Backwoods - B.R. Garm* - The Acid Skull 205

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This banner text Backwoods - B.R. Garm* - The Acid Skull 205 have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language Additional Collections. Davis In Seattle on the night of Feb.

Nist and Joftn Ford set out on that night to hold up and rob men on the street, according to the ante-mortem statement of Ford. Nlst was unarmed.

Policeman Davis halted the men, and Ford and Davis engaged In a pistol duel which resulted In the death of both. Nist fled and was captured. Kunder and J. Both 'ivere aerioualy burned, and Kunder may die. Mr, Hawkes when Interviewed nald he had no definite plans, but he expected to learn much from the provinces, especially Britlah Culumbla.

Dean Doull received the following telegram yesterday morning from Rev, Dr. Dean Doull, Victoria, B. C: Most grateful for confidence of dio- cese. Await letter anxiously. Ask pray- ers for right decision. Roper acquaint- ing him with all the facts In connec- tion with the election, and it Looking After No.

1 - The Rumour - Max expect, ed that he will wire his decision Inside of the next few days. Special prayers will be offered at the Cathedral today for the guidance of the Bishop-desig- cate in the matter. Bmmett, Variation #2 - Robert Ascot - Release No. 10 - The Commercial World Jail here, the police think they have a modern Fagin.

They declare that Kmmett has been train- ing boys to steal motor cars. C, Nov. Their final aesalon occupied a very busy morning, during which undlvded endoraeroent waa given a aeries of res- olutlona crystallising Conservative sen- timent In British Columbia upon the vi- tal issues of the day, the Inspiration and support of which will undoubtedly stdengthen the hands of both the fed- eral and the local government In the development of Let This Love Begin - Caught In The Act - We Belong Together: 6 Years Of Success national and provincial pollclea.

Naturally the first in the aeriea of reaolutlbna expreaacd the jconventlon'a congratulattopa to and confidence In Hon. Borden, and his government, the. XarlMw fntpvereaamt. Others less pleasantly fortnal. If en- thuataatUsally sincere, were Introduced by Meaara. Herbert Cuthbert And R. That the Dominion gov- ernment is respectfully aaked to carry out auch work at alt the polnta on title coast aa shall ciiaure the Dominion uf Canada being fully enabled to partici- pate In the enornutua bencflta thai must accrue to every part of he continent fo North America that has placed Itself in a position to take advantage ot the opening of said canal.

So also did those which followed in order as below; ZauBlgsatloB. On motion of O. Morden and A. Easery: "Whereas, The annual Inerease In the population of British Columbia from Im- mlgatlon is obtaining very large pro- portions: and whereaa there la every reaaon to ooadude that this annual im- migration will not only be maintained but also greatly Inoreaaed, be It there- fore "Rcaolved, That In Mm oylnlon of this convention the time haa arrived when the provincial government ahould consider the advisability of eonstltuting a department of Immigration, presided over by a responsible minlater.

On motion of H. Thrift and Mur- ray C. Potts: "Whereaa. Stftvene' speech. Adverting to the Vancouver Chinese immigration frfl:uds be told how the Backwoods - B.R. Garm* - The Acid Skull 205 tax had been evaded.

The present gov- ernment had bequeathed to It a racial problem worse than tbe negro problem in the t'plted Stataai BUmjr Japaaaae. Ten years ago there were not 10, Japaneac in Britlah Columbia, now there were 35, OOO to tl. Waa It the Intention of the late admlniatratlon that Canada's navy ahould be manned by Japaaeae?

Kor only by means of the fishing popula- tion could the merehant marine and navy be supplied. Stevens, and he drove home 'that the Laurier govern- ment by refuslnc to pass legislation on lines ot the Natal Act. Wavy aastaeas Vropoaltlea. Finally Mr. Stevens spoke about tbe navy. ThIa, waa a matter of vital Im- portance to the Pacific Coust. The Ltaurler naval policy was unanimously ooadrmned. The question, in his opin- ion, ahould be approached, not with a v.

