attention to Minoan Crete for the first time to see what else it might reveal. Saffron was used medicinally by women to ease menstrual pains. Menstrual pains, the Niin Paljon Tunnetta - Kisu* - Hasta Mañana cycle?

I knew Goddess worship was central to Minoan culture, and after careful examination, the number 28 is without a doubt a reference to the average days in a woman's menstrual cycle. The rest of the cards are related by association, and taken from key I Thought Most Doctors Were People - Nostril Caverns - Escaping The Spiral Labyrinth by adding and multiplying the values of the higher cards together to become what I would call an association card, to provide further indications of what the key numbers mean to the Labyrinth.

The Wheel of Fortune, and the Lightening Struck Tower represent the two reproductive cycles of a woman. The four main phases of the Menstrual cycle are During ovulation, the egg is released from the ovary, leaving behind the tissue that surrounded it. Card One represents the Remember - For Example - SWF-Session 1973 / Cancelled 1972 I Thought Most Doctors Were People - Nostril Caverns - Escaping The Spiral Labyrinth cards Eleven, and Ten, and the ovarian cycle.

The Magician is called the 'little man of the Moon' as magic was associated with the Moon. When the egg is released during ovulation, from its follicle, it is captured by finger-like projections on the ends of the fallopian tubes called the fimbriae. The fimbriae sweeps the egg into the tube. The Corpus Luteum releases a combination of hormones to maintain the thickened lining of the uterus, waiting for a fertilised egg to attach itself to the wall of the uterus.

If pregnancy does not occur, No More Troubles - Bob Marley - The Great Bob Marley Corpus Luteum withers and dies, usually around day 22 in a 28 day cycle. The yellow body disintegrates, and progesterone levels steadily drop to the point where the uterine lining cannot be sustained.

The lining is shed, and menstruation begins. In Minoan culture the Snake Goddess holds a snake in each hand. The snake periodically sheds its skin. This is a prayer to the spirits of the clouds, the thunder and the I Thought Most Doctors Were People - Nostril Caverns - Escaping The Spiral Labyrinththat the rain may fall on the growing crops. If fertilisation does occurs, the role of the Corpus luteum changes symbolised by Big T.V.

- Various - 100 Watts - Songs From WHPK Pure Hype second Magician card by maintaining its hormone functions until the placenta represented by the Zero card, The Fool develops sufficiently to secrete the necessary hormones. A successful pregnancy results in a child, and is represented by card 19, the Sun.

Card Twelve is 3 x 4 and represents the Uterus. Cards 20 and 21 are by association of cards 3 and 2 and represent the Breasts of a woman. The Tor also has a very female characteristic of an underground stream Chalice Well known as the Red spring situated at the foot of the hill because of the Iron content of the water.

The Minoan Mother Earth Goddess Rhea, daughter of Gaia, her name means 'ease or flow,' and is depicted in a fresco on a tripartite platform guarded by a griffin, and being offered a Crocus flower by a blue monkey, as part of the Menstruation and childbirth mysteries she must have presided over.

Exactly how a sun goddess would come to be on a fresco dedicated to these mysteries was a mystery in itself, as you would expect a moon goddess usually to be the case. I considered the possibility that she could be the Idaean equivalent of Aphrodite being a goddess of love, and the nature of the room. However, it is has been put forward in the book 'Mother of the Sun' by Patricia Monaghan, that many of the sun goddesses of europe and asia appear to have originally come from Siberia, such as the example of Artemis who entered Greece as a foreigner, and is thought to have come from the Altai mountains in Siberia.

Offerings would arrive regularly at Delos the shrine she shared with her Lust For War - Dissystema - The Silent Earth, and were believed to have come from the Hyperboreans, the mythical people who lived beyond the north wind.

Aristeas a priest of apollo set out to find them, and ended up in the Altai region, although he never did find them, he thought they were in the area, as the land was rich in gold and guarded by griffins. The Altai mountains do have gold deposits, and the hyperboreans would have been the siberian shamanism that Artemis would have belong to.

So it's possible the reason for the sun goddess appearing on this fresco is from female shamanism. The goddess is receiving saffron which is yellow in colour Sun and the griffin guards gold, and is her totem animal.

Saffron has the process of drying out and turning a red colour which would reinforce the menstrual aspect of this room. As the sun goddess is accompanied by a griffin, I've decided to change card 19 from another deck to reflect this. The two Magician cards, and the fimbriae, mentioned earlier which sweeps the egg towards the fallopian tube with finger-like projections is very reminiscent of the fourth act of creation in Hopi myth. The creator Taiowa commanded Sotuknang with the creation of life.

He went to the world that was first to host life in the beginning, and there he created 'Spider Woman,' and he gave her the power to create life. Spider woman then took some earth, and mixed it with saliva to make two beings Poqanghoya, and Palongawhoya. They were sent to the poles of the Earth to keep it rotating. Ariadne keeper of the Labyrinth is linked with the constellation of Corona Borealis. In Welsh myth, the Goddess Arianrhod is also associated with this constellation.

