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Content approaching. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope. This article or section is in need of referencing per Wookieepedia's sourcing guidelines.

This article needs appropriate citations. Help us improve this article by referencing valid resource Modern Girls - The Manikins* - The Manikins. Remove this notice when finished. Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and complete this article to the highest level of quality before continuing on other articles. Secretly ruled by Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious —publicly known as Galactic Emperor Palpatine—the new regime rose to power with a groundswell of populist support, promising peace and stability from the destructive Clone Wars and capitalizing on anti-Jedi and anti-droid sentiment.

The subsequent Age of the Empire would last only two decades in contrast to the centuries of the Republic Erabut not before the Jedi Order was systematically purged and almost eradicated, Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) - Empir the galaxy largely conquered.

The following years saw initial Alliance successes until a major Imperial victory on Hoth in Black Light Trap - Shriekback - Big Night Music ABYonly to suffer a devastating defeat a year later at the Battle of Endor.

During the battle, Emperor Palpatine was slain at the hands of his apprentice Darth Vaderwho also died shortly after turning against his master.

With the Sith extinctthe Empire fractured into several remnant factions that were dominated by Moffs, admirals and generalsmany All Ends - Fraxinus - HERMIX007 whom ignored Grand Vizier Mas Amedda 's authority as the de jure Imperial successor.

In this fractured state, Imperial holdouts were referred to as Imperial remnants. Ultimately, Rax seized control over the largest faction of the Imperial Navy after removing Sloane from power; and therefore, became Emperor-in-effect through his new position as Counselor to the Empire.

While several remnants continued to resist, the Empire formally capitulated to the New Republic with the signing of the Galactic Concordance. During the era of the New Republicwar reparations and disarmament treaties reduced the Empire to a rump state ruled by hardliners.

What remained of the old establishment was forced to remain within the borders of the Core and Inner Rim and agree to punitive stipulations. The central government on Coruscant was reorganized into a provincial administration overseen by New Republic observers. In the decades that followed the Imperial government's dissolution, it was remembered as the Old Empire. Following the Empire's defeat, surviving loyalists, technocrats, and Steppenwolf - Rock Giants leaders fled to the galaxy's Unknown Regions to form the First Ordera military junta based on the ideals of the Old Empire as per the Emperor's posthumous contingency plan.

In time the First Order evolved into a military junta led by Supreme Leader Snoke who like Sidious, was a master of the dark side of the Force —although he was not a Sith Lord. Even without Starkiller Basewhich Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) - Empir been subsequently destroyed in battle by the Resistancethe First Order stood poised to conquer the galaxy in the wake of the New Republic's collapse. By then, Snoke had been assassinated by Kylo Renthe grandson of Darth Vader, who envisioned himself at the head of a new galactic order—one that would surpass the Empire, the Republic, and all that came before.

For at least a thousand years, [21] the dominant governing body of the galaxy was the unicameral, parliamentary, and democratic Galactic Republicwhich was governed by the Galactic Senate and led by an elected Supreme Chancellor. In the last decades of its existence, the Republic Senate became mired in bureaucracy, rendering it woefully ineffectual as a governing body.

Darth Sidiousthe Dark Lord of the Sith known publicly as Senator Sheev Palpatine of Nabooprivately lamented the declining state of the Senate, noting that the Republic was "not what it once was. Thirteen years before the Republic's end as a democracy, Darth Sidious orchestrated the invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation in order to create a leadership crisis in the Senate.

The vote passed, and in the subsequent election, Sidious—in his public persona of Senator Palpatine of Naboo—secured the position of Supreme Chancellor Albert Gerriet - Chanson Verte / Chanson De Charme the Galactic Republic for himself through a strong sympathy vote.

In the decade that followed, Sidious secretly manipulated galactic events to the extent that war became inevitable. Besides persuading a dead Jedi MasterSifo-Dyasto create a secret Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) - Empir armyhe also tasked his Sith apprenticeDarth Tyranuswith exacerbating political tensions in the Republic and engineering a Separatist Crisis. These actions would culminate in the outbreak Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) - Empir the Clone Warsthe last conflict of the Republic, while Sidious himself "reluctantly" accepted emergency powers from the Senate.

Since the onset of the Clone Wars in 22 BBYthe Republic endeavored to strengthen its security and stability through the creation of new organizations such as the Commission for the Protection of the Republic COMPORwhich utilized propaganda to increase public morale, promote patriotism, and foster anti-Separatist sentiment within the general population.

