Noi Poliglotti Mangiamo Le Olive - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005, Ten Years Of Afe

Label: Afe Records - afe080mp3 • Format: 391x, File Compilation 192 kbps • Country: Italy • Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Non-Music • Style: Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Musique Concrète, Drum n Bass, Field Recording, Experimental, Avantgarde, Neofolk, Lounge, Breakbeat, Art Rock, Drone, Noise, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Downtempo, Synth-pop, Minimal
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Please, have a look at the to read about the story and the updates made to this compilation. The project was born just like a game but became more serious when the first release was issued: Lobotomatik, by Bar La Muerte records formerly Tijuana.

After some years of live-sets experience I got in touch with Acid Drops, an italian techno group involved in parties mostly based on industrial sounds and hardcore beats. This fact made me able to begin playing at free parties So I changed gear, passed from laptop to grooveboxes, abandoned the concept of "tracks" to follow a random assembling of techno patterns.

Today Noi Poliglotti Mangiamo Le Olive - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 is a project still alive even if live events are more funny with friends, that's why a is involved in other musical projects with other people such as Nuke Satori, Six Figure Nigga and Lava.

He started this project in early with the precious support of Paolo Ippoliti and Laura Lovreglio [a. Logoplasmowners of the S'Agita Recordings label].

Davide had a classical piano training in his childhood and then he focused his attention on electric guitars before finally discovering electronic music in the early '90s. Electronics, concrete sounds and data flux try to evoke these elements following an istinctive course. He was featured on afemp3afelcdafelcd and afe More information about him are available on his personal page in the " artists " section of this website. Mirko usually surrounds himself with a line-up of collaborators for his varied sound excursions This could suggest an heterogeneous, shambolic ambience, but the resulting pieces are often surprisingly focused and intense Their bio is taken from the Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf website which is available here: www.

Pietro Ten Years Of Afe Falagiani former of the Alliance was born in Milan. He received classical music training and graduated in aesthetical philosophy for communication sciences. In the 90s he released some obscure recordings in low-fi and minimal piano contexts, then he has been involved in pop music perspectives, widely influenced by afro-american culture of fifties, sixties and seventies.

He is now working at the debut album of a project called the Alliance which presumably will be released in the fall of A short extract from an Alliance demo may be heard on this site.

Being in the gig-managing of this squat, the four girls of the original core StefaniaPatriziaWanda and Katiahad the idea of starting a band. Their approach was pure and lacking of any musical references. Their visual side was very important, with grandguignolesque disguises and performances before and during their live shows. Their first 7" was released by Bar la Muerte in earlytheir first CD was released in as a co-production between Bar La Muerte and Snowdonia.

Several other releases followed Ten Years Of Afe the years. The line-up changed quite a lot since the early days, and now Allun are a duo: Stefania and Natalia. Their website is available at: www. Amon is the dark-ambient music project of Andrea Maruttithe main man behind Afe. Amon 's music was featured on afecdafercdafebox Gilbert & Sullivan - Trial By Jury, afelcd and afecd.

His contribution to this compilation is an alternative longer version of the track originally appeared on Noi Poliglotti Mangiamo Le Olive - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 El Khela ".

The Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick website is available at: www. Artefactum has been conducted by Merissa d'Erlette since The project explores sonic and cultural esoterism. Artefactum 's website is available at: www. Asofy Gary Beals - Gary Beals appeared in november at the hand of Tryfarthe only member and creator of the whole project.

Asofy 's aim is the simple and pure expression of its own thought and feelings. Using Italian language is very important both for an easier personal transposition from idea to text and to achieve coherence at a word-mean-emotion level, which only the mothertongue gives in a correct and Youre Made For Me - Desperado 5 - Treat Me Wrong way.

Asofy 's website is available at: www. How to control powerful energies, elements of nature for the sake of peace? The level of culture determines the kind of relationship of Person and Primordial Forces. I am discovering them letting them out like genii, communing with them. Well, maybe, I am not very explicit, music is my language. I just recorded AstroEpos, listen, you will understand Autistre: Berceuse Pour Adultes.

He began to understand music aroundbegan to draw in and to love girls around He began to enjoy life around and have friends around He began to mix his own sounds in He didn't killed anyone yet but already tried to loose himself in neglect. He was featured on afeboxafemp3afelcd and afe Amir Baghiri is one of the electronica and ambient music world's premier electro-tribal sound designers!

With 28 solo CDs, many collaborations with other artists and several film scores Amir is an international recording and performing artist and multi-instrumentalist who creates deep, emotional and very mystical soundworlds. At present he is working with several well known musicians on different productions and creating many sorts of ambient related soundscapes abstract, noise, minimal experimental, dark and tribal, etcand works in his own Ten Years Of Afe studio the Bluebox where, besides his own music Amir produces and engineers other musicians and projects and manages a music library containing over hours of music and sound effects in all genres and styles.

