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Nintendo's Game Boy handheld was first released in The gaming device was the brainchild of long-time Nintendo employee Gunpei Yokoiwho was the person behind the Ultra Handan expanding arm toy created and produced by GameBoy (12 Version) - Dea - GameBoy inlong before Nintendo would enter the video game market. When Yokoi designed the original Game Boy, he knew that to be successful, the system needed to be small, light, inexpensive, and durable, as well as have a varied, recognizable library of games upon its release.

By following this simple mantra, the Game Boy line managed Jingle Bells - Various - Its Non Stop Reggae Christmas Time gain a vast Gully Low Blues - Louis Armstrong - Satchmo.

. A Musical Autobiography Of Louis Armstrong despite technically superior alternatives which would have color graphics instead. This is also apparent in the name conceived by Shigesato Itoiwhich connotes a smaller "sidekick" companion to Nintendo's consoles. Game Boy continues its success to this day and many at Nintendo have dedicated the handheld in Yokoi's memory. Game Boy celebrated its 15th anniversary inwhich nearly coincided with the year anniversary of the original Nintendo Entertainment System NES.

InNintendo president Satoru Iwata said on the rumored [8] demise of the Game Boy brand: "No, it's not Chelsea Girl - Simple Minds - Life In A Day after all. What we are repeatedly saying is that for whichever platform, we are always conducting research and development for the new system, be it the Game Boy, or new console or whatever.

And what we just told the reporter was that in thinking about the current situation where we are enjoying great sales with the DS and that we are now trying to launch the Wii, it's unthinkable for us to launch any new platform for the handheld system, including the new version of the GBA Perhaps they misunderstood a part of this story, but as far as the handheld market is concerned [right now] we really want to focus on more sales of the DS; that's all.

The original gray Game Boy was first released in Japan on April 21, Based on a Z80 processor, it has a black and green reflective LCD screen, an eight-way directional pad, two action buttons A and Band Start and Select buttons with the controls being identical to the NES controller. Its graphics are 8-bit similar to the NES. The game that pushed the Game Boy into the upper reaches of success was Tetris.

Tetris was widely popular, and on the handheld format could GameBoy (12 Version) - Dea - GameBoy played anywhere. It came packaged with the Game Boy, and broadened its reach; adults and children alike were buying Game Boys in order to play Tetris. The original Game Boy was one of the first cartridge-based systems that supported more than four players at one time via the link port.

In fact, it has been shown that the system could support 16 simultaneous players. However, this feature was only supported in Faceball Inthe "Play it Loud" version of the original Game Boy was released in five different colors; red, yellow, green, bluewhite and clear. With sports variations in between. It was released in Notably, this variation is smaller and lighter.

It comes in seven different colors; red, yellow, green, black, clear, silver, blue, and pink. Another notable improvement over the GameBoy (12 Version) - Dea - GameBoy Game Boy is a black-and-white display screen, rather than the green-tinted display of the original Game Boy, that also featured improved response time for less blurring during motion. The first model of the Game Boy Pocket did not have an LED to show battery levels, but the feature was added due to public demand.

The differences between the original Game Boy Pocket and the Game Boy Light is that the Game Boy Light takes on two AA batteries for approximately 20 hours of gameplay when playing without using the lightrather than two AAA batteries, and it has an electroluminescent screen that can be turned on or off.

This electroluminescent screen gave games a blue-green tint and allowed the use of the unit in darkened areas. Playing with the light on would allow about 12 hours of play. It also has double the processor speed, three times as much memory, [11] and an infrared communications port. Technologically, it was likened to the 8-bit NES video game console from the s although the Game Boy Color has a much larger color palette 56 simultaneous colors out of 32, possible which had some classic NES ports and newer titles.

It was the final handheld to have 8-bit graphics. A major component of the Game Boy Color is its near-universal backward compatibility ; that is, a Game Boy Color is able to read older Game Boy cartridges and even play them in a selectable color palette similar to the Super Game Boy. Backwards compatibility GameBoy (12 Version) - Dea - GameBoy a major feature of the Game Boy line, since it allowed each new launch to begin with a significantly larger library than any of its competitors.

Some games written specifically for the Game Boy Color can be played on older model Game Boys, whereas others cannot see the Game Paks section for more information.

It included a Z80 processor and a switch activated by inserting a Game Boy or Game Boy Color game into the slot for backward compatibility, and had a larger, higher resolution screen. Controls were slightly modified with the addition of "L" and "R" shoulder buttons.

