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In folklorea ghost sometimes known as an apparition Im So Glad - Cream - I Feel Free, Ghost - Idols Never Die - ElectionDayFire phantompoltergeistshadespecter or spectrespiritspook Jerrys Theme - The 45 King - The Lost Breakbeats (The Green Album), and wraith is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living.

In ghostloredescriptions of ghosts vary widely from an invisible presence to translucent or barely visible wispy shapes, to realistic, lifelike forms. The belief in the existence of an afterlifeas well as manifestations of the spirits of the dead, is widespread, dating back to animism or Ghost - Idols Never Die - ElectionDayFire worship in pre-literate cultures.

Certain religious practices—funeral rites, exorcismsand some practices of spiritualism and ritual magic —are specifically designed to rest the spirits of the dead. Ghosts are generally described as solitary, human-like essences, though stories of ghostly armies and the ghosts of animals rather than humans have also been recounted.

The overwhelming consensus of science is that ghosts do not exist. The Germanic word is recorded as masculine only, but likely continues a neuter s -stem. In Germanic paganism" Germanic Mercury ", and the later Odinwas at the same time the conductor of the dead and the "lord of fury" leading the Wild Hunt. Besides denoting the human spirit or Ghost - Idols Never Die - ElectionDayFire , both of the living and the deceased, the Old English word is used as a synonym of Latin spiritus also in the meaning of "breath" or "blast" from the earliest attestations 9th century.

Also from the Old English period, the word could denote the spirit of God, viz. The now-prevailing sense of "the soul of a deceased person, spoken of as appearing in a visible form" only emerges in Middle English 14th century. The modern noun does, however, retain a wider field of application, extending on one hand to "soul", "spirit", " vital principle ", " mind ", or " psyche ", the seat of feeling, thought, and moral judgement; on the other hand used figuratively of any shadowy outline, or fuzzy or unsubstantial image; in optics, photography, and cinematography especially, a flare, secondary image, or spurious signal.

Wraith is a Scots word for ghostspectreor apparition. It appeared in Scottish Romanticist literature, and acquired the more general or figurative sense of portent or omen. In 18th- to 19th-century Scottish literature, it also applied to aquatic spirits. The word has no commonly accepted etymology; the OED notes "of obscure origin" only. A revenant is a deceased person returning from the dead to haunt the living, either as a disembodied ghost or alternatively as an animated " undead " corpse.

Also related is the concept of a fetchthe visible ghost or spirit of a person yet alive. A notion of the transcendentsupernaturalor numinoususually involving entities like ghosts, demonsor deitiesGhost - Idols Never Die - ElectionDayFire a cultural universal. Some people believe the ghost or spirit never leaves Earth until there is no-one left to remember the one who died. In many cultures, malignant, restless ghosts are distinguished from the more benign spirits involved in ancestor worship.

Ancestor worship typically involves rites intended to prevent Diffondere Cultura Inutile - Necrolust - Il Piacere Di Tormentarvivengeful spirits of the dead, imagined as starving and envious of the living.

Strategies for preventing revenants may either include sacrificei. Magical banishment of the dead is present in many of the world's burial customs. The bodies found in many tumuli kurgan had been ritually bound before burial, [33] and the custom of binding the dead persists, for example, in rural Anatolia.

Nineteenth-century anthropologist James Frazer stated in his classic work, The Golden Boughthat souls were seen as the creature within that animated the body. Although the human soul was sometimes symbolically or literally depicted in ancient cultures as a bird or other animal, it appears to have been widely held that the soul was an exact reproduction of the body in every feature, even down to clothing the person wore.

This is depicted in artwork from various ancient cultures, including such works as the Egyptian Book of the Deadwhich shows deceased people in the afterlife appearing much as they did before How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Life - Ry Cooder, David Lindley - If Walls Could Talk - Live, including the style of dress.

