I Feel Nothing - Zeitgeist At Zero - Dirty Needles Whisper Suicide

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Ask a Question Login Sign Up. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Feeling dirty, avoiding activities and changing clothes. Member 8 years on site 16 posts. Hello everyone, I really try to keep this as short as possible. I think this might help to get people to respond more. My mum was diagnosed with OCD so it would be genetically close.

My main concern at the moment and a lot of other times is being. Sign Up or Login to comment. VIP Member 11 years on site posts. Of course I am not a doctor I Feel Nothing - Zeitgeist At Zero - Dirty Needles Whisper Suicide it sure sounds like OCD to me.

We all experience it in different ways but feeling these needs all the time and having to do them a certain way sure sounds like it. I cannot stand things to be done a certain way. Like my towels not folded all the same way. I always brush my hair a certain way. I shower certain ways. Of course it goes way beyond this. I have intrusive thoughts.

If I do not do this or that things will turn out bad. It is a lot I been living with this as far back as I can remember and I am 52 years old. I hope the GP will know about this or send you to someone who does.

Researching this for yourself and reading helps a lot. Glad you posted! Member 10 years on site posts. Yes, sounds like OCD. I was intruiged by you stating your bed is your clean space I am exactly the same way.

I get very upset if anything touches my bed, and I feel I have to be super clean to climb in my bed. I have no idea, but it can be disruptive for me as well Do you shower and clean yourself in a very routine type of way, that may be slightly out of the ordinary? I just ask that because there are times I don't want to go out because I dont want to have more laundry and dirty clothes because the task of laundry is a huge trigger for me I too, once I am out and about, and fine doing more things.

What you say sounds similar to what I feel, I think. Senior Member 7 years on site posts. I'm glad you will be seeing your GP. I find that my bedroom is my safe zone if I can call it that and what happens the house can become very limiting as I have contamination ocd.

When im outdoors I feel much freer and when im in a avoid a lot. I use to have things nice and was pretty happy in my home now that has all changed because unfortunately the ocd is controlling me instead of me taking control.

Abbeyab, what is contamination ocd? Is that similar to germaphobia? I have major issues with gems and things of that nature triggered by being careful for my daughter who had a compromised immune system. However I have been realizing I feel the same I Feel Nothing - Zeitgeist At Zero - Dirty Needles Whisper Suicide mentioned, where I feel freer out of my home than in my home.

I am constantly avoiding everything in my home, but have thr mentality that I know I cant control it all outside my home so I am more relaxed. I am curious what contamination ocd. Ah yes, abbeyab. I just looked it up.

I do have quite a few symptoms of contamination ocd. I don't think I ever realized that existed and many of my symptoms were beyond germaphobia and under another label. Good to know about myself I suppose. Realizing that I most likely have contamination ocd is really making me see all my actions I Feel Nothing - Zeitgeist At Zero - Dirty Needles Whisper Suicide much differently, as opposed to just viewing it as germaphobia.

I really have done and do just about everything listed as the symptoms. A real eye opener! Funny, my husband has even told me many times that I believe in some super impossible contamination process. I am hoping that understanding this will somehow help me a little to understand myself in these moments. Thanks for mentioning it. Hi, there is a really good book called "stop obsessing' by Edna Foa. There is a checklist at the beginning kind of a self eval and then explains things.

I The Hole - Jake Thackray - The Very Best Of Jake Thackray have a child with a chronic stomach illness and they thought it was crohns and then said ibs.

Its been a difficult journey and the truth is I don't know what to believe about her diagnosis as they changed it a few times. I understand as she had many problems from childhood she was born a little early was Looking Around - Yes - Yesterdays respirator I had to be careful but the ocd thing hit me much later when my mom developed a contagious disease and I had to be especially careful.

Soon I was designing ways to see her because she needs me and protecting my kids at same time add a few other stressors to the picture and I developed this. It was probably brewing the whole time but only up to a few years ago I got Taste It (LP Version) - INXS - Taste It this where it has really I Feel Nothing - Zeitgeist At Zero - Dirty Needles Whisper Suicide me and my way of life.

Im still in the process of accepting this and trying to get better. I believe I read your child has I Feel Nothing - Zeitgeist At Zero - Dirty Needles Whisper Suicide bowel disease, there is a chrohns and colitis foundation support groups which may be very helpful you may know about it already.

They have activities for the kids and family and offer other help as well. Yes I do know about Monoid - Pain Addiction other forum, people in there were a huge help for me in the beginninh of her diagnosis.

Why I recently decided to get on here for myself. It seems I am usually so focused on her health that I overlook trying to do things to help myself.

Have you all been offically diagnosed? When I did see my GP after my first post she discarded the idea by saying that because I don't do repetitive tasks such as checking my door looks multiple times etc that she didn't think so. But she added that the medication given to me for depression usually helps with OCD anyway well, sadly they don't really work for me and that she knows.

It doesn't seem that she's educated about pure OCD the form without the physical repetitive tasks. However, I am seeing a psychiatrist soon anyway so we will see what the "professional" will say. Actually, my mum seems to show OCD tendencies too but a different sort to mine.

She needs to have everything in order whereas I'm more suffering from contamination OCD. Since my childhood I seemed to have been suffering.

My mum just recently told me that I had been worse when I was younger. I wouldn't eat with the cutlery my mum put on the table for me nor would I use the glass she just gave me from the cupboard. Karih, I sometimes wander around the house for an hour or so without a top on just because I can't decide what I should wear.

I just don't want to get the clean shirts dirty so quickly. Have you found that once you're "dirty" you can stay like that or don't mind it anymore until you're clean again?

Expect you will go to bed clean zone or get into clothes that are actually still clean? Share this with your friends. Certain things that make them feel safe. Does anyone have certain things that give them a safe and secure feeling? I have two things I always do! Hello everyone, last night I was taking a shower and stared to think about a class at school I would drink her dirty bath water!!! Providing your email usually results in quicker answers optional we only use your email to notify you about answers.

By clicking 'Publish' you agree to our Site Terms. Shower Anxiety. Panic attacks in the shower??? Vertigo, dizzy, nauseous after hot shower?

Sensitive to my shower water temperature. I need the down and dirty on Flashbacks. Oh yeah people, I'm singing in the shower again!!!!! Research Video Offers a Clue. Today make 12 days clean and i must say i feel better then i have.


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  6. Feeling dirty, avoiding activities and changing clothes: Hello everyone, I really try to keep this as short as possible. I think this might help to get.

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