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Was curious how efficient combining my 40 degree Golite long quilt grams fill weight and my Western Mountaineering Megalite long 13oz fill weight into one sleep system for Winter.

The quilt fits quite nicely over the Megalite without compressing the down. I already have an old fill winter bag with 28 oz fill but it weighs 3 lb 10 oz whereas the combo would only weigh 2 lbs 15oz.

I know there would be a small hastle to deal with two bags but my gut tells me this combo may even be warmer since some air would get trapped between the two. Does anyone out there have any experience with a setup like this?

I thought about doing that many have and some do. I have the puffy clothing as dedicated camp layers that is I don't sweat in them so I save weight and space that way. The bonus point for me is that now I don't wait half an hour after waking up to decide to go out for a pee… To explain my temperature range, using the Summerlite plus WM Flash pants and jacket gives me a similar warmth level to using an Ultralitethe total amount of down is about the same.

Both take me down to around 20f. I just did it last Thursday. We had a storm coming in and my son wanted to spend the night in it so I set up a new shelter outside the living room window so my daughter could "see" us.

It got down to 13 F that night and he said he was too hot a couple times. Here is a shot of us when we turned Somethingsinthebag - Various - Dissed By The QFS # 2 . He wanted my down hood and started with it on, but quickly shed it.

Here is a shot of the tent, a Brooks Range Propel right before I dug out the entry at bed time. This winter I am going to do quite a bit of experimenting with doubling quilts or mixing quilts with bags like I did with Raymond. There are even some military 4 season systems where soldiers are given a summer bag and a corner season bag. Both are combined to create their cold winter bedding.

I know I don't have a winter bag and have combined a 40 degF bag with a 30 degF bag plus extra fluffy clothing to be pefectly warm down to 10 degF and below. I think a good way to calculate is to measure the layers and compare to a single winter bag or quilt. One thing that has been proven, and what I have personally found, is that a better weight to warmth ration can be attained if you focus on your core, neck and head area.

Works OK, and for a cold sleeper like me is far preferable to augmenting a bag with a down sweater. I need that sweater anyway! A bag and an overbag weigh more than a quality expedition bag. If you go out in arctic conditions often, I'd go for the expedition bag. On this theme, something I would be interested to know if anyone has used a synthetic quilt on top of a down bag.

That was the reason why I bought a quilt to see if I could transfer the dampness in my footbox not from touching the walls to the quilt. Not a problem for me because I only spend nights on snow at a time and I have VB socks,but only use them for 30 min or so… but just in case I wanted to stay out longer… after I bought the quilt I opted for the puffy layer option.

I learned that I need to use tinyURL for the links here as it blows the Devil Pray - Madonna - Rebel Heart up.

Some day I need to learn how some of us embed the link. I can't see a way, but I am thick. And not just in the middle. This is absolutely true. And if you plan to spend much time at extreme low temps I highly recommend a very good sleeping bag. Back in and Self Complacency - Death Side - The Will Never Die Vol.

1 I played with true over-bag systems and decided it was just too heavy. Plus you really need to remember what side your zippers are on when buying bags. These I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day - Unknown Artist - In The Mood For Christmas: Beautiful Christmas I give myself projects just to have something to do when hiking.

Since it will take place in winter and spring which is pretty darn cold here too I am going to look at a 0 F bag and a 35 F quilt. My thinking is that with venting the bag, spreading the quilt, and doubling when needed I may be able to have a sleep system that can be used at a temp range from 45 to 50 F to a low of to F.

I am not doing it with two quilts as I am trying to find something that works for a wide spread of users. I do plan on doing some personal double quilt trips too. Im comfortable in the megalite with down shifted on top down to mid 20s easily. Not bad, but still 8oz or so extra fabric wt compared to a single bag, and about a whole lb compared to a single quilt. It was explained recently by Greg M. Earlier, Nia S. I wonder how she is doing with that Epic Malibu I sold her for a snow suit.

With the arthritis in the fingers, it is easier to just patch it in, and let the reader do likewise if interested. Just a few keystrokes for both of us, not much to it. Whilst you guys are out there in the drifts, I am sitting by the wood stove playing the guitar to keep the fingers nimble.

Hope you are enjoying it the drifts, not the guitar playing. Wouldn't it make more sense to have the synthetic on the inside to better handle So Hatred - Soilent Green - Sewn Mouth Secrets vapor coming off the body?

I already have a summer down bag would love to save money and just use it to add warmth Somethingsinthebag - Various - Dissed By The QFS # 2 my Somethingsinthebag - Various - Dissed By The QFS # 2 Kodiak for some planned winter expeditions i'm a cold sleeper…. But from some posts on the subject I've searched on this site, many recommend if not insist on putting a synthetic layer on top for precisely that reason, ie moisture build up.

So the synthetic overbag layer gets the moisture build up instead of the inner down bag. Keeps its loft, dries out faster given the chance, etc. From a bulk and weight point of view, I can't imagine why you'd ever want combine two sleeping bags to make a warmer bag. If you're a very occasional winter tripper then I could understand wanting to save money.

I do have a winter sleeping bag, BUT if I didn't, I'd personally consider wearing my insulated pants and parka inside my Somethingsinthebag - Various - Dissed By The QFS # 2 bag.

You're going to be carrying that stuff anyway. Somethingsinthebag - Various - Dissed By The QFS # 2 insulation tucked into all your nooks and crannies would be very efficient especially when inside your lighter summer weight bag. If you're heading out for any longer than nights, you'll want a VBL — companies like WM make some with reflective material which will add more warmth as well.

As mentioned above, all this is useless if you don't have a decent mat to sleep on. If winter tripping becomes a common pass time for you, then I'd definitely get a winter weight bag.

Get a used one and wash it carefully. Often people buy them for one or two trips. I am the original poster. Thanks for all the responses. If you read my post you'll see that I was just experimenting with some existing equipment.

In an ideal world I wouldn't combine bags but use one expedition bag. It just so happens that for me and given the weight of my expedition bag, this combination may be a viable option. Now I only wish my quilt wasn't down although I still think it will work ok. Of course in any option you need sufficient insulation underneath you. I use a vapor barrier when it's below freezing, which solves the moisture problem—might be worth considering.

It's just my rain gear I use non-breathable raingear, though. Consider testing the combo close to your car, so you can bail out to the heater if it doesn't work. PHD in the UK have done a few down combis bag for a bit now. As well as the cost the whole thing is very pleasingly 'tidy' from a conceptual point of view. Seems a very reasonable trade off to me.

They also do a combi bag for their very warm series so with two data points can get a, very rough! The warmer stuff is -9 and -6 going together to These are rough figures of Eyes Front - Critical Madness - Bringing Out The Dead, but they'll be honest estimates.

Even a quilt over a normal bag probably won't be quite as effective overall and two normal bags might be a lot worse. I am a frequent outdoor camper in the winter, but only in the Northeast, where below zero is less common. I want the Aleutian for the summer anyways, since it weighs very little in comparison to bags that cost more than 2x as much. Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 of 26 total. Forums are supported by our merchant partners disclosure. Login to post Basic Membership required. Nov 28, at pm Raymond Estrella Member.

I guess when they get called on a mission, they take what they need depending on the climate. Hola, Ricardo, mi amigo. Sorry Franco, I plan on using down. Nov 29, at am Nov 29, at pm Paul Ashton Member. James holden BPL Member. Nov 30, at am Mike R Member. Nov 30, at pm


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