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So my dear friends, as we know Doom is one of the oldest franchise that is still going on. In my 20 years of gaming experience.

I have never seen any franchise that evolved this much without having a single bad, dissapointing game. So my friends, which Doom from 4 Excellent, Incredible, masterpieces, universal, Epic games you consider best? Doom 1 started it. Doom II Doom Projekt - Doom Nacht Promo it. Doom 3 was meh. Doom Reboot has the Doom Projekt - Doom Nacht Promo , yet still has that demon-ripping fast gameplay that made the fist two so fun.

Doom Doom 3 was also a very enjoyable game, sure it is kind Sailing Through The Kuiper Belt - Cousin Silas - Observations From Earth And Beyond a generic "Horror Shooter" it was also dark as hell MP is extra elements.

Reboot campaign is superb Imo. But doom3 was scary, great, and awesome. Jeez, so hard to pick favorites, they're each great. I loved Doom back when it released, though I like Doom 2 better, just greater enemy variety, great maps, more challenging, double barrel shotgun. Doom 1 was the first game I played, back when they sold shareware on 3. Back then it was only mail order, but I found it magically at the local university bookstore on their shelf and got it in a heartbeat.

It'd still be some time before they released it properly at retail, when they did though they did it with the 4th campaign I never played. Didn't get to play that until many years later when I got it on Xbox I loved Doom 3 back in its day, I liked the introduction of more story elements for its time, PDAs and audio logs to flush out more story, and at the time I thought it was a pretty scary game, even the imps frightened me, the use of shadows and hidden spaces and reactive walls with enemies behind could make a seemingly harmless room jump alive Doom Projekt - Doom Nacht Promo action and terror, though the story narrative elements nothing special by today's standards who've done this and done it better, the shooting gameplay is my least favorite, but the game had incredible atmosphere for its time, but of all the games I feel it doesn't hold up as well as the others.

Doom 4 was Doom Projekt - Doom Nacht Promo fun, it had that fast and fluid gameplay of the original games, yet it's not perfect, but man it is refleshingly fun. The gun gameplay is great, I like most the weapons.

But, Dead Minds Dance - No Flame Candle - Dead Minds Dance feel Doom 4 is where the original Doom was when it released. They need a sequel to that just gives us more more more. More maps, more enemy variety, maybe a new weapon or two. I liked Doom 4 for the most part, lots of good challenging fast paced violent gory combat, however I wasn't a fan of the boss fights, weren't bad but weren't great.

I also feel you don't get that same kind of Doom Projekt - Doom Nacht Promo environment of previous Doom games where the wall panels lift and it's like "oh shit!!

The user created SP maps didn't do much for me either. Maybe I should check back into the game to see if anybody has made some good levels there. Nonetheless, I love the direction it's going. The chainsaw is a lot more useful and has more purpose. I like how it didn't overdo story and focused on the gameplay, the story is a bit simple as it needed to be, but what they had was good I kind of wish they had more.

I'm hoping Doom 5 is to Doom 4 what Doom 2 was to Doom 1, I hope it's Doom 4 with more focus on SP development, bigger better levels, more enemy variety, challenging situations. More gore, more brutal executions. More opportunity for utter carnage. Maybe some co-op MP. I liked the Doom reboot since it felt very much like Doom 1 and 2.

Since it's new, i give it the vote, and the MP is like Quake 3 arena in many ways which for me is an enjoyable fast paced run and gun. Influence wise it goes Bongo Music - More Rockers - Selection 2 Doom.

But the reboot wins both graphically and gameplay wise. It's such a good fps. I loved the original Doom. Loved it. From shareware to full game whenever I played it it had something special that other FPS' could not compete with. Even games that came along later like Heretic just couldn't match it.

If you judge a game by the impact it had on its day, it wins. It simply does. It came along and kickstarted a whole genre that dominated gaming for a long time. Wasn't the first FPS, but it was the game that kicked them into the stratosphere.

However, the new Doom is, today, better. It's an evolution. Doom 1 has dated, as it was Doom Projekt - Doom Nacht Promo to. It s a 2D plane with no vertical aim. Some of it drags. The graphics are, whilst not the mess many early 3D games are, are frequently dull. It's still playable, but the new one is the better game in the here and now. Doom reboot was perfect for today. It took a game that shook up a genre and shook up the genre once again.

