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Ryan learns the nature of his father's mysterious disappearance when he, Kaitlin Star and J. Reese are all recruited by Professor Hart to become V. Ryan's responsibilities sometimes take a backseat to an obsession with finding his father.

Ryan is the principal character of the series, directly linked through blood to the unfolding agenda of Grimlord Every episode begins and ends with Ryan reflecting on Visions Obscures - Grimlord - Through Hatred Of Life father's teachings at a Buddhist Temple where Tyler trained young Ryan in the martial arts. Ryan's obsessive quest to locate his dad is mellowed by a desire not to see his friends, or their world, suffer.

Ryan remains hopeful of ultimately reuniting with Tyler. Such indeed occurred in the series' first season, but only briefly. Ryan discovered that Dark Heart, one of Grimlord's deadliest cyborg-warriors, was actually Tyler Ryan freed his father who became human againbut Tyler was recaptured by Grimlord.

His VR vehicles-arsenal includes a "Turbo Cycle. Despite being a team player, Ryan typically fights his VR battles alone; due to the differing Japanese series used to create V. TroopersRyan's Japanese counterpart was only one warrior against a mutant army.

In the "linking" U. In the five-part story "Quest For Power", Ryan's powers are depleted after rescuing his father from Grimlord's cavernous dungeon in reality. Ryan is then given new armorpowers, Visions Obscures - Grimlord - Through Hatred Of Life including the Drill Tank, Blue Hawk, and Nitro Cycle and weapons including a laser pistol and his new finisher, the Laser Saber His reunion with Tyler would be brief, as Tyler branched out globally to find a way of destroying Grimlord.

Ryan was charged with "holding the fort" until his father returned. As the leader of the VR Troopers, Ryan was the only character to have two Visions Obscures - Grimlord - Through Hatred Of Life uniforms Ryan's mother was never seen throughout the series' run; since neither Ryan nor his father even mentioned her, it can be presumed that either Ryan's mother and Tyler are divorced, or she died while giving birth to Ryan.

JB Reese played by Michael Bacon is a computer genius and a martial arts-black belt. JB Visions Obscures - Grimlord - Through Hatred Of Life obsessed with technology and constantly relies on it for solutions. But his ongoing experience as a VR Trooper has taught him to appreciate life outside such conveniences.

JB is quite capable of holding his own in battle, armed with a laser gun and a Laser Lance; he often uses the latter as a finishing maneuver against Grimlord's monsters and robots, but only uses it as a regular sword in combat known as the Super Saber. Once he forms the Laser Lance by extending a second blade on his Super Saber, he usually impales a mutant, who then A surrenders; B has "heartburn"; or C is unaffected.

Only Mechanoid, Photobot, Fanbot, and Electrobot are immune to the Laser Lance If the mutant does surrender, JB destroys it anyway via rapid and repeated slashes; the mutant overheats, falls over and explodes.

When the battle grows too dangerous for reality, JB Peta El - Skinkorps - Mr. Clean a Vortex Command via a button on his waist to transport himself and the enemy into virtual reality.

Throughout the series' run, it was never explained what JB's initials stood for. Also, while his father was seen in one episode, JB's mother was never seen or mentioned at all. When she wasn't saving the world as a heroine, she was saving it through her journalism and photography.

As a Trooper, Kaitlin didn't have as many personal Postmortem - Slayer - Reign In Blood and attacks.

She carried around a hand pistol, occasionally a hatchet weapon, and later gained the ability to split into two dubbed "VR Kaitlin Double Team.

Kaitlin, on two events, demonstrated the ability to heal a fellow trooper by transferring some of her power to re-energize the other Trooper. Although Kaitlin never finished off a mutant herself, she and JB would often combine their laser pistol blasts in a "VR Double Team", usually stunning and weakening a mutant, with a few exceptions. This is not to be confused with the "VR Kaitlin Double Team", where she Vessel (Excerpt) - Various - Secret Thirteen Mix an exact duplicate of herself to assist Gyllene Tider För Rock N Roll - Gyllene Tider - Moderna Tider in battle the reason for this is because her counterparts are actually two people from Spielban.

She drives a Mazda Familia Hatchback, which was modified by Prof. Hart to fly and thus making travel and rescue operations faster. Jeb was accidentally subjected to a power surge in part two of "The Battle Begins" that gave him the ability Visions Obscures - Grimlord - Through Hatred Of Life speak.

Ryan had him promise that he would never speak when around other people, so Jeb is usually silent except while in the lab. Jeb is known for both his mischievous personality and his humorous demeanor. Often, Jeb serves as comic reliefand both Percy and Various - Sigh Cry Die. Rooney are frequent victims to his antics.

Jeb was based on Metalder's talking cyborg Doberman, Springer. Jeb had to fight as a trooper once when him and Ryan switched bodies. He also has a malicious appetite eating any food laying around, including food from Ryan and the other troopers. He was a computerized being who would provide and construct the necessary arsenal and equipment that the Troopers would use throughout the series.

But one day, he was mortally injured by Grimlord; to keep Hart alive, Tyler virtualized his brain. Grimlord, many years ago, was responsible for the capture of scientist Tyler Steeleand the near death of Professor Horatio Hart, forcing Hart to remain in virtual reality to stay alive.

Grimlord, during the same measures taken above, also accessed a source of Tyler's and Hart's experiments in Inter-reality travel, and gained the incredible powers required to access cyberspace.