The Chancellor remained a popular leader for the duration of the war, having managed to stay in office at the will of the Senate for longer than his term permitted. As he consolidated and centralized his own power, his influence expanded to an unprecedented level while the Republic shifted from a democratic government to an increasingly militarized and authoritarian regime on the grounds of security and stability. In addition to his authority as Commander-in-Chief of the Republic Militarythe Chancellor exerted more control over the Senate, the courts[3] and even the media with HoloNet News becoming a state-run program in order to ensure that information would not be compromised by the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

As the war neared its end in 19 BBYthe Jedi Order had grown skeptical about the Chancellor after his accumulation of emergency power. They began to suspect that a plot to destroy the Jedi was close to fruition. The ruling council started discussing forcibly removing Palpatine from office and temporarily overseeing the Senate in order to maintain political stability during the transition period.

Following an attempt to arrest him, a brief but vicious fight ensued in which Sidious killed several Jedi and was himself visibly injured. The intercession of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalkerwho was a personal friend of Chancellor Palpatine and already disillusioned with both the Order and the war, ensured Sidious' victory. The prodigal Jedi was turned to the dark side of the Forcewhile Sidious had a pretext upon which to turn the Republic against the Jedi.

Darth Sidious immediately purged the Jedi Order, issuing to the clone army Order 66 : to exterminate all Jedi. With this command programmed into the clones since their births on Kamino[27] the clone troopers immediately turned Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) - Empir their Jedi commanders and exterminated the vast majority of the Jedi Order in an instant. Many of them went into hiding after Yoda and Kenobi fought their way into the Temple and transmitted a holographic message warning the other Jedi about the Republic trap waiting for them there, right before the two Masters failed to destroy the Sith and headed into exile themselves.

Some of them, however, were initially found and either turned to the dark Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) - Empir members of an agency of dark side adepts which later became known as the Inquisitorius before being tasked by Sidious with hunting down and destroying the remaining Jedi Funny Fresh - DJ Montagu & Golkonda* - Amarasya taken prisoner, as Unduli was within the Spire on Stygeon Prime until her execution, after which her remains were preserved by the Inquisitorius to lure other Jedi to their fate.

Shortly afterwards, Palpatine turned his eyes to the Confederacy of Independent Systems and dispatched Darth Vader to wipe out Nute Gunray and the rest of the Separatist government leaders on Mustafarfollowing which Imperial financier Arsin Crassus plundered the Trade Federation's accounts to fund the new Imperial government. To the thunderous applause of the Senators, Sidious—known publicly as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine—announced that in order to preserve security and continued stability, the Republic would be reorganized into [3] the First Galactic Empire [30] and self-proclaimed himself as Galactic Emperor.

Existing government bodies were renamed to reflect the change in authority as civil and military superstructure of the Old Republic were overhauled immediately under the personal direction of the Emperor. In addition, the former roundel of the Republic was replaced with the new Imperial crestadorned on almost everything having to do with Palpatine's Empire.

The Empire soon began to upgrade its military hardware, replacing V-wing and ARC fighters with newer TIE models five years after the Clone Wars, but Republic-era military equipment continued to be used for a while on distant outposts and locations such as Galidraan Station.

After the Separatist Droid Army was promptly shut down, its navy was dismantled at locations across the galaxy such as the Bilbringi shipyards. However, various droid models and Separatist technology escaped Imperial appropriation and managed to work their way onto the black market, with many modules taken from Separatist frigates and destroyers, including pieces from Admiral Trench 's warship, the Invincible.

Despite Separatist-era technology continuing to be used and appearing in locations such as the Corporate Sectorthe Empire continued to root out remaining holdouts of the Confederacy four years after the Clone Wars, while criminal organizations composed of repurposed battle droids such as the Droid Gotra operated in Coruscant's underground.

Any Jedi survivors of Sidious' purge were systematically hunted down and killed either by Darth Vader [1] or any of the Emperor's additional agents among the Inquisitorius in the years that followed the rise of the new order. When Zubain Ankonori and his nest of fellow Jedi such as Khandra, Mususiel and Nuhjfor example, were all found by the Empire in hiding within the Jedi shrine on Anoatthey were forced to separate and flee, only to be tracked and killed by an Inquisitor one by one.

Ahsoka Tano went into hiding in the Outer Rim world of Thabeskaand later relocated to the farming moon Raada as a mechanic named "Ashla" to make a life for herself in the farming community; [35] Caleb Dume changed his name to Kanan Jarrus before going into hiding in Gorse City on the tidally locked Inner Rim planet Gorse as a bartender for The Asteroid Belt bar and freighter pilot carrying baradium bisulfate for Moonglow Polychemical Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) - Empir Gorse and its moon, Cynda.

