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Intro / Taughture - The Omnipresent Disease - Demo 2007

Label: Spastic Fantastic Records - SFR-01 • Format: CDr • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Punk
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Crossed Out - Internal He-Man Locked In Fraud Crown Of Thorns Force Of Habit Crutch Supremacy Ulcer Neglect Suffocate Selfserve Homegrown Practiced Hatred Pure Delusion Society Lowlife Scapegoat Vacuum Letch Intro / Taughture - The Omnipresent Disease - Demo 2007 Forget Suicide Of A Species Selfish Achiever Jihad Nightstalker Impact Unit Cover Time For Bother The Omnipresent Disease Fuck You Clit In The Pit Remote Control Execution Employment Error Nothing Change.

Dressed Like You Why Human Suit Concrete Boredom Burn Down Waste Product Re: No Subject Competitions Money Man Schema S Demolition EP Time Heals Nothing The Boatman Dear Brother. Bury Me At Sea I Won't Belong Wreckage Duck To Dawn Drop The Torch Dear Brother Loveless Comfort In Concrete Cast Away It's Raining Again. Sever Thy Head When We Were Young Vlad The Impaler. Ghosts Among Men Hell Followed Melt To The Mold Seducer Why We Fight Stronghold Vlad The Impaler Laid To Rest Dead Of Alive Broken Bones Never Be Like You.

Rollin Ya Headz!!! Red River Rock - Various - 60 Golden Rockers Grankapo Life Waits For No Child Four Wallz Mob Wise Up. Confessions Rise Man Killing Man Back To Hell Last Mistake Who Are You Now It Lives On Me Life Goes On My Son Look At Me For Once In Your Life. Dosis Letal Media Rehearsal Demo Intro Utensilio Del Sistema Paro General Sistema Nauseabundo Las Flores Muertas Best Friend - Tyla & The Dogs - Bloody Hell Fire Ratas De Cloaca Demo Racismo Criminal


Breathe - Roger Waters / Ron Geesin - Music From The Body, Floating - Stained Red - Mean Folks, Big T.V. - Various - 100 Watts - Songs From WHPK Pure Hype, Closer - Peter Himmelman - Flown This Acid World

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