His website is available at: www. Aidan Baker is a musician and writer currently based in Toronto, Canada. Classically trained in flute, he is self-taught on guitar, drums and various other instruments.

He has released numerous CDs on independent labels from around the world. As a solo artist, Baker explores the deconstructive sonic possibilities of the electric guitar as a primary sound source, creating music that ranges from experimental to post-rock to contemporary classical. He was featured on afelcd. His website is available at: listen.

Fausto Balbo began to play music learning the guitar. He was a member of Jesus Went to Jerusalema Who Likes To Party - Various - Thunderdome - Chapter XXII (MC) focused on hardcore, hardrock and funk, and of the italian cult-band Der Tod along with Simone Basso.

His first solo CD entitled " Zero " was released by Snowdonia infollowed by " Falbo " in His Ten Years Of Afe page is available at: www. Baradelan is Thomas Sauerbier from Germany. Their music is best described as industrial dark-ambient and it's inspired by the emotional condition of the post-industrial Soviet district. They 女心の唄 Onna Kokoro No Uta - Meiko Kaji - 男・女・こころの哀歌 Otoko Onna Kokoro No Aika their music using computer, synthesizers, field-recordings and their own self-built or modified devices.

In Sergey Matveev has created the Intershum project and nowadays Bardoseneticccube is Igor Potsukailo alone, often helped by many different musicians. Besides concerts, the project took part in many performances, exhibitions and installations.

Actually their style is best described as surreal. Contact: seneticube yahoo. Manuela Barileperformer and experimental singer, combines vocal research, mime, gestural expression, and mixed media performance with her natural ability to delight and emotion any audience.

The year gave way to the project TO BEwhich documents the phases of Manuela 's life in the past, present and future through performances and various media. This is a piece that is ripe with humor, nostalgia, paradox, self-irony, and exudes an irresistible humanity. The project unites her talent for vocal acrobatics and imitations with film, writings, art and photography.

She collaborates with Mario VolpeGianni Lenoci and the artistic community of Vel Net to realize numerous musical projects and performances. Her personal website is on-line at: www. Keith Bates is an english art teacher, graphic, mail-artist, font-designer and much more His contribute to this compilation is a preview from the commemor-active catalogue of the project entitled " Che fine ha fatto Luther Blissett?

Bestia Centauri: The Catacombs of Ptolemais. The "myth" of Bestia Centauri is one that I intuited in precisely this way. The cover was a strange, almost abstract black-and-white representation of that most proximate star, and it seeded my mind with a fascination with that region of the cosmos.

In my meditations - a term that is much preferable to the New Age-like "pathworking" - I began to intuit a presence in this region: Bestia Centauri. Maurizio Bianchi is probably the most well-known and respected italian experimental composer. He was featured on afecd along with the german duo Telepherique. You may find the following websites useful: www.

In the begining the sound of the band had much in common with the post-rock scene, but then evolved to include more electronic and psichedelic sounds. In they self-produced their first album, which was later re-issued by Recycled Music.

Their second CD Harbatium Harbahint was released at the end of For any contact Do The Hornet - Billy May - The Green Hornet (Original Television Soundtrack) visit: recycled.

Ascanio Borgaself-taught musician and independent composer, released his early "lo-fi" electronics works inunder the monicker Vomit Later he began to compose electronic suites for synthesizers and treated instruments, progressively approaching avant-garde music. In the " Inner Geometry " and " Liquid Symmetries " albums, guitar drones and samples are also significantly employed beside electronics.

The following " Bad Ground "a more obscure work closer to post-industrial music, is entirely built around treated guitar impovisations and is "enriched" with various sound events like synths and other noises. Improvisation has a fundamental role in Borga 's music, but it's often supported by a dense work of overdubbing and "fine-tuning", with the purpose of giving the right balance of immediacy, sonic research, and structural complexity to the compositions.

Eric Boros Erik Boros began his musical career as a school-band trumpetist at a young age. Since then he has performed many times in many different "nation states" around the globe, and has participated in a wide variety of phonographic recordings - despite having crumpled his trumpet a long time ago Ten Years Of Afe a fit of rage.

For his work with different ensembles he plays stringed acoustic and electric guitar mechanisms, while producing complex operatic "sounds" with his own voice, and is familiar with the "clarinet" of the European woodwind familyand a plethora of different percussive objects.

Although he lives without electricity, or any modern appliances other than his solar-powered shortwave radiohe is a completely un-skilled electrician, and has used this "un-skill" to deconstruct electronic gadgets to generate accompianment frequencies to his symphonic pieces. Boros has been living in seclusion on an island in the far north of "Canada", but travels regularily to "Europe" by kayak for repetitions with other Vialka collective personnel.


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