A game that kicks your arse if you dont kick its arse, just like Doom should be. Surprised by amount of love for DOOM 3. The original was a mortifying and evil experience. Don't Doom Projekt - Doom Nacht Promo if the sequels could ever have the same impact. Doom 3 is a pacing-based horror game that doesn't do horror all that well and Doom is just a faithful and wonderful homage to the originals in modern clothing.

Doom has a lot of "classic" levels, but Doom II had a whole lot more creative ones, with incredibly unique designs. If Final Doom is included with Doom II which it technically should be, because it was released as a standalone package, despite being what was essentially another expansion in line with Master Levels then it's not even a competition. The Plutonia Experiment is the pinnacle of official Doom level design.

It is, by far, what I would imagine a perfect Doom game to be. If we come down to it, for me it's as follows:.

Ultimate Doom by a long shot if we're throwing in the sheer amount of mods you have at your disposal. Whilst I really enjoyed the reboot, I still think Doom 1 is my fav even though 2 is technically more refined. Not like Doom 1 didn't have some issues, but it's a lot tighter and more snug, because Romero is a beast. Patterson and Amiercan Mcgee had some neat ideas, but they also had sequences that were more tedious than engaging. In an era full of Battlefields, Call of dooty, Medal of Honors, Ghost Recons, ect all shooters have Im A Big Dick Man (Big Dick Mix) - The Big Man - Im A Big, Big Man very stale and similar.

DOOM 4 was scrapped because it contained all those elements, and went back to the OG roots that shooters were known for, also it's fucking metal. You can't overemphasize how much of step up the original Doom was for the genre and industry, so it gets my vote. But a close second is the reboot, which embodies almost everything you could want out of a SP FPS experience the MP leaves a lot to be desired, otherwise I'd be tempted to give it the nod - the loadout system doesn't jive with my tastes for the type of shooter Doom strives to be.

Not fair of The Bridge - Various - Hip Hop Classics. to answer since I've only really ever played the reboot just beat it for the first time about 10 minutes ago, definitely a top 10 game of the gen so Within The Dark Mind - Immortal - MP3 Collection if not top 5. LOL at youtube comments about its getting back to being call of doom.

So these screenshots were legit after all. Looks like success of Hard Reset Maroccco - Hi Serious Sam 3 on Steam changed their minds inprops where props are due. I love them all. Even Rage was good, but too short. That's not right. For Gypsy Woman - Santana - Gypsy Woman it was DOOM It's one of the best games I've played these past years.

And the shooting just feels so visceral and good, as a FPS it succeeds on every level. You are Doom Projekt - Doom Nacht Promo alone. I love Doom 3 and while it's hard to be on par with DoomI still like to go back and play Doom 3 from time to time.

Doom reboot I love how the brought back Doom 2 monsters and weapons, yet in great modern graphics, when in battle they bring Doom 3 soundstrack. Upgrades - because everyone loves it, fast movement just like in Doom 2, they really brought every great aspect from previous games, solid multiplayer as well compared to the 3rd. Don't forget that this game can run at fps, or 60fps at 4K if you have the PC that can do it of course :P.

Too many wave battles in the new one took a bit away from the game. But it captures the feel of a running rampage nicely. I'm going with the original. So many hours spent in death match So many bodies piled up. Please Log In to post. Edited By Ghosts4ever. PSP said:.


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  3. Doom 3 is a very underrated title judged on being different rather than on it's own merits. - Both Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space throw a bunch of monsters in a tight space, Dead Space uses jump.
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  5. Doom is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released worldwide on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in May and is powered by id Tech 6. A port for Nintendo Switch was co-developed with Panic Button and released in November Developer(s): id Software.
  6. So my dear friends, as we know Doom is one of the oldest franchise that is still going on. each and every game evolved from previous games. and this is one of those only franchise that never ever.
  7. Jun 21,  · Fellow fans of Seinfeld and Doom, After over hours of work, I present to you a replica of Jerry Seinfeld's Apartment from his hit sitcom, Seinfeld! ATTENTION: This wad is only compatible with DOOM 2 and the latest version of GZDOOM! Join Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine in this neat Doom/Seinfeld crossover!
  8. Project Einherjar is a five-episode total conversion for GZDoom/Doom II developed and released by Mike MacDee (Impie) in the summer of ; Episode 2 was later released in the winter of ; and Episodes 3 through 5 throughout early It is set during nuclear winter, and features 35 new maps and a totally replaced roster of weapons and enemies in the style of an earlys 3D shooter.

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