As pirates, smugglers, and ex-Separatists were routinely imprisoned and destroyed, the Empire faced little serious resistance to its rule. A rare exception revolved around the Outer Rim world of Rylothwhere Moff Delian Mors and Colonel Belkor Dray were fighting an insurgency known as the Free Ryloth movementled by former Twi'lek Resistance leader Cham Syndullawho established hidden bases across Ryloth and executed raids against the Empire, including those on its lucrative spice and slave trade in the sector.

Composed of freedom fighters who fought with the Galactic Republic and Jedi Master Mace Windu during the Clone Wars to free their homeworld from Separatist occupation by Emir Wat Tamborthe newly formed Free Ryloth movement would continue its struggle for independence against the Mahindra Death Ride - The Bombay Royale - You Me Bullets Love Empire for decades.

Seeking to make examples of worlds who continued to harbor secessionist tendencies, Moff Wilhuff Tarkin was assigned to make an example of Antar 4a populous moon that had been a part of the Separatist Alliance and involved in a scheme involving Republic Intelligence to train locals into well-armed resistance groups.

While COMPNOR initially stifled information regarding the killings, word soon leaked about the operation through inquisitive reporters such as Anora Fair and Hask Taffwhile the event was soon penned as the Antar Atrocitycapturing the attention of many Coruscanti and other citizens from the Core Worlds. In total secrecy, the Empire took over construction of a massive battle station with enough firepower to destroy an entire planet, later known simply as the Death Starthat had formerly been a Separatist project engineered by Geonosian archduke Poggle the Lesser 's hive colony for Darth Tyranus, who was entrusted with the project's plans for safekeeping throughout the Clone Wars, with supplies coming from various planets and locations such as Sentinel Base and Geonosis.

The Emperor's long-term plan was to allow what he called the "skeleton of the Republic" to remain in place until the Death Star was completed; this included maintaining the Senate to make the systems believe that they still had a part to play in the government. However, upon the superweapon's completion, the Emperor planned Vivo - Arthur Rubinstein - Arthur Rubinstein plays Chopin (Box Set) dissolve the Senate and grant its legislative and administrative powers to the military-industrial complex.

The Death Star would also provide order to the galaxy, as part of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's doctrine of terrorby making its inhabitants too afraid to defy an Imperial command and stand against the Empire. However in 16 BBYvarious survivors of the Antar Atrocity and other malcontents joined together under the leadership of the former Captain Berch Teller, who organized them into a rebel cell intent on stalling the development of the Emperor's newest weapon under construction at Geonosis.

After stealing Terästä - Dyniz - RST Carrion Spikean advanced starship based on a prototype stealth corvette used during the Battle of Christophsis during the Clone Wars, the rebels wreaked havoc across numerous star systems including Lucazec Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) - Empir, Galidraan III and Nouaneall while transmitting holovids of their attacks on Imperial HoloNet frequencies, increasing anti-Imperial propaganda across thousands of Mid and Outer Rim star systems before the Empire was able to shut down the communications grid.

After lengthy fleet redeployments and the discovery of a mole within the Imperial ranks, Tarkin, aboard the Imperial -class Star Destroyer Executrixmanaged to disable the rebel warship and capture the dissidents after a brief battle and timely arrival of Star Destroyers Compliant and Enforcer. Spider-man - Ted Kooshians Standard Orbit Quartet - Ted Kooshians Standard Orbit Quartet reward Tarkin's skill, the Emperor promoted him to the newly created rank of Grand Moff and gave him command of the Executrix as well as oversight of the Outer Rim Territories, all while Paul Shahin / Dick La Salle And His Society Orchestra - Rhumba Lesson No.

2 / I Dreamed About You La recent attacks on Imperial facilities were made to look like an elaborate plot to root out rebel cells. The Empire had effectively dealt with a potentially disastrous situation, rooted out a traitor and kept details regarding the development of its superweapon at Geonosis a mere rumor. As the Galactic Empire grew, Palpatine moved closer to his ultimate plan of ruling the entire galaxy and unlocking the secrets of the Sith Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) - Empir who had come before him.

With the near extermination of the Jedi Order and the Empire swelling in size and strength, the Emperor ultimately planned to possess the powers of the dark side to reshape reality itself into something of his own creation, and an omnipotent Empire would allow all the galaxy's inhabitants to be held in his dark embrace.

Men and women saw their sons and daughters drafted into Imperial service, while Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) - Empir governors and magistrates often exploited local populations on worlds such as JelucanDevaron and Tangenine. Parades, obligatory attendance at patriotic functions and the erection of barracks and garrisons on various worlds across the galaxy became the norm.

