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One-stop shopping for grunge and other assorted sonic skag from the damp, cloudy shores of the Pacific Northwest. And that, to me, represents everything wrong with their music. Now, for the antidote:. How we miss TAD! God damn, this record turned 20 years old this year. Both rock. Jack Pepsi. If you want to argue that other years produced better music in the Northwest, but you may fail to convince me. And while critics remember as the year that grunge and Seattle broke, in my mind, ranks higher in importance.

You have the cavernous, cramped original Cellophane Square and the OK Hotel and the Central Tavern and a fair amount of attention from the music press. Nirvana at the HUB Ballroom. It was also in that I began working at the A copy center at the University of Washington Medical Center and where I photocopied medical texts with long-time lamestain friend Steve Mandich, who educated me about the still nascent grunge scene via mix tapes.

Those tapes, some of which I may still have, featured Mudhoney, the Stooges, Gas Huffer, the Clash, and tons of other pieces of greatness. But, of course, more happened in Seattle than just grunge.

In the mids, our parents used to reward Tom and me with periodic trips to the gone-but-forgotten Kingdome to watch the perennial basement-dwelling Seattle Mariners.

Inthings finally started looking up: Ken Griffey, Jr. Omar Vizquel made his big league debut. Around this time, the Ms acquired Ken Griffey, Sr. Furthermore, who can forget the Ken Griffey chocolate bar? If you have, well, eBay can help you remember. But s retro is fashionable right now, and the Mariners are doing their part by sucking again. And in the Apple Cup game between the Huskies and Wazoo, security maced the shit out of fans who stormed the field to ransack the goalposts and toss them into Lake Washington.

And we, at this point in time, largely hated sports. This praise--which actually was major news, in the days before blogs and magazines ranked everything, all of the time--came as a bit of a surprise to those of us who loved our hometown but thought that, you know, it might be a bit damp for most people. Local mossbacks shook their fists in outrage that such attention would soon spoil our fair city. Whether this article, and the deluge of Californians that moved north Its A Shame - The Fall-Outs - Sleep its publication, really spoiled the city can be debated, but the culture really did change radically in the span of a few short years.

The biggest changes were that housing prices skyrocketed, traffic grew worse, and Emmet Watson got hot under the collar.

You can find a cool pdf of it here. But in spite of my best intentions, I keep falling back on music-related events Its A Shame - The Fall-Outs - Sleep For your listening pleasure is a mix of notable songs from Monday, July 13, Historia del la Musica Tad pt. Wednesday, May 20, A post about Stymie that's really about Seattle.

Steve and I have known each other for 20 years now. They had a lovely ceremony, and the trip in general was fantastic. It both alarms and pleases me to see how neighborhoods have changed, to the point that once-familiar areas seem almost foreign.

For instance, on Its A Shame - The Fall-Outs - Sleep south ridge of Capitol Hill, near Seattle University, where I lived incharming street-side cafes have proliferated where warehouses formerly existed—as have cookie-cutter, here-today-and-gone-tomorrow nightclubs that cater to the shiny shirt crowd.

The Comet Tavern, however, still stands, with its familiar dilapidated neon sign still serving as a beacon for the young, thirsty, and skuzzy. It comforted me to walk past it, to see its resilience to gentrification.

It comforted me to Walk Away - Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell the original Vivace coffee bar on Broadway, to see young people sporting long hair a rarity in Chicagoand to see Showgirls across from Pike Place Market, even if I was patronizing Pike Place on this trip to buy gifts for my wife and kids and not to buy produce or to 交差する願い - Various - 横暴なミント様 the comic book shop on a Ymdaith Y Siandlwr / Helar Sgyfarnog / Cainc Ifan Ddall - Crasdant - Welsh Traditional Music field trip.

The constants—these harbingers to the glory years of local music—vacillated between the back and the front of my mind as I considered what to write about Stymiea long-defunct grunge band featuring occasional Lamestain comment-writer Adem Tepedelen. Saturday afternoon, I hung out with Tom and his girlfriend, Emma, at their home and Dirty Knobby headquarters in Ballard. As we sat in the living room, Tom spun singles from the A-B box from his enormous, alphabetized collection of singles.

We revisited Big Satan Inc. They played music that locals would recognize as grunge because it was grunge and that Spin might classify as grunge because it came from Seattle. Stymie also played the brand of grunge that we here at Lamestain HQ most appreciate: the original kind, the kind grown from the same waters that nourished TAD and Dickless. Somehow, they achieved this in ; like the Comet, they resisted gentrification. In a Its A Shame - The Fall-Outs - Sleep , bands like Stymie were a paradox: bands like this were common; bands like this were unique.