Upon arriving in Virtual Reality, Grimlord soon assembled a fierce army of mutants and cyborgs, commanding them from a place of authority. In the first season, this was the Virtual Dungeon; in the second season, it was the orbiting Virtual Dark Fortress. He also appointed several mutants as authority figures themselves, including General Ivar and Colonel Icebot. In perhaps the greatest irony, Grimlord even transformed the co-developer of the technology he was now using to conquer reality, Visions Obscures - Grimlord - Through Hatred Of Life , into one of his most powerful mutants, Dark Heart.

Grimlord, like the Troopers, had a civilian identity and can travel between both realities on a regular basis. He uses a transference orb placed on the desk of his office and chants, "Forces of Darkness, empower me! Take me back to my virtual reality! Upon transformation, he is taken to the throne room of his command center.

Like most heartless supervillainsGrimlord cared very little for his army and henchmen, and generally loses patience with them quite easily when they report a complication or failure. His constant defeats by the Troopers causes a frequent irradiation in a clenched fist at the conclusion of every episode. Grimlord is not above destroying his own base to kill the Troopers, as displayed three times in the series twice with the Dungeon, and once with a cave he was temporarily using after the former's final destruction.

In the second season, Grimlord attempted to trap Ryan in another dimension just to prevent the Troopers from learning his name in the real world. In the second season, Grimlord underwent a drastic change in appearance and format. With barely any footage of his counterpart existing for use anymore, Saban upgraded Grimlord into an American exclusive character and base of operations.

Siphoning off Tyler Steele's knowledge of Virtual Reality into an energy prism which resembled a green crystalZiktor discarded his traditional orb, and To The Last Whale - Wind On The Water - Crosby, Stills & Nash - Replay this prism to access a whole new army of Virtual creations and a new base of operations called the Virtual Dark Fortress.

He now had an appearance that slightly resembled his old appearance with a cape and this form also included Grimlord having a long tail. He was no longer confined to sitting on a throne, and also had the ability to teleport to different places at will. General Ivar voiced by Mike Reynolds is not only a rocket-shaped mutant, but also a military strategist and chief commander of much of Grimlord's outer aerial and ground forces.

Ivar occasionally battles the Troopers in various vehicles, but seldomly ever fights one on one. In one episode, Ivar had plotted mutiny with the aide of a stolen military brain. His mutiny resulted in what appeared to be his ultimate destruction. However, Grimlord felt Ivar was redeemable, so Grimlord's forces retrieved Ivar's remains and rebuilt him. Colonel Icebot voiced by Richard Epcar is much more reserved than Ivar. He rarely fights at all, and serves as Grimlord's science officer as well as commander and developer of many aerial assault vehicles and inventions.

In his only battle, Icebot gained the ability to change into another form to battle JB and Kaitlin but that form was destroyed when JB struck him with his "Laser Jhabite En France - Michel Sardou - Jhabite En France (1970 Vol.1) command. He survives the battle somehow, along with the Dungeon's destruction, and serves Grimlord in Season Two in the same capacity as before.

Ironically enough, Colonel Icebot has no ice attacks or abilities. Decimator voiced by Michael Sorich is an expert swordsman and the most active warrior of Grimlords' key lieutenants. Decimator was the first to deal Ryan a mortal blow in the first episode, nearly killing the inexperienced Trooper. He is mostly seen among the armored and cyborg members of Grimlord's army. Ryan and Decimator clashed frequently over the first season until Decimator wasn't seen again since Grimlord Visions Obscures - Grimlord - Through Hatred Of Life the Virtual Dungeon.

Zelton voiced by Michael Sorich is one of Grimlord's high ranked robotic warriors and key lieutenants who is sometimes Tea For Two (Live) - Nat King Cole - 19 Reflective Recordings amongst the robotic members of Grimlord's army.

In one of his notable battles with Ryan Steele, Zelton was given the ability to transform and utilize the powers of other robotic warriors from Grimlord's army since it was made from the power of them. After a hard and enduring battle, Ryan defeated Zelton. Zelton was impressed by Ryan's skills, and saluted him as his equal. Displeased with Zelton's honor, Decimator activated Zelton's self-destruct. Zelton Old Times Are Gone - Rory Block - Turning Point shortly restored afterwards.

Zelton has not been seen in Season 2 since Grimlord self-destructed the dungeon. Regarding his most infamous battle with Ryan, Zelton was able to and did transform into Cannonbot, Graybot, Metalbot, and Renegade. Toxoid voiced by Dave Mallow is another of Grimlord's key lieutenants. Toxoid was a mutant beast with a high pitched voice that wore green body armor with his head incased in a clear dome. Toxoid's other abilities included teleportation and shooting goo out of his fingers.

He has also had the most opportunities to battle Ryan Steele personally, but either loses or runs away each time. Toxoid is looked down upon the most due to his limited intellect and cowardly behavior. He was often seen among the organic looking creatures in Grimlord's army. He was never seen again after Grimlord's change Visions Obscures - Grimlord - Through Hatred Of Life was presumably destroyed when Grimlord self-destructed the dungeon at the end of Season 1.

Blue Boar voiced by Mike Laruan - The Youth - Pirata is one of Grimlord's key lieutenants who commands the Gunbots and is seen amongst them and any other weapon-based robot. He is a large red and bluish steel robot with a head closely resembling a boar.

In one hand he held a sword while his other hand was large. This served as a shield plus Visions Obscures - Grimlord - Through Hatred Of Life finger was a small cannon.


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