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I.B.O. - Various - Soma Case Logic

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All working including rough work should be done on the same sheet as, and adjacent to, the rest of the answer. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].

Material to be supplied: Log tables including Trigonometric functions A list of useful physical constants is given at the end of this paper. A Choose the correct alternative A, BC or D for each of the questions given below: [5] i A charge q is placed at the middle point of the line joining two charges 12C each. This force moves each of the charges outward.

It is recast into thin wire of length 2l. Use the concepts that the resistivity of the material remains the same and the volume of the wire remains the same. Then the self inductance of the coil in henry is: A 0. Writing the unit as Vs A-1 is clumsy. Remember that n is the absolute f.

In general it is the relative refractive index we have to consider. The n-1 part of the equation is applied in this case. A kms C kms D kms B Answer all questions briefly and to the point: [15] i An oil drop weighing 1.

Find E. Ans:- At the equilibrium state, the electric force is balanced by I.B.O. - Various - Soma Case Logic gravity. The units of E are : NC-1 or Vm Ans:- Law of conservation of energy.

Remember that in this law we are discussing about the product of current and resistance or Voltages which is the electric potential energy per unit charge from definition iii State any one difference between Joule effect and Peltiers effect iv What is the resistance and tolerance of yellow, violet, red colour coded resistor respectively?

Ans:- Yellow represent the digit 4, violet; 7 and red represent the power of ten multiplication factor. What is its magnetic moment? If the horizontal component of earths magnetic field is 0. Then what is the height of the antenna? What is the focal length of the reading spectacles for such a person? The New Cartesian f. What is the deBroglie wavelength associated with an electron accelerated by a potential of 64V.

What is the fraction of the radioactive sample that will remain undecayed after 4half life periods? You may use simple logic of half of half each time instead of the formula xi Find the momentum of a photon of energy 3. Ans:- Instead of using the standard formula for calculating the In My Lucid Dream (Electric Sheep Mix) - Coldfeet - In My Lucid Dream length remember the various series.

Here it is Balmer series. Therefore the radiation is either visible of infrared. Ans:- In stars Sun xiv In which of the solids semi conductors, conductors or insulators do conduction and valance band overlap? Ans:- In conductors. SECTION A Answer any two questions Question 2 a With the help of a labeled diagram, obtain an expression for the electric field [4] intensity E at a point P in broad side position ie equatorial plane of an electric dipole.

The point on the equatorial line is marked P. A unit positive charge is placed at P. Thus the electric field decreases as the cube of the distance from the centre of the dipole along the equatorial line. Ans:- Since the capacitors are connected in series, the charge on each capacitor is the same. Effective capacitance C needs to be found out.

What is meant by temperature Rondo - Waldo De Los Rios - Mozartmania of resistance? Vwhere A is the area of cross section of the wire. Question 3 a Draw a labeled diagram of a balanced Wheatstones bridge. Using either Ohms law or Kirchofffs laws, obtain the relation between four resistors forming the bridge. Obtain an expression for magnetic flux density B at the centre of a circular coil of radius R and having N turns, when a current I is flowing through it.

The circular coil is divided into current elements. Total field at the centre of the coil due to all these elements:. Second Method: This method is not suitable because of lengthy and complicated steps. Let R be the radius of the current carrying loop with current I. Let P be a point on the axis of the coil at a distance of x from its centre.

The above magnetic field acts along PQ perpendicular to the line AP. Due to the symmetry, the magnetic field at P due to this current element is having the same magnitude but along the direction PQ. Ans:- i 1 The operation of moving coil galvanometer depends on the force acting on a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field where as tangent galvanometer works on the principle of the tangent law.

Question 4 a What is meant by the time constant of an L-R circuit? When the current flowing through a coil P decreases from 5A to 0 in 0. Calculate the coefficient of Boots Randolph - Proud Mary / Without Love (There Is Nothing) inductance of the two coils P and Q Ans:- The time constant is defined as the time required by the current in an L-R circuit to fall to 0.

OR The time constant is defined as the time required by the current in an L-R circuit to grow to 0. Find the i phase difference between the emf and the current ii average power I.B.O. - Various - Soma Case Logic by the circuit. This condition is called the resonance. The speed of red light in vacuum is ms What is the speed of red I.B.O.

- Various - Soma Case Logic in glass of refractive index 1. The most important part of the experimental setup is an octagonal mirror M which can be uniformly rotated about its centre. A well collimated beam of light from a powerful source is incident on the first face of the rotating mirror M and the reflected beam is received at the eye piece E after traveling through a distance of 70 km. The multiple reflections are carried out by plane mirrors M1 to M5 and two concave mirrors C1 and C2 as kept in the diagram.

If the mirror M is at rest and the beam of light is reflected from the first face is will be received after reflection from the fifth face.

As the mirror is rotated the beam of light received at the eye piece flickers and becomes once again steady when the sixth face replaces the fifth face. Which vector of the electromagnetic wave is responsible for the optical effects? Ans:- An oscillating or accelerated electron beam produces electromagnetic waves. Draw labeled graphs showing the variation in intensity with angular position of i diffracted light in a single slit diffraction experiment and ii interfered light in double slit interference experiment.

Question 6 [3] a Explain the phenomenon of total internal reflection. What is the refractive index of the medium for which its critical angle with air is 42o? Explain one practical application in communication.

Ans:- When a ray of light traveling from optically denser to rarer medium, if the angle of incidence in the denser medium is greater than the critical angle for the pare of media, the light ray is reflected back into the denser medium. This phenomenon is called total internal reflection. Total internal reflection is applied in optical fibers which are used for data transfer in communication.

With the help of a neat labeled ray diagram derive lens makers formula for refraction through a thin bi-convex lens. The ray OA from the medium of refractive index n1 is incident at the convex surface and bend AB towards the I.B.O. - Various - Soma Case Logic C1N1 and forms I.B.O. - Various - Soma Case Logic image I1 in the denser medium n2. Thus: 9. Since the second surface is concave for the ray AB in the denser medium n2, the refracted ray BI bends away from the normal C2N2 and the final image I is formed in the rarer medium n1.

Thus: n1 n2 n1 n 2. The above equation is called the lens makers equation. When two thin lenses of focal lengths f1 and f2 are kept in contact, prove that their [2] combined focal length f is given by. Let f1 and f2 be the focal lengths of the I.B.O. - Various - Soma Case Logic thin lenses respectively. The first lens L1 forms a real image at I1 of an object kept at O. Where f is the combined focal length of the combination. Question 7 a i Define the term dispersive power of a prism.

Ans: i Dispersive power is defined as the ratio of the angular dispersion between two colours to the mean deviation caused to the emergent rays after dispersion of white light from a prism. Let be its dispersive power. Then: Let f1R,f1V and f1Y be the focal lengths of I.B.O.

- Various - Soma Case Logic lens for red, violet Flashblack - Various - Jump 2007 Vol. 2 yellow colours respectively. Let 1 be its dispersive power. Where FV and FR are the focal length of the combination of lenses for colours violet and red respectively. This is the condition for achromatic combination. How is it corrected? A person has his near point at distance 0.

What type of lens he must use for correction? Calculate the power of that lens. Ans:- It is a defect of the eye in which Greensleeves - Various - Popular Music Hit Parade, 110 All-Time Favorites person can see the nearby objects but not able to see far away objects.


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