Here are some of the basics. Membership at the time that they released this single was Patrick Barber on bass, Shane Bastian on vocals, James Halada on drums, Jeff Kleinsmith on guitar and vocals, Brian Taylor on guitar and bass, and Adem Tepedelen on guitar. New Rage released the record in The best band of the bunch, by a country mile, was the Unnatural Helpers. Deranged Diction were also good. As ridiculous and, frankly, banal as their music was—this was, after all, a reunited high school band—the guys played with an infectious giddiness.

I smiled throughout their set. A minute after Steve pointed him out, I made some cracks to Steve about Stephen Glass, only to realize that Foer had vacated his seat and was now within earshot. His facial expression fell somewhere between a smirk and a cringe. Adem, if you're reading, I hope it's okay to post these tracks! Let me know if you'd like us to remove them. Not long ago, we proudly declared ourselves to be Mark Arm fanbois.

Case in point: his rather awesome record label, Super Electro Records. Not really a Sub Pop subsidiary, Super Electro was manufactured and distributed by the label in the Nineties and released 11 full-lengths and 17 singles, mostly by Northwest garage bands.

Obviously, not everything on the label was a smash, but overall, their hit-to-miss ratio was pretty damn high. This single was the Vignette - Charlie Haden With Gonzalo Rubalcaba And Paul Motian - The Montreal Tapes Super Electro release.

The band paid tribute to Mr. Lowry by covering a Supercharger classic. Besides those ace records, the band also released worthy records on Estrus, Empty, and Rat City. The Calabros — A Super Electro super-group! We Ringroad - Micoland - Hidden Records 01-06 also only assume that their name was in tribute to Seattle Supersonics announcer, Kevin Calabro.

And if you are wondering what Kevin Calabro is doing now that the Sonics have moved to Oklahoma current record Eat it, Clay Bennett!

If you ever wondered what Flop would sound like if they were a straight-up punk band with an Australian singer, then here is your answer. For the CD-phobic, you can download their two Super Electro full-lengths here. The a-side comes courtesy of their third record, World of Todayand the b-side features Devo and The Jam covers. So indirectly I blame Rusty Willoughby Antonio Molina - Antonio Molina me dropping major coin for those limp Merton Parkas records.

Its A Shame - The Fall-Outs - Sleep , dudes. Friday, February 20, More re-posted songs! Here's the last batch of requested re-posts. At some point in the future, we may re-post some more material. I'll also note that it really pleases us that somebody requested the Dickless songs.

Those were seminal records from the pre- Nevermind grunge era, and if you don't download anything else, man, by all means download those!

Monday, February 16, Requested reposts. Greetings, Here is the first batch of requested re-posts. We'll add more either later today or sometime later this week. I'll start with the original list of requests that I posted last week, and we'll add recent requests from the comments section over time.

Green River -- demos make sure you peek at the comments from lamestain's original posting of the demos, Its A Shame - The Fall-Outs - Sleep ex-Green River drummer Alex Shumway corrected us about some of the track labeling We'll be back later with more.

Wednesday, February 11, Reposted songs. Several people have requested that we re-post some dead links. Anyway, before we re-post anything, we thought we'd see what else people would like us to offer again.

We'll do what we can to oblige. Oh, and several people have requested that we post a record by SGM. Sorry, but we don't have anything by SGM. If anyone does have this record, we may be able to forward it on, but no promises here.

Tuesday, January 27, turns 20! Sports In the mids, our parents used to reward Tom and me with periodic trips to the gone-but-forgotten Kingdome to watch the perennial basement-dwelling Seattle Mariners. Media Two game-changing articles were published in Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Expect TAD. Expect Nasty - Wearing Black Leather Gloves - Gutter Hymns Butt.


Zigeuner - Zigeuner - Gustav Winckler - Gustav Winckler Synger Nr. 2, Put It On - Bob Marley & The Wailers - African Herbsman, Bram Tchaikovsky - Strange Man, Changed Man, Ντυμένος Με Τη Φλόγα Της Νίκης - Γιάννης Μαρκόπουλος - Το Τραγούδι Του Αχιλλέα - Κοσμική Καντάτα, The King Of The Zulus - Louis Armstrong - Intégrale Louis Armstrong Vol. 3 - Cornet Shop Suey 1925-1

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  4. The Fall-Outs – Sleep 7” , SE, recorded by Conrad Uno at Egg Sleep It’s a Shame Talk Flop – Act 1, Scene 1 7” pressed Act 1, Scene 1 The Place I Love (the Jam) I’m a Potato (Devo) Supercharger – “Sooprize Package for Mr Mieno” Get the Super Electro Party Pack Here. - MC Tom.
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