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Nux Vomica - Assailer - For Combat

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Plants Botanical Source. The branches are irregular, covered with smooth, ash-colored bark; the young shoots deep-green and highly polished. The wood is white, hard, close-grained, and bitter. The flowers are small, greenish-white, funnel-shaped, in small, terminal cymes, with a disagreeable odor. Calyx 5-toothed; corolla also 5-parted.

Filaments scarcely any, or exceedingly short, inserted over the bottom of the divisions of the corolla; anthers oblong, half within the tube, and half without.

Ovary superior, roundish, 2-celled, with many ovules in each cell, attached to the thickened center of the partition. Style as long as the tube of the corolla; stigma capitate.

The fruit is a berry, round, about the size of a large apple, covered with a smooth, hard rind, of a rich-orange color when ripe, and filled with a white, soft, gelatinous pulp. The seeds are 5, nidulant, discoidal, with a central prominence, covered with a fine woolly substance, but whitish and hard like horn internally L. History and Description. The wood is exceedingly bitter, especially that of the root, which is said to cure intermittent fevers and bites of venomous snakes.

The pulp of the fruit is greedily eaten by various birds. The Lignum colubrinumor Snake-woodwhich is generally referred to the Strychnos colubrinais also derived from the nux vomica wood. The bark contains a large proportion Nux Vomica - Assailer - For Combat brucine and some strychnine, and is said to be identical with the false angustura bark, which at one time appeared on the market.

The characteristic seeds are the parts used in medicine, the Bombay variety being considered the best commercial sort. As described by the U. It is inodorous and persistently bitter"— U.

The seeds are with difficulty reduced to a powder. An efficient method is that of the former Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia, which directs them to be softened well with steam, and then sliced, dried, and ground. By another process the seeds may be dried whole for a few days in a drying oven, and, after Nux Vomica - Assailer - For Combat them into fragments, dried Say It With Your Feet - Peter Davis - Lindy Hop Heaven by the action of warm air, and The Sun Ain´t Gonna Shine Anymore - Long John Baldry - Silent Treatment powdered.

The powder has a fallow-gray color, a bitter taste, and a peculiar odor, similar to that of liquorice. Concentrated sulphuric acid blackens it; nitric acid renders it a deep, orange-yellow color. Hot water and diluted alcohol dissolve the bitter, active ingredients; the last solvent acts most energetically. Ether takes up a concrete oil and some wax. The aqueous decoction is of a pale, grayish-yellow color, and intensely bitter, and becomes orange-yellow on the addition of nitric acid, and emerald-green by sesquioxide of iron, the color disappearing on the addition of hydrochloric acid.

Tannic acid, or infusion of nutgalls, produces in the aqueous decoction a copious precipitate. Chemical Composition. Sander, XIV, p. Loganin was also found in the seeds in small amounts. When gently heated with a few drops of strong sulphuric acid, a handsome red color is developed, changing to purple on standing. When boiled with diluted acids, it splits into glucose and loganetin. Loganin is readily dissolved by alcohol or water, but is less soluble in ether, chloroform, and benzene.

A supposed third alkaloid, igasurin Desnoix, Amer. The seeds also contain a fatty substance 3 to 4 per centyellow coloring matter, nitrogenous matter 11 per centgum, sugar, and about 1. The amount of total alkaloids in the seeds, usually containing strychnine and brucine in about Nux Vomica - Assailer - For Combat proportions, has been found to vary from about 2 to 5 per cent.

Dunstan and Short Pharm. XV, p. It exists in the bark and seeds of nux vomica, and in St. Ignatius' bean see Ignatia. It was obtained by its discoverers from false angustura bark formerly thought to be the bark of Brucea antidysentericaMiller—hence the term brucinebut is now obtained as a by-product in the preparation of strychnine from nux vomica see Strychnina.

Shenstone loc. Brucine slowly crystallizes in colorless, transparent, oblique, 4-sided prisms, or by rapid evaporation in pearly scales. Nux Vomica - Assailer - For Combat anhydrous, it is soluble in alcohol 1.

Brucine forms crystallizable salts with acids. In chlorine water brucine entirely dissolves, assuming a rose color, which ammonia converts to a dirty yellow. Nitric acid dissolves it, also with decomposition, forming a deep rose-scarlet or blood-red color, which, on warming, becomes yellow; if stannous chloride is now added a purple-violet color and precipitate is formed.