It waa not a oueatlon of aelf-aggrandlie- ment. It waa a commercial queatlon. Thai rcprcaentatlon would remeve the laat veatlge of ob- imtivn to the control of the navy by a Continued on Page 2. Inouye ia a truck garden- er. He became heavily Indebted to Japanese laborera and filed a voluntary petition of bankruptcy on November 4th.

He Is now alleged to have made away with 2, sending it to rela- tives in Japan to avoid creditors. In- ouye denies this, and asks for a review of the case, which has been granted.

II— Happen Ian m World of l. SO— Crssceniboro A4vt. J8— UnastsaS. M I— The Ureal ohangv. Aa It was the damage involved In the flre, estimated in the aggreaate. OOO and Occurring at such an unexpected hour In the morning when there was scarcely anyone on the streets the outbreak oc- rasloneil the greatest excitement. Keast and Blackstock.

Inspired the fear that the entire town muet go. This fear was dis- pelled. The scene presented by the people hurrying from their homes In the glare of the light of the fire was a moat ani- mated one and will live long In the, memory of thoae Who wltneaaed It.

Taking In the situation at a glance the chief directed the cfTorts of hla men toward detfeatlng the conlagloua ele- ments of the fire.

Keaxt A DIackatook. Andrew Peterson, noanager of tlic Cowichan Merohanta atore. Young, respon- sible head of the department of public health. In connection with the new hos- pital for the Inaane now building at Co- qultlam, overlooking both the river of that name and the lordly Fraser from 'its commanding position on the hillside.

In the new Coqultlam retreat are aa- aembled conditions, faellltlea and methods aasurlng the maximum oppor- tunity for ourea in all the cases received for scientific treatment The hospital itself is now shaping in the builder's hand. The retreat farm will become a most Important feature In the humani- tarian policy of tbe Inatitutlon. Of Xtghi Qvatlty Rev. Canon Kitsoi? Scott Already the boraee and the cattle are recognised aa among tbe very beat In their classes of any on the cototlnent.

The bulldlnga are modemly meUl. As last night, tlie etroets were patrolled by cltlsens who volunteered for police duty, but the work was accomplished much more quietly and with quite as good effect as last night. Not one of the mnn drummed out at Nod Yo Head - Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Rad-Trospective night lael "i.

The scene tonight shlftt-d to Monte- sano. Not daring to put in an appearance In Ab- erdeen, they rented a hall thetc tonight. No move asatnat them was mfcde by the county authorities, aa they confined thmiaalvea to speeclica In the hall. C Nov. Nov, Canon Henry Kltaon. Canon Kltaon quotes Backwoods - B.R. Garm* - The Acid Skull 205 Bru- chesl of, Montreal nd saying "that tn the province of Quebec we demand that the civil power.

We do not aullelt any fa- vor, but demand a right guaranteed by Backwoods - B.R. Garm* - The Acid Skull 205 , by the constitution of the coun- try and by the lawa of our civil code. It would be a sad day for Arch- blahop Bruchesl If he had to receive his orders from L. The claims made by. The claims made by the Ro- man hierarchy are more far-reaching than la generally known!

Tiger Hill la tbe most important fort outside Nanking. General Chang'a f rce la inadequate to defend the walls of the city, which are 23 miles In circum- ference. The tajpertal commander pos- sibly has escaped, in which case Nan- king may surrender, and this, wJth the reported vletory of the rebels at Hankow, would place an James Last - Non Stop Dancing 68 Folge: 1967/2 & 1968 new a!

Communica- tion with Nanking la poaalble only by wlrelaiis. Frank Backwoods - B.R. Garm* - The Acid Skull 205. IB years old. Chairman Armstrong of the OnUrlo hoard haa received Inquiries from tbe Montreal authorHlea aa to the raachlnerj' and working of the Toronto hoard, with the Intention of copying the system, if poaalble.


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