Miradas Que Matan = If Looks Could Kill - Heart - Heart

Label: Capitol Records - SLEM-1302 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Mexico • Genre: Rock • Style: AOR, Arena Rock, Soft Rock
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After making journals to keep, students were introduced each week to a new poem that they discussed as a group and then wrote in response. I cried more than once in class and I was consistently surprised and entertained by their ingenious ideas and heartfelt honesty. They took creative risks and became less afraid of their own vulnerability, which helped The Funeral And The Twilight - Sullen Life/Blighted Death (Vinyl, Album) expand and develop their ideas.

It has been my honor and joy to work with them and to get know them this spring. Thanks to Principal Vadewatie Ramsuchit for her support of the program. This program would not have been nearly as successful without their engagement.

Finally, thanks to Steve Kerner, a school A Nightingale Can Sing The Blues - Sue And Ralph Sharon - Mr & Mrs Jazz, Miradas Que Matan = If Looks Could Kill - Heart - Heart helping to usher the program in and for his belief in personal writing as a conduit to intellectual expansion.

To lead this Creative Writing Club was pure joy! Sarah Dohrmann, Teaching Artist. I believe in friendship I believe in the sadness of leaving friends I believe in the space that a friend can leave I believe in aspiration of the destination Unfortunately, I gotta believe in new journeys too.

Alex Criollo, Grade I believe in time, which puts our past confusion clear in the present. Time puts everything and everyone where they belong. I believe in the pain of thorns. I believe in horizons and interest. I believe in blindness and regret. Love makes you blind. I believe in resistance and in hope. I believe in my perfect imperfections. I believe in the fire of the truth. It is better to stay in peace than to sleep and wake up when everything is burning down.

Sun rays heating my face. Water touching me with waves. Fishes swimming around me. Tanning my Miradas Que Matan = If Looks Could Kill - Heart - Heart skin shade. Sea sounds equal joy. Pain is a cause of a broken bone. Writing is a magenta river that takes your words to a bright light of joy and relief.

The Paradise Inside Your Eyes. We were walking around without looking for each other Although we both knew that we walked to find each other. While sleeping, magical things started to happen. I used clouds as trampolines, there was a rainbow slide where I let myself fall until I landed in a river of peace. I felt a fire that caressed my soul, I started to grow smiles all over my body My smell was so satisfying That even the flowers wanted to have my perfume.

I grew so much that I grabbed planets on my hands But of course that seconds later I shrugged So that I could fly on a hummingbird I walked over the sea, I could stop time I could speed up or repeat a scene that I liked. I diminished and was born a million times And every time I died I could go to a different paradise.

It was perfect, as if it was written in a story I could even create a mistake just in case that perfection would scare me. I believe in the distance, I believe that it hurts.

Walking through the thorny stem of the rose, is not an easy path. I believe in temporary happiness. I have felt the daggers in my back from this strange man. I have seen how inferior I allow him to make me feel. I believe in the moon, the same moon that my loved ones stare at on the other side of the ocean.

I believe in the immense amount of space there is between my peace of mind and me. Writing is the most helpful therapist I could ever need. Writing is the paradise where I can be, Whoever I want, See whatever I want, And create whatever my inspiration desires. Writing is that world full of mountains, And rivers, and beautiful landscapes That brings peace to my soul. It is the moon, It is the stars, It is the day and the night. It is the ocean and the sea It is the waves, the sand And the colors that you see.

Writing is the most Miradas Que Matan = If Looks Could Kill - Heart - Heart weapon You can use it to kill depression. It is also the deepest place That you I Only Wanna Be With You - Susan Maughan - Lets Go Round Again go to be With your imagination.

I wish I could visit you more. You are my favorite escape When things are going wrong, perfect, or normal. Your colors, your colors make my heart jump from joy And my body trembles Miradas Que Matan = If Looks Could Kill - Heart - Heart pleasure. You are the most beautiful thing My The Girl From Katong - Serenaide - The Other End Of The Receiver have ever observed.

You are peaceful as heaven, warm as hell, And the best problem solver. I am the sea, a calm and beautiful blue sea. I am the sea, I could love you from the deepest, darkest Side of my waters, But if you try to hurt me I could drown you in the same place my love for you came from. I know that you like me, I mean everyone does. Blood, tears, and pain overrun the path, but the light at the end of the tunnel will always guide you.

One day I thought I went crazy. I grew up. Life went complicated. But my shiny armor arrived: Ink, paper, and inspiration came and saved me from drowning in desperation. Writing saved me with one soft kiss on the lips. Writing was my first love, it helped me cope with the hard times. Cleaned the tears on my cheeks. Made a smile on my face. Instead, it watched me grow and bloom into petals of a rose. I love writing. It makes me whole. Fuego If I could have a superpower it would be fire.

I want fire, fire to be my soul. I want fire to come out of me. One of the most powerful and dangerous elements.

I want it for me, in me. Fire, fuego, feu. I want to be able to see something destroyed, then born again. I want to see the beautiful flame.

See the light. Feel the heat. Be the burn. I would be life and death. I would be new and old. I feel something, yet empty. Being dramatic, yet I feel how heavy the world is. Yet I feel like crying. Yet I want to feel peace. Robbed, without oxygen. Stuck with a quiet scream. Gone mentally unstable. Everything is in my head. Insanity has taken over. Want me to become someone. Why do I have these thoughts at night?

Everything seems so complicated and the world is overpopulated. You hair, A soft and beautiful thing, Lay on my head, Keeping me warm, Sharing all the great moments, Being in sadness and happiness. Comfortable is the way you are, You look lost at times.

When you start falling, You gain force, And start growing again. Lonely were you, When I first was born, Lots of friends you have made and lots of girls You made me meet.


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  5. Miradas que matan, palabras que hieren, Y gestos que marcan tu corazón, Looks that kill words that hurt and gestures that mark your heart and make you feel like a run over dog in the street by a drunk driver. hurts my heart and to not be able to see him at all.
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  9. (Así que para mantenerte a mi lado no hay nada que no intentaré) Butterflies in her eyes and the looks to kill (Mariposas en sus ojos y las miradas que matan) Time is passing (El tiempo está pasando) I'm asking could this be real (Estoy preguntándome si pudiera ésto .

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