While deceased ancestors are universally regarded as venerable, and often believed to have a continued presence in some form of afterlifethe spirit of a deceased person that persists in the material world a ghost is regarded as an unnatural or undesirable state of affairs and the idea of ghosts or revenants is associated with a reaction of fear. This is universally the case in pre-modern folk cultures, but fear of ghosts also remains an integral aspect of the modern ghost storyGothic horrorand other horror fiction dealing with the supernatural.

Another widespread belief concerning ghosts is that they are composed of a misty, airy, or subtle material. Anthropologists link this idea to early beliefs that ghosts were the person within the person the person's spiritmost noticeable in ancient cultures as a person's breath, which upon exhaling in colder climates appears visibly as a white mist. In the BibleGod is depicted as synthesising Adamas a living soul, from the dust of the Earth and Ghost - Idols Never Die - ElectionDayFire breath of God.

In many traditional accounts, ghosts were often thought to Wont You Come Home - Various - King Jammy: A Man & His Music Volume 3 - Hits Style deceased people looking for vengeance vengeful ghostsor imprisoned on earth for bad things they did during life.

The appearance of a ghost has often been regarded as an omen or portent of death. Seeing one's own Ton Of Bricks - Hammerhead (15) - Will To Survive double or " fetch " is a related omen of death.

White ladies were reported to appear in many rural areas, and supposed to have died tragically or suffered trauma in life.

White Lady Ghost - Idols Never Die - ElectionDayFire are found around the world. Common to many of them is the theme of losing a child or husband and a sense of purity, as opposed to the Lady in Red ghost that is mostly attributed to a jilted lover or prostitute.

The White Lady ghost is often associated with an individual family line or regarded as a harbinger of death similar to a banshee. Legends of ghost ships have existed since the 18th century; most notable of these is the Flying Dutchman.

The idea of ghosts can be considered a tradition for certain cultures. Many believe in the spirit world and often try to stay in contact with their loved ones.

A place where ghosts are reported is described as hauntedand often seen as being inhabited by spirits of deceased who may have been former residents or were familiar with the property. Supernatural activity inside homes is said to be mainly associated with violent or tragic events in the building's past such as murder, accidental death, or suicide—sometimes in the recent or ancient past.

But not all hauntings are at a place of a violent death, or even on violent grounds. Many cultures and religions believe the essence of a being, such as the ' soul ', continues to exist.

Some religious views argue that the 'spirits' of those who have died have not 'passed over' and are trapped inside the property where their memories and energy are strong. There are many references to ghosts in Mesopotamian religions — the religions of SumerBabylonAssyriaand other early states in Mesopotamia. Traces of these beliefs survive in the later Abrahamic religions that came to dominate the Palms Blvd.

- Leo Kottke - Live In Europe. They traveled to the netherworld, where they were assigned a position, and led an existence similar in some ways to that of the living. Relatives of the dead were expected to All Around Man (Reprise) - Lonnie Pitchford - All Around Man offerings of food and drink to the dead to ease their conditions.

If they did not, the ghosts could inflict misfortune and illness on the living. Traditional healing practices ascribed a variety of illnesses to the action of ghosts, while others were caused by gods or demons.

There was widespread belief in ghosts in ancient Egyptian culture The Hebrew Bible contains few references to ghosts, associating spiritism with forbidden occult activities cf. Deuteronomy The soul and spirit were believed to exist after death, with the ability to assist or harm the living, and the possibility of a second death. Over a period of more than 2, years, Egyptian beliefs about the nature of the afterlife evolved constantly. Many of these beliefs were recorded in hieroglyph inscriptions, papyrus scrolls and tomb paintings.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead compiles some of the beliefs from different periods of ancient Egyptian history. Ghosts appeared in Homer 's Odyssey and Iliadin which they were described as vanishing "as a vapor, gibbering and whining into the earth". Homer's ghosts had little interaction with the world of the living. Periodically they were called upon to provide advice or prophecy, but they do not appear to be particularly feared.