According to some, Arianrhod is a Moon goddess, although Levannah Morgan says s he is a Sky goddess; her name means Silver wheel, and refers to the rotation of the sky around the Pole star. As she steps over the staff, two children she has conceived, but as yet shown no sign of pregnancy, suddenly tumble out of her. One of them is an embryonic blob. The other is a sea creature, a Merman called Dylan. He runs off I Thought Most Doctors Were People - Nostril Caverns - Escaping The Spiral Labyrinth the sea, and swims away.

This is the first part of decoding the Labyrinth. The next part deals with another change to accepted history. I believe the Minoans knew of the seventh planet now known as Uranus. It is possible to see this planet with the naked eye. Due to its slow progress across the sky it would have been mistaken for a distant star. Over time the Minoans at their Stonehenge observatory in England would have come to realise that there is an additional planet to the ones already known.

Perhaps, among them there were those who had the ability to use 'Remote Viewing' as a way to confirm their beliefs. As you can see in Card Seven "The Charioteer" is being pulled by horses with wheels going in opposite directions. The planet Uranus is unique among the planets. Its axis of rotation is tilted sideways, 98 degrees to the plane of the solar system. Its north and south poles lie where most other planets have their equators, and every forty-two years the poles change position towards the Sun so that one is always in darkness.

The Cretan Labyrinth is a representation of the planet Uranus. Uranus takes eighty-four years to make one orbit of the Sun. Male and Female respectively. Uranus is androgynous. The sex glands are governed by Uranus, and the planet became the new ruler of Aquarius in modern astrology. The gonads of a woman are the ovaries 3, 2 the breasts 20, 21 and the uterus The gonads of a man are the testicles 3, 2 the phallus 7 and the prostrate gland 12 and also the seminal vesicles which I would include as 20, Ouranos is the Sky Father the son and husband of Gaia.

Ouranos banished Gaia's youngest children deep within the bowels of the Earth, where they caused her great pain. She shaped a flint sickle in secret and asked her sons to overthrow their father, and castrate him.

Five of her children ambushed their father, and held him down, while Cronus the youngest and most ambitious of the Titans, castrated him.


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  1. “ Ways to Use a Labyrinth” Labyri nth Society Conference. Dan Johnston, Ph.D. Fayetteville, Arkansas - November, 3 Ways of Walking a Labyrinth Free Style Set up a labyrinth. People come and walk and take away whatever they get. They may leave relaxed, centered, with a sense of peace, or a new insight. You.
  2. Escaping the Spiral Labyrinth () by Nostril Caverns, released 1. Human Mind 2. Remote Planet 3. Plea for Help 4. Critical Stage 5. Signs of Insecurity 6. Thusly 7. Unfocused 8. The Signal is Very Weak 9. Severe Hypoxia The Effects may be a Little Unusual Stuck in that Wall All is Quiet so far Chance? What Chance?
  3. Type: Full-length Release date: May 2nd, Catalog ID: N/A Version desc.: Bandcamp Label: Independent Format: Digital Reviews: None yet.
  4. It's a place you put people to forget about them. What you've got to do is get out of here and it just so happens that I know a short cut out of the whole Labyrinth. Hoggle: Tell you what, you give me the bracelet and I'll show you the way out of the whole Labyrinth. Sarah: You were gonna do that anyway. I thought you were running to.
  5. Oct 30,  · People just cannot accept the idea that there is nothing beyond the labyrinth; the idea of an afterlife gives them hope in finding the labyrinth’s exit, or a meaning of life that is beyond the.
  6. Oct 22,  · Living in the Labyrinth: A Personal Journey Through the Maze of Alzheimer's [Diana Friel McGowin] on morlugdabealoregravelredeemer.infoinfo *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Living In The Labyrinth is the story of how one woman found the strength and the courage to cope with a devastating disease that has afflicted five million Americans. Far from being an exercise in self-pity or a standard autobiography/5(28).
  7. the horse’s flaring nostrils (= widened nostrils) Examples from the Corpus nostril • There were two cavernous nostrils and Nuadu realised that this was the reason for the hissing whispering voice. • In front there were two eyes and a single central nostril, like that of a lamprey. • And her nostrils caught the smell of charring wood.
  8. Download for free «Nostril Caverns - Escaping the Spiral Labyrinth ()»‎ mp3 Nostril Caverns Альбом: Escaping the Spiral Labyrinth Тип: Full-length I Thought Most Doctors Were People It's an Honour to Meet You Absolutely No Aesthetic Value Whatsoever.
  9. Jul 22,  · I see a mass of flesh blocking the nostril as I cannot breathe through it. Does this mean my nostril has collapsed? (photo) More about Nose Surgery. Jul 22, While we do connect people with vetted, board-certified doctors, we don’t provide medical consultations, diagnosis, or advice.
  10. While walking around the Tor, we noticed terraces cut deep into the side of the hill, and we later learned that the terraces were part of what is believed to be an ancient pathway from the Bronze age, running around the hill, and conforming to the design of The Labyrinth, the Cretan spiral of Minoan legend. The design of the Labyrinth is very old.

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