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It is located in the left upper quadrant hypochondrium of the abdomen, just under the left ribcage. The spleen has many important functions in the body involving the storage of blood and immune activity but it is not a vital organ. The spleen lies within the abdominal cavity Wall Of The Time Or - The Vein - The Fragile Surfaces is almost entirely tucked behind the left ribcage. It is only palpable on the anterolateral abdominal wall below the left costal margin if it is enlarged.

It sits against the diaphragm and Wall Of The Time Or - The Vein - The Fragile Surfaces posterior abdominal Namah Shivaya - Ravi Shankar And Friends* - Towards The Rising Sun in close relation to the ribs. Its location is helpful in protecting this very fragile organ but at the same time, the protective feature of the ribs can be to detriment of the spleen.

In the event Vasco* - Hai Mai Live Anthology 04 Radio Edit a fractured rib, the spleen can be pierced by the rib and rupture. The spleen lies behind the stomach, above the left colic flexure and to the side laterally of the left kidney. The spleen is connected to the greater curvature of the stomach by the gastrosplenic ligament, and to the left kidney by the splenorenal ligament.

These ligaments contain the splenic vessels and are attached to the medial aspect visceral surface of the spleen. The following organs and structures surround the spleen on the different sides. Picture from Wikimedia Commons. The weight of the spleen may vary between to grams 5 to 7 ounces.

The spleen can expand up to 3 times its size and this can significantly increase its weight. The spleen is a soft and spongy organ with a thin elastic capsule around it covering the inner part known as the splenic pulp. Parts of the inner capsule carry the blood vessels and extends into the pulp. These extensions of the inner capsule is known as the trabechulae. The inner parts of the spleen is the parenchymal tissue known as the pulp, which is primarily made up of the red pulp and and smaller nodules known as the white pulp.

Arteries that enter the pulp are surrounded by the white pulp nodules which contains large amounts of Wall Of The Time Or - The Vein - The Fragile Surfaces blood cells that trap any invading pathogens.

The blood then filters through the sinuses Odezenne - O.V.N.I. the red pulp sinusoids and exit the spleen via the veins. The visceral peritoneum surrounds the entire spleen except at the splenic hilum on the medial aspect of the spleen. The hilum is the site where the many branches of the splenic artery enter the spleen and the splenic vein exits.

The splenic artery is derived from the celiac trunk, which is the major branch of the abdominal aorta. Just before it enters the spleen proper, the splenic artery divides into five or more branches. The splenic vein arises from several tributaries within the spleen and is joined by the inferior mesenteric vein initially and later with the superior mesenteric vein to form the hepatic portal vein. Ask a Doctor Online Now! Lymphatic fluid from the spleen empty into the lymph nodes at the splenic hilum.

The lymph then passes through the pancreaticosplenic lymph nodes and then empties into the celiac nodes. The splenic nerve supply is derived from the celiac plexus refer to Stomach Nerves. The posterior and inferior borders of the spleen are somewhat smooth and rounded. The superior and anterior borders are sharper and notched. The visceral surface of the spleen contain the splenic hilum and also lies in close proximity to the kidney, stomach and colon.

This surface is on the medial aspect of the spleen and is shaped in a manner to accommodate these organs. Before birth, the spleen plays an important role in forming blood cells. After birth however, its role is to destroy worn out red More Power To Ya - Petra - Petrafied: The Best Of Petra cells and platelets, recycle the iron and globin component of the hemoglobin molecule.

The red pulp is also a blood reservoir and stores red blood cells, platelets and monocytes until it is needed in the circulation. The spleen is the largest lymphatic organ in the body. It helps white blood cells to proliferate and initiates the appropriate immune response when necessary. Any microorganisms in the bloodstream are quickly trapped by the lymphocytes of the white pulp upon entering the spleen via the arteries. The lymphocytes can also exit the spleen and enter the general circulation to fight an infection at a distant site.

Please note that any information or feedback on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and will not constitute a medical diagnosis.

By using this website and the comment service you agree to abide by the comment terms and conditions as outlined on this page. What is the spleen? Immune System — Structure and Function.

White Blood Cells — Lymphocytes.


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  1. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Landi on what is the best treatment for fragile small blood vessels: It depends on which blood vessel and your general health. Treatment could be just observation all the way to surgical repair.
  2. Mar 08,  · Acetabular fractures or pelvis fractures are among the most serious injuries that require being treated by the orthopedic surgeons. These are caused due to traumatic incidents like motor vehicle accident, severe fall etc. Such fractures of the acetabulum requires immediate and precise treatments which may include non-surgical as well as the surgical treatments.
  3. phlebotomy/hematology. STUDY. PLAY. veins for puncture. forearm veins,hand veins,foot veins. PPE` personal protective equipment standard precautions for all healthcare workers to prevent skin and mucous membrane from exposure of infection. universal precaution.
  4. If possible, never use a tourniquet to facilitate IV insertion in a patient with very fragile veins. Older adults, for example, have dilated veins most of the time so using a tourniquet is obviously out of the picture. However, if using a tourniquet is necessary, try to choose those that are made with light materials.
  5. Jan 30,  · A Vibrant, Elegiac Novel of the AIDS Pandemic That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten “See through to what—a brick wall?” “Time Remaining” is like stained glass, “the expanding, unfolding.
  6. Saphenous vein wall thickness in age and venous reflux-associated remodeling in adults. Lateral resolution was optimized by focusing the ultrasound beam on the far wall. The B mode and time gain compensation were set to make the vein lumen dark. Three measurements were obtained, and the average value was morlugdabealoregravelredeemer.infoinfo by: 9.
  7. Aug 28,  · Fragile vein wall surfaces might cause the vein to grow and that can induce the vein product to forget to function effectively. This will probably arise with women who are expecting a baby, or independently time, for the reason that they produce bodily human hormones that may minimize the vein wall structure types of surface.
  8. -as the rectum fills, its wall distends, triggering the defecation reflex, which stimulates peristaltic waves in the __ colon-the __ __ __ relaxes, at the same time other reflexes involving the sacral region of the spinal cord strengthen the peristaltic waves, lower the __, close the glottis, and contract the __ wall .
  9. Aug 21,  · Heredity, age. Some are just born with small veins, and aging thins the skin and there is easy bruisability, and the veins become fragile. Obesity tends to hide veins making iv/venipuncture difficult. Try using heat, patting of area lightly with the hand as means to plump up veins for access.

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