Sweet Sixteen - Dos Polinsky - Ready-to-hear Melodies

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Published monthly by Ronald E. Graham Publishers Pty Ltd. Gillings, following his discovery of an unpublished story by J. He had discovered another Fearn ms. Its Incompleteness was deliberate — it was conceived as the first instalment of a round robin serial that was to be completed by other British writers of the day, in a new fan magazine.

Future Fiction, to be co-edited by Fearn and Gillings. Sweet Sixteen - Dos Polinsky - Ready-to-hear Melodies fragment was interesting, but its incompleteness precluded it from any consideration for publication — until I examined the unsolicited painting. It showed a skeletal spaceman sitting immobile in front of his spaceship control panel, whilst investigating aliens were boarding the derelict through the airlock.

Startling enough — but what was even more startling was that Sweet Sixteen - Dos Polinsky - Ready-to-hear Melodies painting was a perfect illustration of the story written some thirty years earlier! To stretch the coincidence still further, he, like Fearn, was a Lancastrian. It appears on page 57 of this issue, and is, of course, illustrated on the cover. Sometimes fact can be just as strange as science fiction!

The rest of our present issue resulted purely from the hard work and skills of the authors and artists involved, in which coincidence played no part. No, what is particularly interesting and exciting about this story is that Lee Harding created it with a specific goal in mind — and I believe he has achieved that goal in a singularly brilliant manner.

Lee sat down to create a science fiction story that was wholly derived from the rich heritage of his own country of Austraiia. The result is one of the best stories we have printed. Lee is at present working on a sequel, which promises to be equally memorable. I want to get the whole affair out in the open for once and for all.

Believe it if you want to, laugh at it if you want to. I brought it in for a crash-landing on Lunar 7 singlehanded as the sole survivor of a disastrous expedition. That much you know already. Newtonian lifted off from Lunar 2 with a full comple- ment of seven officers and 12 Sweet Sixteen - Dos Polinsky - Ready-to-hear Melodies. She was one of the most up-to-date in the Interspace fleet, having been fitted out with the improved Polinsky-Venn drive modifications just before the trip out.

We hypered about seventy thousand miles out from destination, because we wanted to go in slowly and take full spec readings. You know as well as I do that the old moon is just about as dead as any lump of space rock could be. We closed right in to camera range and covered the chain for visual. There are seventeen planets of differing sizes, all revolving round a peculiar structure of three suns and a white dwarf.

We spent nearly a whole month closing in on every single planet and satellite, and throwing every known test at it. Yet we still never picked up so much as a squeak on our equipment. It was really weird. It was the photographic close-ups of Delta 4 which made the captain decide to go in for a landing. Like I said, we were on flexible orders. Every law of logic told us that no form of life could possibly exist on that planet chain Delta 4 was the Sweet Sixteen - Dos Polinsky - Ready-to-hear Melodies largest planet in the chain.

And right Always (Original 12 Mix) - Various - Deeper across its surface were these lines. Almost perfect geo- metric lines and shapes. They were very similar to the markings on Mars — which our ancient astronomers once thought were canals.

That was before we found that they were just ridges of magnetic dust. Captain Schreiber reckoned we ought to go in and take a look, so a democratic vote was taken by all Sweet Sixteen - Dos Polinsky - Ready-to-hear Melodies . The vote said yes to a landing — by 5 to 2.

So we went in. We got a 0. The surface came up to hit us like an atomic hammer. We lost five men in that landing. Jones, the radio officer, Palack, the cook, Mann and Nijinsky were smashed right out of their The Revenge Of The Blazer Boys - Red Autumn Fall - Departure harnesses and Ngunta had his intestines forced through his anal passage by the impact.

First, the cardinal rule is that nothing goes outside the ship for at least five days after planetfall. Which is pretty sensible, if you think about it. There is always the possibility Sweet Sixteen - Dos Polinsky - Ready-to-hear Melodies some form of life. It could possibly be hostile. So you wait to see. Secondly, there is always the question of bacteria to be considered.

Man carries bacteria. If anything went outside the ship, those bacteria stand a fair chance of slipping through the sterilization pro- cess and being loosed in an atmosphere in which they are completely alien. In our case, there was nothing to do but sit back in a crippled ship and twiddle our thumbs. On the fourth day we saw it Second mechanic Bright saw it first. Within a few seconds of his warning shout, we One Finger Snap - Tony Arco Trio - Rather Odd crowded round the observation window.

The strange geometric markings we had seen on the photographs had not been in evidence when we landed. Now, as we looked, a dead straight furrow was appear- ing in the surface of the planet and it was heading in a straight line for the ship. As it came closer, we could see clearly that the furrow was more of a deep fissure.

It was easily forty feet wide, and cer- tainly big enough to swallow the ship. We watched it coming for us and prayed to long- forgotten Gods. At least, I know I did. About fifty feet from the ship it stopped dead. Suddenly the entire ship shook so violently that we were all thrown to the floor. By the time we had picked ourselves up and looked outside again, the thing was halfway out of the ground. There was only one thing we all knew with cold certainty.

The thing was Barber Shop - Tom Waits - Foreign Affairs. It was crazy, but we all realised we were looking at a living creature. Yet we sensed We pulled out the regulation samples.

When they were clean, we put them out through the airlock. And waited! Suddenly, it disappeared as fast as it had come, ploughing back the way it had come through the sub- terranean passage it had carved out of the surface of the planet.

We pulled in the samples again. Only the protein and natural Sweet Sixteen - Dos Polinsky - Ready-to-hear Melodies samples were gone. Everything else was untouched, and as perfectly sterile as when I Am Legend - KazeLoon, Angel Haze - San Andreas had gone out.

Which meant that we had passed phase one of the alien contact routine with flying colours. We could now safely proceed with the next stage. Two men went outside the ship for the first time and set up the loudspeakers and translating equipment.

Pretty shrewd little gadgets, those translators, when you think about them. They can take any logical pattern of sounds, numbers, movements or smells and convert them into the equivalent of human speech. When that was done, we had to think about disposal of our dead. The rule book only gives one procedure for disposal of bodies. The captain decided to send out a Sweet Sixteen - Dos Polinsky - Ready-to-hear Melodies party, but the idea was fated from the start.

Nothing short of an atomic bomb would have made so much as a scratch in the surface of that damned planet. We could only assume that the creature ploughed through it by some means of molecular breakdown. The five bodies, decked out in their Interspace ceremonial uniforms, were laid gently into the deepest part of the fissure made by our strange visitor.

The captain said a few words, and we covered the corpses with a large flag. And that was that. Time dragged by.


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