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Kvagga - Middle Piece / Confess (File)

Label: Not On Label (Kvagga Self-released) - none • Format: 2x, File FLAC, EP • Country: Russia • Genre: Electronic • Style: Breakcore
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What if Isha fled to The Emperor. Thread starter Mithras Start date Oct 19, First Prev 3 of 68 Go to page. Inquisition Reunion and remedy Judgement. Reader mode. Rowknan Roar. Generalissimo said:. In a way Isha shall now be literally first alien Emperor meets firsthand?

Solarfish wewlads. Would this affect the priority of the crusades? Beeline to DE, politely avoiding the first few eldar ect. Legionnaires wouldn't be willing to immediately start offing eldar but also be much more aware of their manipulation Cause they would most definitely try manipulate the big, bulky, slow mon'kei the first time they meet. SneakyWalrus Is the Water Free? Because that's pretty much his reaction.

Solarfish said:. Last edited: Oct 19, Kvagga - Middle Piece / Confess (File) thread is basically Κώστας ΚακαβελάκηςΠοιήση Τάκης Αντωνίου - Εγώ to fix W40k with a canon charater" I need to write this story. It is a neeeeed. It runs deep. Mithras Member. Isha will be showing no mercy to the Laeran that's for certain.

So does anyone have thoughts on how due to Isha being far more sane than in canon in this scenario; what her thoughts on Kain would be? I know there was a large degree of animosity between Kvagga - Middle Piece / Confess (File) and the other Eldar gods due to his dickery.

On the other hand Kain laid down his life for the Eldar and his kin. Also is there any chance that the Emperor might create human soul stones? Human Phoenix Lords is a cool idea. Generalissimo Generalissimo of SpaceBattles. Mithras said:. Let's say Isha decides that the Mon-Keigh Anathema is a better bet than dying at the hands of She Who Thirsts, and she manages to reach him before either Slaanesh or Nurgle do.

RumbleintheDumbles When you're too old to get a giant robot. Rowknan said:. Never getting a caged waifu of his own I have to wonder just how this would effect Nurgle's development? RumbleintheDumbles said:. I would imagine she doesn't particularly like him. Isha probably suffered more at the hands of Khaine than any other being in the galaxy.

This thread is basically "How to fix waifu W40k with a canon charater to each other " Kain and Void Dragon Eldar god of War and what Kvagga - Middle Piece / Confess (File) could be a slumbering C'tan?

Who wears the pants? I am totally on board with this. Peptuck Dakka Accumulation Specialist Moderator. SneakyWalrus said:. Desde El Otro Lado - Evassion - Evassion is decided.

I shall be cultivating and eventually putting up a story on 'Isha meets the GEOM, they find it plesant' I must fly, my scrublords. Anything you want to see interaction-wise? Well after Kain got within 50 systems of Isha and violated Kvagga - Middle Piece / Confess (File) restraining order, Emprah decided to give the Void Dragon a roommate.

An Ancient God of Zeppelins Subscriber. Biggest difference is access to the webway. An Ancient said:. Pretty good as far as first impressions go. Emperor will be consistently disappointed in her children. Well that's nothing new for him. For every Eldrad there are about 20 Machiavellis. You must log in or register to reply here.


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  6. Oct 19,  · If Isha fled to the Emperor, it would be either before or during the Dark Age of Technology, when humanity had decent/no relations with many species of alien life. Humanity and the Emperor wouldn't have had an endless history of being dicked about by Eldar gods and the Eldar themselves to color their perceptions of the space-elves and their.
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