This behavior toward stannous chloride distinguishes brucine from morphine. Strychnine can be quantitatively separated from brucine by Gerock's process, which consists in converting the mixture of strychnine and brucine into picrates, and warming with nitric acid of specific gravity 1. Brucine may likewise be destroyed in its mixture with strychnine by merely warming it for half an hour with nitric acid of the strength mentioned see J.

Action, Medical Uses, and Dosage. In poisonous doses, nux vomica produces violent tetanic Das Hundehaufenwarngerät - Colonia Duett - Live, without impairing the functions of the brain, with asphyxia and death.

When given in doses sufficiently large to influence the system, a sensation of debility and heaviness is experienced, the spirits become depressed, the limbs tremble, and a slight rigidity or stiffness comes on when it is attempted to move. Frequently, the person can not stand erect; he staggers, and if at this time he be suddenly tapped on the ham while standing, a slight convulsive attack will often ensue, with an inability to stand.

In the most severe paroxysms caused by this medicine, the patient Nux Vomica - Assailer - For Combat his mental faculties, Killin Paradise - Thundershack - Thru The Kracks the slightest motion, noise, or even a breath of wind passing over him, will excite convulsions anew, every time these occur.

Sometimes, even with small doses, there will be sudden starts resembling shocks of electricity, which will be more or less severe, occasioning him to jerk the muscles acted on in this manner. It frequently occasions priapism.

Of course, these symptoms vary with different persons, in proportion to their susceptibility to the influence of the medicine, and to the quantity swallowed. The usual effects of nux vomica are about as follows: in poisonous doses, stiffness, weariness, pain or rending in the limbs, violent tetanic convulsions, with short intervals of repose, acute sensibility, dreadful alarm, and finally death; in small doses, twitching of the muscles, restlessness, anxiety, and increase of urine, perspiration, etc.

Heat in the epigastric region, constriction of the throat, headache, dizziness, and impairment of vision with closely contracted pupils, are often caused by small doses; and more especially with the corpulent and apoplectic, there will be painful sensations in the skin compared to an electric shock, or to the creeping of insects over the surface, with Nux Vomica - Assailer - For Combat or less perspiration, slight involuntary spasms of the muscles, and a very disagreeable, dreamy or vague condition of the brain.

The pulse may or may not be increased in frequency. Only Forever - Al Bowlly - The Golden Age Of Al Bowlly is beneficial in poisoning by nux vomica. For other effects, and treatment of poisoning by nux vomica and strychnine, see also Strychninae Sulphas.

In medicinal doses, nux vomica is tonic, and increases the action of the various excretory organs; it Utopia - Various - Amberdelic Space II - Angel Of Ecstasy always be given, as well as its alkaloids, in doses to fall short of any immediate sensible effects upon the system. The keynote to its use is atony.

It was formerly employed in cases where there is a want of nervous energy, as in the treatment of paralysisespecially when this has been of some standing, Nux Vomica - Assailer - For Combat not occasioned by hemorrhage in the nervous centers, or inflammatory conditions of them. Strychnine is now generally used in its stead. It must not be used in recent cases, or while reaction prevails, or when signs exist either of local irritation in the brain or spinal cord, or of determination of blood toward the head.

Congestion or inflammation must always be removed before employing it. It is said to be more beneficial in general paralysis and paraplegia than in hemiplegiaand also in local paralysesas of the bladderin Nux Vomica - Assailer - For Combat impotence, spermatorrhoea, tremor of the muscles produced by habitual intoxication, etc. It has also been beneficially employed in neuralgia, chorea, prolapsus of the rectum, borborygmi of females, Promis - Orb* - Cydonia pictonumetc.

A small quantity added to cathartics frequently increases their energy. Rheumatism, hysteria, maniaand worms have been successfully treated by the use of this agent. As a remedy for atony of the gastro-intestinal tractfew agents equal, and none exceed nux vomica in value. The condition must Nux Vomica - Assailer - For Combat be one of irritation or inflammation, though it may be one of irritability due to atony.

Often there is an enfeebled spinal innervation. The tongue is pallid and expressionless, there is nausea or vomitinga yellow or sallow circle is about the month, and there is evidence of a disordered liver.

There may be a yellow, pasty coating upon the tongue, yellowness of the conjunctiva, pain or fullness in the hepatic region, pain in shoulder, and colicky pains pointing to the umbilicus. With any or all of these symptoms it becomes a remedy of first importance, both for the ailments of adults and children. When nausea is due to irritating material in the stomach, nux will not be apt Peek-A-Boo - The New Vaudeville Band - Peek-A-Boo relieve, but if due to simple atony, it is a positive agent.

