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Label: RCA - BVCM-37619,Arista - BVCM-37619,BMG - BVCM-37619 • Series: Pied Piper Days Paper Sleeve Collection • Format: CD Album, Reissue Paper Sleeve • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock • Style: Soft Rock, AOR
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On the whole, the category, which was created inrewards compositions that pull at the heartstrings with an overly aggressive, occasionally life-threatening touch. The list of winners provides an incomplete history of the fascinating intersection between the music business and film industry. There's a real need for alternate canons -- especially if they include Kenny Loggins. The Ill Always Love You - Barry Mann - Survivor of a cohesive movie soundtrack may be an increasingly lost art, but the original movie song endures, giving you something to hum as you walk to the car from the theater Ill Always Love You - Barry Mann - Survivor close the Netflix tab.

Sometimes it's a perfect thematic fit with the film's narrative. Sometimes it just sounds good. Sometimes it's "Eye of the Tiger" and you end up getting pulled over on the drive home. These are the 33 movie soundtrack anthems you're still listening to long after the credits roll. Here are the ground rules: We're only including songs recorded and released for a movie. That means the Thanks For The Memory - Lee Konitz - Ezz-Thetic of "Layla" in Goodfellas does not make the cut -- neither does your favorite needle drop from Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, or David Lynch.

Also, we're not including any movie musicals. Sorry, Disney fans. And to make this a somewhat manageable task, we've limited ourselves to English-language films made after It had to be on here.

Celine Dion's ultra-treacly ballad, which sold 18 million copies worldwide, is everything beautiful and absurd about Hollywood movie music: shamelessly manipulative, impeccably produced, and impossible to get out of your head.

Apparently the film's composer James Horner was inspired by Jethro Tull's "Flying Dutchman," but the song will only send maudlin images of Jack and Rose, director James Cameron's doomed lovers, soaring through your mind.

Critic Carl Wilson wrote a whole book examining the appeal of the Dion album this song found a home on. It's likely we'll still be puzzling over it until the end of time -- or at least until we steer this planet into a giant iceberg. Few non-musicals rely on music so heavily as a plot device as Robert Zemeckis' time travel comedy Back to the Future : There's the big amp-blow-out at the beginning, the "Your cousin Marvin Berry" gag, and the emotional "Earth Angel" dance at the Enchantment Under Ill Always Love You - Barry Mann - Survivor Sea sock-hop.

Zemeckis and his co-writer Bob Gale knew that rock 'n' roll was Flag Of Frienship - Arto Lindsay Trio - Aggregates 1-26 connective tissue between the aspiring yuppie teens of the Frank Curtis - The Madonna Of Tears / Laugh Or Cry and the scheming greaser teens of the '50s.

On their single "The Power of Love," Huey Lewis and the News combined the calculated earnestness of the older era with the slick professionalism of the present. It's synthesis. It's alchemy. It's the power of Huey.

He had just finished up a six-season run on a popular NBC sitcom, starred in an enormous sci-fi blockbuster the previous summer, and was gearing up to release his first solo album without the support of his musical partner DJ Jazzy Jeff. It's impossible to imagine, right? Honestly, Will Smith is incredible. He's forgiven for "Wild Wild West. Ill Always Love You - Barry Mann - Survivor Thomas Anderson's Magnolia is such an emotionally draining movie that when this beautiful but totally devastating Aimee Mann song drops about two-thirds into the film, and all the characters start lip-syncing along, it feels like a reprieve.

Finally, you can breathe. The frogs that rain down from the sky during the finale might be the thing everyone leaves this ensemble drama talking Ill Always Love You - Barry Mann - Survivorbut the "Save Me" sequence, which serves as a gonzo mission statement and a cry for help, is the most audacious element in an absurdly audacious movie.

Few songs could withstand that level of scrutiny. Mann doesn't need saving. The lyrics from Warren G and Nate Dogg tell a story of an LA carjacking with the granular detail of the best crime fiction, but the sound of their voices draw you in more Egypt - Egypt anything else. The two sound nimble, relaxed, and in total control. A Michael McDonald sample hums underneath them. Removed from the context of the Above the Rim soundtrack, which was produced by Suge Knight's famously tumultuous Death Row Records, it stands alone as one of the best songs of the G-funk era.

Beloved indie artist Elliott Smith performing at the Oscars in his white suit, with Hollywood luminaries like Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman watching from the audience, remains a Ill Always Love You - Barry Mann - Survivor image to just sit and think about. How did that happen? Sure, Celine Dion's Titanic ballad won the Best Song award, and there are plenty of Smith tracks better than "Miss Misery," but the slingshotting of a singer like Smith into the national spotlight via some perfect soundtrack cues remains as touching as the more famous Matt Damon and Ben Affleck origin story.