While the Empire turned a blind eye to various abuses, it still maintained a policy of zero corruption and maintained its high standards of conduct, resulting in numerous Imperial Security Bureau ISB officials actively hunting down corrupt and negligent officials, even resulting in investigations by Lord Vader himself.

Despite this, many citizens were content with the geopolitical situation in the galaxy, believing that strict measures were necessary to maintain order and stability after the destructive Clone Wars. Many also believed that the Empire, while not the best, was better than anarchy and chaos. While many tolerated and even supported the Empire, many others continued to hold separatist tendencies and even exuded hostility, with those who fought in the Clone Wars seeing the transformation of the Empire from a source for order into a brutal bully in a quest for control.

During this so-called Age of the Empireworlds such as Naboo underwent rampant beautification projects in an effort to produce idealized versions of life in the Empire as a whole, with the state-sponsored HoloNet continually citing new building projects, successful trade negotiations, and Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem) - Empir economic prosperity.

Many supported the growing view of the Empire as a nearly invincible force. Despite its seemingly endless expansion, such as on Raada, where Imperial forces arrived to harvest On The Bank Of Red Roses - Buffy Sainte-Marie - Many A Mile which destroyed the quality of the moon's soil and presence led to a growing oppression that angered the people of Raada to the point where they staged an uprising after weeks of planning, with the help of Ahsoka Tano, and the forces of Imperial Senator Bail Organa in secreta major turning point against the Empire's advance into the Outer Rim occurred eight years after the end of the Clone Wars and eleven years before the Battle of Yavin, with Imperial forces commanded by Captain Rae Sloane engaging in a small skirmish in the vital Inner Rim system of Gorse.

This event saw the meeting of later rebels Hera Syndulla and Jedi survivor Kanan Jarrus, who were confronting efficiency expert Count Denetrius Vidian and his Trancefiguration (Club Mix) - Green Court - Shining / Trancefiguration methods of extracting thorilide —a vital component in the construction of turbolaser batteries and thus essential for the expansion of the Imperial fleet.

The Gorse conflict ultimately ended with the transferring of local thorilide mining operations to Imperial-aligned Baron Lero Danthewhile Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus departed on the heavily modified VCX light freighter Ghostand would become essential to the eventual formation of the Rebel Alliance. Meanwhile, more and more worlds within the Empire began to realize its true intentions: After various massacres on Kashyyyk and increasingly brutal tactics, such as the Empire committing genocide on the Lasat homeworld of Lasana growing number of citizens of the galaxy began to rebel against Imperial dominion.

At least nine years after the proclamation of the New Orderthe Corellian Resistance fought the Empire from its headquarters on the planet Corellia. Around fourteen years into Palpatine's rule as Emperor, the Empire had begun its expansion into the Outer Rim.

Worlds like Jelucan saw occupation and development, leading to rampant pollution and industrialization to support the Imperial war machine. But the Empire did not fully control the Outer Rim and often utilized its worlds instead as testing grounds for new biological weapons and as a source of cheap labor. In order to maximize the worth of newly occupied systems, worlds such as Lothal soon bore witness to Imperial authorities relocating farmers away from their farmlands to mine for Imperial purposes, leading to the development of re-settlement camps such as Tangletown [31] and Lothal re-settlement camp 43known by the residents as "Tarkintown" after the Governor of the Outer Rim.

This aggressive dislocation of persons and high tax rate eventually led to the development of a small and localized, albeit serious upheaval in 5 BBY against Imperial authority on Lothal. Although the other separate insurgencies across the Imperial territories was of little consequence, the Emperor did foresee a new threat rising against the Empire—the children of the Force.

But the Empire overall did not fear that the various rebel cells could unite and form a more potent menace against the Empire and its interests in the She Believes In Me - Kenny Rogers - The Gambler Rim. Liane Foly - Sweet Mystery - French And English Albums Military command maintained a list of known Rebel sympathizers on several Outer Rim worlds, including Lothal, but most of them were not arrested due to their having powerful allies in the Senate, a known hotbed of corruption and decadence.

When rumor of the discovery of Jarrus' Jedi identity and his duty on leading the insurgency began to emerge, the Empire sent the leader of its Inquisitorius, the Grand Inquisitorto track him down. Eventually, in 4 BBYin a daring battle over Mustafar, the Ghost crew joined with a growing rebellion. The rebels, commanded by former Padawan Ahsoka Tano, were part of a larger rebel movement across the entire galaxy which included several cells, led by Tano and Imperial Senator Bail Organa, and purposely kept in darkness about the existence of one another to prevent information leaks and Imperial crackdowns.


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