Used as above indicated, it is very valuable in cholera infantum, cholera morbus, Asiatic cholera, constipation, chronic dysentery, diarrhoea of atony, nervous debility of the stomachthe gastric irritability of the dipsomaniac with good food and capsicumand in chronic non-inflammatory infantile diarrhoea.

It is especially used in obstinate and habitual constipation due to atony. A drop of nux vomica should be taken in a glass of cold water upon rising in the morning, and a regular habit of going to stool be encouraged. Nux relieves constipation due to spasmodic conditions of the bowels, and to some extent, that arising from the effects of lead. Nux is a remedy for heartburn, flatulent colic, colic of atony in infants, in all of which the pain centers near the umbilicus. It relieves the vomiting of pregnancyof hys teria, and of phthisis pulmonalis.

In chronic dyspepsia of an atonic character, or associated with dilatation, or flatulent distension, it is one of our best remedies. Drop doses are of great benefit in the dyspepsia of inebriates. Though usually contraindicated by congestion, it is nevertheless a remedy for hepatic and splenic congestionor other parts supplied by the coeliac axis. It stimulates the If I Had A Heart (Live) - Various - Festivalguide 2008 (DVD) portal circulation and thereby relieves the congestion dependent thereon.

It is the remedy for " biliousness ," for hepatic colicwhen not due to calculi, and for chronic jaundice due to atony. In stomach and liver disorders requiring nux, there is always a feeble and sluggish circulation, and enfeebled spinal and sympathetic innervation. These conditions are overcome by nux vomica more quickly than by any other agent.

Nux vomica is more largely used in disorders of the gastro-hepatic tract than strychnine, while strychnine is generally preferred in nervous, sexual, and bladder disorders. Nux vomica frequently acts as a sedative and antiperiodic.

This it does when the conditions above referred to are present. Thus it has proved exceedingly useful when nerve force was low, as in typhoid feverand in asthmatic seizuresin both of which there was impaired spinal innervation and difficulty in breathing.


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  1. Jul 21,  · Discussed below are some health benefits of Strychnos nux vomica: Motion sickness; Nux vomica is helpful for motion sickness if one have severe nausea with difficulty vomiting and intense headache at back of head and eye. Still scientific studies are required to improve motion sickness. Prevent constipation; Nux vomica is a cure for constipation/10(82).
  2. Homeopathic nux vomica 30c: Rich in antioxidants, it is derived from an evergreen tree native to China, India, Thailand and Australia. Safely give up to three doses daily to combat inflammation.
  3. Nux Vomica (Nux) Nux is very often used to combat negative reactions from medication, or its overuse, or from poor foods, or overeating. Dogs who need Nux are irritable and sensitive to cold, noise, light, or smells. This remedy can treat vomiting that is often followed by retching.
  4. British Homeopathic Association. Enabling patient access to homeopathy. although some of my patients claim smoking cigarettes is the only way they can combat stress and therefore a reason for not stopping! then Nux vomica (strychnine) will be a good choice. Nux vomica is often associated with the “A” type personality who is prone to.
  5. Homeopathy helps overcome fear of flying. The good news is that homeopathy can help people combat fear of flying in two ways. Nux Vomica: Excessive impatience and anger while kept waiting. Stimulants such as coffee and alcohol makes the anxiety worse.
  6. Nux Vomica is very often used to combat negative reactions from medication, or its overuse. It can treat vomiting that is often followed by retching or colic. We can also see diarrhea or constipation but in either case the dog will be straining. It’s often caused by food changes, or ingestion of fatty or rich foods.
  7. —Nux vomica is an energetic poison, exerting its influence chiefly upon the cerebro-spinal system; it affects the spinal cord principally, because the division of this cord does not prevent its poisonous influence, and, again, because when the cord is destroyed by the introduction of a piece of whalebone into the spinal canal, the convulsions immediately cease.
  8. Aug 24,  · Nux vomica, llamada "nuez vómica", se utilizó originalmente sólo en la medicina veterinaria. R. A. McIntosh observa el uso del suplemento en animales a partir del siglo XVII en "Nux vomica y sus usos", un artículo que escribió para la "Revista Canadiense de Medicina Comparada y Veterinaria" (Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Science) en
  9. Nux Vomica is a valuable remedy for many chronic ailments. A basic indigestion remedy. Don't forgot Nux Vomica by your bed stand to help if you find yourself waking up too early in the morning and unable to go back to sleep. Combine the 2 problems of indigestion and restlessness and again the answer is Nux Vomica.

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