Ed Watson Brass Circle* - Soca Thriller

Label: Kalico Records - CRL 1020 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Reggae • Style: Soca
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Although the cover of this Reginaldo Rossi album looks like it was created by an intern while the graphic arts department was on strike, Rossi got Ed Watson Brass Circle* - Soca Thriller work in good studios thanks to being signed to CBS, the same label that had Roberto Carlos, so the production value is Ed Watson Brass Circle* - Soca Thriller high. And while he obviously owed a debt to Roberto, Rossi definitely had his own style.

He only wrote a couple of the tunes here, but they are some of the best ones. Continue reading. Where has the time gone? Pretty soon this blog Ed Watson Brass Circle* - Soca Thriller be sneaking cigarettes and looking at girly magazines. I never expected it to survive this long.

Sometime around the 7th of July,I decided to start Flabbergasted Vibes. Other posts from the first week or so of existence included records by Bridget St.

Apparently this was a huge revelation to him, giving him Papoose - Otis - Electric Landlady inspiration to sing in his natural voice.

Thanks to the small but loyal readership for keeping me engaged. This post is just what it says on the tin. Richie Havens — Stonehenge Swamp Dogg — Rat On! The year Purple Rain came out, my family had just moved across the country, north to south. I was nine years old. After the seemingly unstoppable succession of hit songs from that record seemed to take over the world, I bought the cassette with my allowance money.

As soon as I had more saved up, I bought too. I used to play air guitar to Purple Rain blasting from start to finish several times a week, with this low-budget stage lighting set up for ambiance. My older brother Tony caught me doing it once and laughed Ed Watson Brass Circle* - Soca Thriller silly. He also gave me shit for being so into Prince.

Tony was a metalhead but also liked his fair Follow What You Say - Boudoir - Separation Anxiety of pop. Prince was coming from somewhere else, maybe a whole other dimension, combining this joyful sense of mischief with an unironic seriousnes.

He had apparently seen the light. Nowadays, I would have rightfully ripped into him for giving me such a hard time before. But he was my big brother.

All I remember about his response was that he mumbled something about Sheila E. As we grew older and our tastes diverged further and further apart, Prince became one of the handful of artists we could agree on, for the short time we had left together.

I remember he bought the soundtrack to Batman before I had a chance, so I made a copy of it. Those records were like bridges between people and ideas and time periods, gateway drugs to worlds of undiscovered music. In my 5 th and 6 th grade classes, I bonded with the only Indian kid in my school, who also lived in my neighborhood, over Prince.

I thought he was a preppy asshole. But at his party — which I suspected I was invited to only because his parents made him invite everyone in our class — I remember the music being changed at some point toand actually having a friendly conversation with this kid while the song D. We had something in common, apparently. He stopped teasing me after that night and I guess I thought of him as a bit less of an asshole, but still a preppie. My mind was Boogie Time - Charlie Cline - Country Dobro all over again.

I swear it felt like Prince had been prowling around in my cerebellum, as that album pushed the psychedelic edge of his music, Gotta Find Her - Ambassadors Of Soul - Gotta Find Her present on the last record, into new territory just as I was discovering scores of classic records from the s and 70s.

Here was a guy who played guitar like Santana, danced like James Brown, and dressed like Liberace. He made me want to play and write music and learn about how to record it, and gave me that feeling that the only limit is your own imagination. Even when I Ed Watson Brass Circle* - Soca Thriller I no longer wanted to play or write music, that feeling persisted, and I think that was the important part. InI moved to Chicago. One of the first women I dated there was an artist and dancer, who was completely livid when I stated that Prince was the Stevie Wonder of my generation.

But I believed adamantly in the analogy and still do. We had an actual heated argument over this Prince vs Stevie Wonder thing. I broke it off not long after, deciding she was a fool. It was one of those situations where he announced the show a week before the date and tickets sold out within minutes. This would have been orI think, and I had trouble Remembrance (The Awakener) - Moonshine (23) - Remembrance anybody to go with me.

And it was a weeknight and people took great shows for granted there. After proving your identity, your name was crossed off the list and you were pushed inside the theater immediately.

No leaving, no readmission. This laborious process results in a line of people snaking around the corner and extending for three blocks in the freezing cold and snow of a Chicago winter. I remember Tim was worried about his car having problems in the weather, and his drive from the Ed Watson Brass Circle* - Soca Thriller Side all the way to the Uptown Theater was going to be a long one, but I convinced him to try it.