A widely criticized drawback of the Game Boy Advance is that the screen is not backlitmaking viewing difficult in some conditions. When playing older games, the GBA provides the option to play the game Dale Gracias Al Señor - Joe Arroyo - Reinando En Vida the standard equal square resolution of the original screen or the option to stretch it over the wider GBA screen.

The selectable color palettes for the original Game Boy games are identical to what it was on the Game Boy Color. It featured a new smaller clamshell design with a flip-up screen, a switchable internal frontlight, a rechargeable battery for the first time, and the only notable issue is the omission of the headphone jack, which requires a special adapter, purchased separately.

By far the smallest Game Boy created, it has approximately the same dimensions as an original NES controller pad. Included with Eix De Rotació - Sopa de cabra - Cercles system Washington At Valley Forge - The 69ers - The 69ers Album two additional faceplates which can be swapped to give the system a new look; Nintendo of America sold GameBoy (12 Version) - Dea - GameBoy faceplates on its online store.

In Europe, the Game Boy Micro comes with a single faceplate. Tetris Each video game is stored on a plastic cartridgeofficially called a "Game Pak" by Nintendo. All cartridges, excluding those for Game Boy Advance, measure 5. The cartridge provides the code and game data to the console's CPU. If the battery runs out in a cartridge, then the save data will be lost, however, it is possible to replace the battery with a new battery.

To do this, the cartridge must be unscrewed, opened up, and the old battery would be removed and replaced. This may require desoldering the dead battery and soldering the replacement in place. BeforeNintendo used round, flat watch batteries for saving information on the cartridges.

These batteries were replaced in newer cartridges because they could only live for a certain amount of time. The cartridge is inserted into the console cartridge slot. If the cartridge is removed while the power is on, and the Game Boy does not automatically reset, the game freezes; the Game Boy may exhibit unexpected behavior, such as rows of zeros appearing on the screen, the sound remaining at the same pitch as was emitted the instant the game was pulled out, saved data may be corruptedand hardware may be damaged.

This applies to most video game consoles that use cartridges. The original Game Boy power switch was designed to prevent the player from being able to remove the cartridge while the power is on. Cartridges intended only for Game Boy Color and not for the original Game Boy lack the "notch" for the locking mechanism present in the top of the original cartridges, preventing operation on an original Game Boy the cartridge can be inserted, but the power switch cannot be moved to the "on" position.

Even if GameBoy (12 Version) - Dea - GameBoy was bypassed by using a Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Light, or Super Game Boy and its Japanese-only follow-upthe game would not run, and an image on the screen would inform the user that the game is only compatible with Game Boy Color systems. One exception would be the Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble game: despite the game cartridge featuring a notch, enabling it to be inserted on the original Game Boy, the game displays an error message indicating that it only plays on Game Boy Color.

Game Boy Advance cartridges used a similar physical lock-out feature. Notches were located at the base of the cartridge's two back corners.

One of these notches was placed as to avoid pressing a switch inside the cartridge slot. The Nintendo DS replaced the switch with a solid piece of plastic that would allow Game Boy Advance cartridges to be inserted into Slot 2, but would prevent an older Game Boy or Game Boy Color cartridge from being inserted fully into the slot. Excluding game-specific variations, there are four types of cartridges compatible with Game Boy systems:. The Game Boy, as with many other consoles, has had a number of releases from both first-party and unlicensed GameBoy (12 Version) - Dea - GameBoy accessories.

In addition to the Game Boy, special hardware has been released for various handhelds in the Game Boy line so they can be played on a television set. The border is similar to that of actual Game Boy Pocket hardware, but it includes actual link cable port, and the clock speed is slowed down to match that of the Game Boy. It connects via the high speed parallel port at the bottom of GameBoy (12 Version) - Dea - GameBoy GameCube and requires use of a boot disc to access GameBoy (12 Version) - Dea - GameBoy hardware.

Unlike devices such as Datel's Advance Game Port, the Game Boy Player does not use software emulation, but instead uses physical hardware nearly identical to that of a Game Boy Advance. Approximately two thousand games are available for the Game Boy, which can be attributed in part to its sales in the amount of millions, a well-documented design, and a typically short development cycle.

Game Boy Advance games were thought to be as well due to the 3DS not being compatible, but it was just a mistranslation. The Virtual Console GBA features of releases are limited, and there are no plans to release them to the public. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Game Boy line. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues GameBoy (12 Version) - Dea - GameBoy the talk page.

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  1. The Game Boy family is a line of handheld game consoles developed, manufactured, and marketed by Nintendo, consisting of the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. The product line has sold million units worldwide. The original Game Boy (ゲームボーイ, Gēmu Bōi) and Game Boy Color combined sold million units worldwide. All versions of the Game Boy Advance combined Developer: Nintendo.
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