Humanity Inhaled - Enbilulugugal - Devils Harvest

Label: My Lai Productions - MLP0009 • Format: Cassette Single Sided, EP, Limited Edition, Numbered Demo • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal, Noise, Experimental
Download Humanity Inhaled - Enbilulugugal - Devils Harvest

This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language Additional Collections. Media Type Media Type. Enbilulugugal's 6th full length release.

Odio: Guitar, Topics: black metal, black noise, blackened grind, blackened noise, blacknoise, death metal, doom, doom All tracks "remastered" for Humanity Inhaled - Enbilulugugal - Devils Harvest release. Track 4: From the Topics: ambient, ambient noise, dark ambient, electronic, electronic noise, harsh noise, industrial, Double CDR featuring the Discography between Released by Eternal Darkness Creations in This has a D.

Topics: black Humanity Inhaled - Enbilulugugal - Devils Harvest , black noise, blackened grind, blackened noise, blacknoise, grindcore, grindnoise, Contains an edited version of the Static Goat schizoMix of the album to fit the CD time limit as well as a bonus disc with Compilation and Demo tracks.

All remastered by Enemata Productions. Intro Noizemongers for GoatSerpent Return to Hellrokken GoatSex NunSucking Necrophiles Mashshanebbu The First Enbilulugugal Demo. Self-released on Cassette limited to 33 copies. Only available on the cassette!

Each numbered with the blood of Izedis. Worst of Collection with 33 of the "Noisier" tracks. Companion to " Offerings to GoatSerpent ". This is not a new Enbilulugugal album, but a companion to "Offerings to GoatSerpent". David The Coprophiliac joined Enbilulugugal for a few years shortly after its release. The Second Enbilulugugal Demo.

Only available on this edition! Re-released on Cassette by Goatsemen Records in limited to 66 copies. With a new layout by Jeff Zornow. Self-released Digitally in Topics: ambient, ambient noise, black metal, black noise, blackened grind, blackened noise, blacknoise, Self-released in The best place to start if you're new to Enbilulugugal. Worst of Collection with 33 of the more "Musical" tracks. Companion to " Offerings to Noizemongers ".

Further Interest in Enbilulugugal upon hearing this release is at your own risk and not recommended by Enbilulugugal, The GoatSerpent Humanity Inhaled - Enbilulugugal - Devils Harvest his fat fvkken crony The Lard The name says it all. I have nothing to say about this. Your burden is a 17 track, 67 minute concept album describing the upcoming Nuclear Armageddon Enbilulugugal assure you, the release of this Beast will be the cause of mass confusion between the leaders of the world, causing WWIII!

Let this be your soundtrack while Burning to Topics: black metal, black noise, Putrefying Remains - Sinister - Cross The Styx grind, blackened noise, blacknoise, doom, doom metal, After Nebiru left the band for a few years, TheCoprophiliac from Necrobestiality was recruited.

Filthy Satanic Pork was the first to feature him. Maybe the Static Goat was a "Compilation" but fuck it, it's more of a full length! Released on Cassette by Kitsch Magik in I think only 5 copies were made.

But don't quote me on that shit. The split never saw the light of day and eventually got Self-released by themselves Digitally in Shortly after it was also released on a 4-way Split.

Includes a bonus Anal Cunt cover that was meant to be on a Tribute Cassette on My Lai Productions that also never saw the light of day. As well as the last Enbilulugugal recording to feature Nebiru for a number of years.

Limited to 63 copies. Features a mix of tracks from two session's. Released on Cassette by Fecal Matter Discorporated. But the curse of Enbilulugugal lives on and nobody wanted to release it. Altar of Waste eventually released it as a CDR limited to 30 copies. And Dipsomaniac Records released it Digitally. Released Digitally by Dipsomaniac Records in The last schizoNoize collection for Static Goat.

More like a Full-length. To deny 9 years of existence, Izedis compiled a "worst of" collection. In the fat and lazy tradition of Enbilulugugal, it was released a year late making it completely pointless. This was the first digital only release and was put out by Dipsomaniac Records in Released Digitally by Cheap Wine Records in Self-released Promo Tape. After recording more than a dozen demos over the course of 2 years, we must have been burned out because this was the only recording made in The original title of GoatStorm Blitzkrieg was: "Mauling the eviscerated corpse of the infant false prophet while invoking the master enbilulugugal to hellfuck the lump of shit planet Harsh Noise Horror!

Topics: ambient, ambient noise, country, dark ambient, dark country, dark folk, dark roots, death country, Released Humanity Inhaled - Enbilulugugal - Devils Harvest by Skull Dungeon.

The first of the many collections that will clutter the Enbilulugugal KreationsZ archive! First lardass release for Released in Self-released on CDR in This was an experiment to see how fukked up Izedis could make some field recordings of conversations and shit like that.

The result could cause brain damage so dig in. In January ofEnbilulugugal changed their name to Chernobog, released this EP, then quickly changed the name back to Enbilulugugal. Gather all your shitbuckets, tin cans full of food products and all that other Straight To The Bank - Various - B&G Party shit.

Find the nearest Fallout Shelter, sewer drain or better yet, say fuck all that and charge into the fire. Let these agonizing sounds of burning shitbath guide you into this most excellent of Armageddon's. The first Enbilulugugal demo of One of the few recorded entirely by Izedis without a collaborator.

Released digitally by Dipsomaniac Records in Self-released Digitally at the very end of All tracks have been "remastered" for this release. This is the first release to feature Alcoholonomicon J. Preston from Tjolgtjar and the last to feature TheCoprophiliac.

Artwork and Layout were done by comic artist, Jeff Zornow. The 4th full-length Enbilulugugal album and the last recording to feature Alcoholonomicon. Drown in piles of meat!

Marijana - Ivo Robić - Koncert U Ljetno Predvečerje tracks meant to go on a 7"ep that we could never find anyone to release, Humanity Inhaled - Enbilulugugal - Devils Harvest two schizoMixes of those songs from Static Goat. Self-released as a 3"CDR limited to 9 copies. Released exactly 13 years after the first demo cassette.


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  4. Released in DOWNLOAD THE FVKKER Track List: 01 - Intro 02 - Resonated Corpse Maggots 03 - Mary Engulfed in Goat Vomit 04 - Humanity Inhaled 05 - Maelstrom of Bile and Black Vomit 06 - Harvesting Mass Impalements 07 - Vomiting On Your Saviour 08 - Gorging Fecal Sluts 09 - Desecrating the Rectums of Vomit Angels
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  6. The first ENBILULUGUGAL full-length since has finally become a plague on humanity! Your burden is a 17 track, 67 minute concept album describing the upcoming Nuclear Armageddon From the bombs dropping, to the chaos afterwards, to the total despair and suffering that can only end with THE DEATH OF EVERYTHING.

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