Ed Watson Brass Circle* - Soca Thriller out he was out there, trying to find a parking spot. Sorry Tim. I would have liked to share the memory with someone. I need to see if there is a bootleg of that show out there somewhere. There are really no words left to describe it.

Prince had some periods where his music became less compelling to me, but it seemed like he was always searching, and even recently seemed like maybe he was finding what he was searching for again. His body of work was like the loose purple thread from my favorite garment, the one you are forced to leave dangling, because to pull on it would unravel it all and leave you naked, and to cut it off would somehow be dishonest. You can also follow him on Faceboo k for updates on his situation.

Thirty-five years ago, inBernie Worrell released his first solo album, All the Woo in the World. The album, co-produced with George Clinton, is so funky you can smell it through the dust jacket. He came to record an album in my hometown of Gainesville, Florida, and the local paper asked me to cover it. Ed Watson Brass Circle* - Soca Thriller talked about writing his first piano concerto at the tender age of eight and realizing he had perfect pitch.

He remembered David Byrne as a painfully shy man, but sweet and eager to learn. And he took much of the credit for leading Talking Heads down the path of rhythm. After our short chat, he went to work on a new song. As he helped his bass player feel where the accents should go, it struck me that a great player knows how to play the notes, but a genius knows why to play the notes. The album he worked on that day was never released, if it was even finished, but Worrell has put out a few things since.

Welcome to our first blog post of ! So why not start the blog-year with something not completely different? I will leave it for another post to say more about my slowly gestating interest in calypso and soca music. I went home Ed Watson Brass Circle* - Soca Thriller a bunch of cool music that day but this is the first title I have gotten Haller Lk - Half Eye - So Youre The Idiot Who Lives In That Stupid House (CD, Album, Album) to sharing here.

About six months after getting this record, I stumbled on another one from in which the liner notes state that he had kept a group together for 20 years, so therefore he got his start in the early s. Although I can only Ed Watson Brass Circle* - Soca Thriller lots of musicians came and went in this band, the sound on this record is definitely a group that has spent a lot of time in live performance.

The four original tunes here are skin-tight smoking soca. The tightly animated originals are interspersed with some cover songs of contemporary soul hits. A couple of them are instrumental or only feature vocals on the chorus. Many a steel band and calypso singer made their bread and butter playing in hotels or on cruise ships for tourists.

The kind of repertoire on display here — spirited originals alternating with familiar hits of the day — would not be out of place on the tourist circuit. We can be glad at least that Mr. Instead, they come off as a bit like karaoke backing tracks. I suppose these tracks were what the band played when it deemed it time to initiate an intimate slow dance, seeing as soca is seemingly inimical to slow couples-dancing.

Seriously, I just love everything about the instrumentation, production, and arrangement. I want it played at my funeral in lieu of a eulogy. Subscribe in a reader. No comments. Reprise: Much Thrust Ed Watson and His Brass Circle. Tags done with Foobar and Tag and Rename. Tip Jar.


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  1. I don’t know a lot about keyboardist Ed Watson and his band Brass Circle, so any calypsonians out there feel free to write in with comments. About six months after getting this record, I stumbled on another one from in which the liner notes state that he had kept a group together for 20 years, so therefore he got his start in the early.
  2. Ed Watson & The Brass Circle: Heavy Roller: LP: Charlie's (CR) Calypso Rose: We Rocking For Carnival: LP: Soca Thriller: LP: Dynamic (DY) Byron Lee & The Dragonaires: Caribbean Sty-Lee: LP: Barbados, Vincent Soca Mix: CD: Karnival Gold: Festival Again - Antigua, Barbados, Dominica Soca Mix: CD: Karnival Gold: Festival.
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  6. Ed Watson Brass Circle - Soca Thriller Michael Who??? Naaaa.. Here comes a cover of a famous song (my favourite) of the King of the Pop by the King of the Soca Ed Watson (don't forgive his Brass Circle!), originally from Trinidad and famous for his amazing covers - Enjoy! Publié par Armand de .
  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Soca Thriller on Discogs. Label: Kalico Records - CRL • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Reggae • Style: Soca Ed Watson Brass Circle* - Soca Thriller (, Vinyl) | Discogs.

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