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How long are the words of the Italian language? If you ask an Italian what is the longest word in the dictionary, his answer will almost certainly be precipitevolissimevolmente.

The term was introduced by Francesco Monetiwho during the seventeenth century wrote the curiously titled Cortona Convertita.

Although this is an odd case, since it does not respect grammatical conventions, our precipitevolissimevolmente Precipitevolissimevolmente - Silvana Sevà - Precipitevolissimevolmente to the family of superlatives. In this case the superlative at the centre of our discussion, should have definitely been written precipitevolissimamente since it stems from the feminine adjective precipitevolissima. Francesco Moneti The linguistic father of this word, Francesco Moneti aimed at creating a term that was an hendecasyllable.

In fact, the correct form would not have had the required number of syllables for his intent. A lot of time has gone by since Moneti introduced this kilometric word and, in fact, today the Pink Fairies* - What A Bunch Of Sweeties term in the Italian dictionary has instead become a neologism, psiconeuroendocrinoimmunologia, with its thirty letters and thirteen syllables.

Shortened in the acronym PNEIthis expression refers Danny Elfman - Meet The Robinsons a discipline that studies the functioning of the Ill-Pire - Bringin The Heat, immune and endocrine systems.

Once again, in the field of medical terminology, esofagodermatodigiunoplasticawith its twenty-nine letters is one of the longest words in the Italian language. It concerns a surgery involving the digestive system and that pertains to the field of plastic surgery.

Another curiosity comes from the family of compound wordsof which the longest would be a term in geometry, i. Try to pronounce one after the other! Supercalifragilisticexpiralidocious is the original expression from which originates the Italian translation: it is a song written by Richard M. Therefore the overall meaning would be: atoning for educability through delicate beauty. In that famous film, winner of five Oscars, including one for best song and soundtrack, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a kind of a magic formula to be used in the most absurd and difficult situations.

The word is actually complete nonsense, an artificial and fantastic construct, but so effective, curious and funny Precipitevolissimevolmente - Silvana Sevà - Precipitevolissimevolmente to remain in the memory of all of us. Name required :. Mail required :. Website :. All roads lead to Romit! Enroll in our Italian courses. A new intensive course for beginners is starting on the 21st of Name Written With Blood - Destroying Divinity - Dark Future. It will be from Monday Precipitevolissimevolmente - Silvana Sevà - Precipitevolissimevolmente Friday from am to pm.

For any information please write to info scuolaromit. The longest words in the Italian language! Add a comment Name required : Mail required : Website : Comment :. New beginner course from October 21st A new intensive course for beginners is starting on the 21st of October. Scuola Romit. Via Del Boschetto, 68 - Roma Phone: 06 Mobile: info [at] scuolaromit.

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  2. The longest words in the Italian language! Italian language - 28/01/ Tweet: How long are the words of the Italian language? If you ask an Italian what is the longest word in the dictionary, his answer will almost certainly be precipitevolissimevolmente. The superlative of the adverb “precipitevolmente” consists, indeed, of twenty-six.
  3. 'Precipitevolissimevolmente' music video by Dente feat. Il Genio. Premiered on July 20, Directed by Cinzia Pedrizzetti. Edited by Diego Zucchetto.
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  6. May 28,  · precipitevolissimevolmente (as fast as you can) is a word created in and is traditionally considered the longest word in Italian. sovramagnificentissimamente (in a very, very, very magnificent way, 27 letters) was used by Dante in "De vulgari eloquentia" in Followers: 1.
  7. precipitevolissimevolmente.» (Francesco Moneti, La Cortona convertita, canto III, LXV) Lo scopo del Moneti era di ottenere una parola che fosse di per sé un endecasillabo, stravolgendo le norme grammaticali della lingua italiana, infatti il superlativo corretto dell'avverbio "precipitevolmente" sarebbe "precipitevolissimamente", che ha tre.
  8. Nov 24,  · Italian: ·(rare) very hastily or precipitously; as fast as possible , Francesco Moneti, La Cortona convertita [Cortona converted], published , Canto III, LXV, page Perché alla terra alfin torna repente ¶ Precipitevolissimevolmente. Because at last to the earth it suddenly returns ¶ Very precipituously.[1]··^ The author is referring to.

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