Ghosts in the classical world often Ghost - Idols Never Die - ElectionDayFire in the form of vapor or smoke, but at other times they were described as being substantial, appearing as they had been at the time of death, complete with the wounds that killed them.

By the 5th century BC, classical Greek ghosts had become haunting, frightening creatures who could work to either good or evil purposes. The spirit of the dead was believed to hover near the resting place of the corpse, and cemeteries were places the living avoided.

The dead were to be ritually mourned through public ceremony, sacrifice, and libations, or else they might return to haunt their families. The ancient Greeks held annual feasts to honor and placate the spirits of the dead, to which the family ghosts were invited, and after which they were "firmly invited to leave until the same time next year.

The 5th-century BC play Oresteia includes an appearance of the ghost of Clytemnestraone of the first ghosts to appear in a work of fiction. The ancient Romans believed a ghost could be used to exact revenge on an enemy by scratching a curse on a piece of lead or pottery and placing it into a grave. Plutarchin the 1st century AD, described the haunting of the baths at Chaeronea by the ghost of a murdered man.

The ghost's loud and frightful groans caused the people of the town to seal up the doors of the building. Knowing that the house was supposedly haunted, Athenodorus intentionally set up his writing desk in the room where the apparition was said Ghost - Idols Never Die - ElectionDayFire appear and sat there writing until late at night when he was disturbed by a ghost bound in chains. He followed the ghost outside where it indicated a spot on the ground. When Athenodorus later excavated the area, a shackled skeleton was unearthed.

The haunting ceased when the skeleton was given a proper reburial. Similarly, Jesus' followers at first believed he was a ghost spirit when they saw him walking on water.

One of the first persons to express disbelief in ghosts was Lucian of Samosata in the 2nd century AD. In his satirical novel The Lover of Lies circa ADhe relates how Democritus "the learned man from Abdera in Thrace " lived in a tomb outside the city gates to prove that cemeteries were not haunted by the spirits of the departed. Lucian relates how he persisted in his disbelief despite practical jokes perpetrated by "some young men of Abdera" who dressed up in black robes with skull masks to frighten him.

In the 5th century AD, the Christian priest Constantius of Lyon recorded an instance of the recurring theme of the improperly buried dead who come back to haunt the living, and who can only cease their haunting when their bones have been discovered and properly reburied. Ghosts reported in medieval Europe tended to fall into two categories: the souls of the dead, or demons.

The souls of the dead returned for a specific purpose. Demonic ghosts existed only to torment or tempt the living.

The living could tell them apart by demanding their purpose in the name of Jesus Christ. The soul of a dead person would divulge its mission, while a Double Chase - Eric Serra - Bulletproof Monk ghost would be banished at the sound of the Holy Name. Most ghosts were souls assigned to Purgatorycondemned for a specific period to atone for their transgressions in life.

Their penance was generally related to their sin. For example, the ghost of a man who had been Ghost - Idols Never Die - ElectionDayFire to his servants was condemned to tear off and swallow bits of his own tongue; the ghost of another man, who had neglected to leave his cloak to the poor, was condemned to wear the cloak, now "heavy as a church tower".

These ghosts appeared to the living to ask for prayers to end their suffering. Other dead souls returned to urge the living to confess their sins before their own deaths. Medieval European ghosts were more substantial than ghosts described in the Victorian ageand there are accounts of ghosts being wrestled with and physically restrained until a priest could arrive to hear its confession. Some were less solid, and could move through walls.

Often they were described as paler Ghost - Idols Never Die - ElectionDayFire sadder versions of the person they had been while alive, and dressed in tattered gray rags. The vast majority of reported sightings were male. There were some reported cases of ghostly armies, fighting battles at night in the forest, or in the remains of an Iron Age hillfort, as at Wandleburynear Cambridge, England.

Living knights were sometimes challenged to single combat by phantom knights, which vanished when defeated. From the medieval period an apparition of a ghost is recorded fromat the time of the Albigensian Crusade.

This series of "visits" lasted all of the summer.


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