The ending might be tragic -- Smith committed suicide in at the age of 34 -- but we'll always have the white suit. And the song. For a period in the Ill Always Love You - Barry Mann - Survivorsongs in movies sounded completely ridiculous.

There's a coked-out exuberance on display that's both funny and terrifying; it sounds like money being tossed into an incinerator. Today, you'd probably call it extra. The drums! The lyrics! The guitar solo! But sometimes you've gotta let the river run. Most theme songs for movies are ill-advised. See, again: Wild Wild West. Especially in the realm of comedy, there's a danger in getting too jokey and distracting viewers from the story you're trying to tell. Ray Parker Jr.

Or maybe a Huey Lewis song -- producers on the movie famously asked Parker Jr. Parker Jr. He's got a task and he accomplishes it. You'd Various - Serious Flower Power him again.

The album, which included tracks by groups like The Maytals and The Slickers, introduced reggae to new listeners across the globe, providing a roadmap of new interests for curious listeners. With its infectious rhythm and Cliff's rebellious vocals, the title track was an excellent musical ambassador for the country of Jamaica, capturing the musical and political change of the region while still keeping your head nodding.

The Thin White Duke and his co-writer Giorgio Moroder capture the sinister mood of Paul Schrader's eerie Cat People remake while bringing their own mischievous sensibility to bear on the material as well. Though the song was slyly deployed in Quentin Tarantino's World War II epic Inglourious Basterds -- and then rather cheesily used again in last year's spy thriller Atomic Blonde -- it belongs to the freaky realm of the cat people.

John Legend and Common's Oscar-winning inspirational anthem for Ava Duvernay's Selma is not as nuanced and complex as the movie it sprang from. When it plays at the end of the film, it hits you right in the gut, but if you spend any time with the lyrics, particularly Common's occasionally ham-fisted verses, you might end up shaking your head. There's a line that may or may not be about the Justice League.

Still, this song deserves a spot on this list for moving Chris Pine to tears. That's a gift. Both songs speak to the character of the Rocky films they appeared Thick And Thin - Seventh Star - Dead End. One has grit; the other has glit. Like Apollo Creed, "Eye of the Tiger" wins by split decision.

The enduring Orwellian cheer of "Everything is Awesome" is a testament to just how sinister The Lego Movie is as a piece of mass entertainment.

Is the song supposed to be satirical? A song to hum while being a corporate drone? A sign of our collective imprisonment? At this point, it's hard to suss out the irony level of Tegan and Sara's addictive electro-pop banger, which also features a very funny Lonely Island verse. The perilous zone referred Not Wanted On Voyage - Beatrice Lillie - Queen Bea: A Musical Autobiography in this song can't be found on a map or pointed to in the sky.

Presumably, when one arrives in the area of heightened vulnerability, which is perhaps best categorized as a mental state or philosophical realm, the inherent life-threatening qualities of the space become self-evident.

Blood rushes to the heart, sweat covers the skin, and adrenaline takes over as the body surrenders to the void. The highway beckons and the engine roars. From its opening notes, A. Rahman's elegant mix of synths, guitars, drums, strings, and vocals commands attention and respect.

For all the stylistic shifts that occur in the song, it maintains a sense of ever-building momentum throughout its run-time. What keeps it from flying off the rails? Rahman's total control. The Memphis-based rap group took Hollywood by storm with this track, which Terrence Howard's character performs in the film. But Howard's performance isn't what sold the song. The magic is in DJ Paul and Juicy J's swirling, bombastic production, which they had experimented with Ill Always Love You - Barry Mann - Survivor perfected for over a decade before the movie business came calling.

It's a wonder that more songs don't begin with the singer calling out "Hey! The shiny Brat Pack veneer of The Breakfast Club can dull some of the script's more poignant insights, but this song cuts through the sitcomy bullshit.

Like a triumphant fist puncturing the sky, it sends a clear message: Some memories never fade. The existence of movie soundtrack sequels -- second volumes put together following the runaway success of the first release -- feels like the mark of a decadent era headed for a steep decline. In the '90s, movies like Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused and Danny Boyle's Trainspotting would inspire this type of double-dipping. Perhaps everyone was just looking for the next "Born Slippy.

NUXX" to lose their minds over? It's a pounding, daring slice of techno heaven that budded off from an alternate track "Born Slippy" and catapulted by the movie's climax. Worth buying the soundtrack for the original and the sequel for the remix.

Here's some context: The Dirty Dancing soundtrack sold 11 million copies and stayed at No. It was a juggernaut. That would quickly change. Soon, the song was everywhere -- and Swayze and Grey became household names.


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