Doom - 2 By Bukowski - Doom/Metal

Label: teleRAN Records - TR03 • Format: CD Mini, Limited Edition, Numbered • Country: Hong Kong • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Doom Metal, Post Rock
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Doom metal is an extreme form o hivy metal that teepically uises slawer temposlaw-tuned guitars an a muckle "thicker" or "hivier" soond than ither metal genres. Baith the muisic an the leerics intend tae evoke a sense o despair, dread, an impendin doom.

At the beginnin o the s, experimentation athin doom Doom - 2 By Bukowski - Doom/Metal became widespread, an the genre diversifeed as a result. The day, baunds who continue the style o the genre's pioneers are aften Lænker & Laster - C. V. Jørgensen - Vild I Varmen tae as traditional doom metal.

Tradeitional doom metal baunds mair commonly uise heicher guitar tunins, an dinna play sae slaw as mony ither doom baunds. Traditional doom baunds teepically play slaw tae mid-tempo sangs wi a thick an hivy soond.

Vocals is uisually clean wi the occasional groul or scream. The leerics in traditional doom uisually are eerie an daurk like ither doom metal diveesions. Some modren baunds that play traditional doom metal is OgreReverend Bizarrean Witchcraft. Epic doom haes a hivy classical influence. Ane o the main characteristics are the Vocals; vocalists teepically employ cleanoperatic an choral singin.

Leerics an imagery is teepically inspired bi fantasy or meethologywhile the drummin is performit in a bombastic fashion. Housomeivver, distinguishin epic doom frae traditional doom mey be difficult. Examples o prominent epic doom baunds include CandlemassSolitude AeturnusSolstice an Doomsword.

Stoner doomstoner metal or psychedelic doom describes doom metal that incorporates psychedelic elements, tae varyin degrees. Stoner doom is aften bass -hivy an maks muckle uise o guitar effects such as fuzzphaser or flanger.

Stoner doom cold Doom - 2 By Bukowski - Doom/Metal viewed as the hivier an slower form o stoner rockas the twa styles emergit simultaneously. Sludge metal kent as sludge doom an aw is a style that combines doom metal an hardcore punkan whiles soothren rock.

Mony sludge baunds compose slaw an hivy sangs that conteen brief hardcore passages. Drummin is aften performit in typical doom metal fashion, but drummers mey employ hardcore d-beat or double-kick drummin in faster passages.

Vocals is uisually rowstit or screiched, an leerics aften focus on dule, drug abuse, politics an anger taewart society. It is played at a vera slaw tempo, an places an emphasis on evokin a sense o empiness an wanhowp.

Teepically, electric guitars is hivy Doom - 2 By Bukowski - Doom/Metal an dark Rhapsody In Blue - George Gershwin - Best Of Gershwin aspects lik keybuirds or seenthesizers is aften uised tae create a "dreamlike" atmosphere.

Vocals consist o mournful chants or grouls an is aften in the backgrund. Drone doom basically kent as drone metal is a style o doom metal that is lairgely defined bi drones ; notes or chords that are sustained an repeatit throughoot a piece o muisic. Typically, the electric guitar is performit wi lairge amoonts o reverb an feedback [8] while vocals, gif present, is uisually grouled or screicht.

Sangs is aften vera lang an lack beat or rhythm in the tradeitional sense. Drone doom is generally influenced by drone music[8] noise music [8] and minimalist muisic. They wur shortly follaeed bi the baund Goatlord oot o Las Vegas, Nevada. Gothic metal refers tae a development in the s oot o doom an daith metal, as mair baunds stertit uisin strings, keyboards an female vocals. Atmosphere seems mair important than technique like in death an the muisic aften soonds mair feminine than doom metal.

There whiles elements o gothic rockSinfonia Concertante - The New London Chorale* - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart mony bands prefer tae refer tae their muisic as symphonic metal. The Netherlands an Scandinavie is the maist important places athin this genre. Baunds wi male sangsters lik Type O Negative an Tiamat is includit in this genre an aw. Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge.

Doom metal Stylistic Doom - 2 By Bukowski - Doom/Metal Hivy metal esp. Table o contents. Main airticle: Stoner rock. Main airticle: Sludge metal. Main airticle: Drone metal. Main airticle: Gothic metal. Retrieved Retrieved April Terrorizer Online. Retrieved 29 Doom - 2 By Bukowski - Doom/Metal Cherry Red books. Categeries : Doom metal Hivy metal subgenres. Skauk't categeries: Pages uisin dupleecate arguments in template caws CS1 errors: dates Airticles uisin Template:Infobox muisic genre wi invalid colour combination.

Namespaces Airticle Collogue. Views Read Eedit Eedit soorce See histerie. In ither projects Wikimedia Commons. This page wis last eeditit on 1 Julieat See Terms o Uise for details.

Hivy metal esp. Early—mid s, Europe an Unitit States. Gothic metal - Sludge metal - Post-metal. Wikimedia Commons haes media relatit tae Doom metal music groups.


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  1. “Follow You Home” sounds like 2 by bukowski’s doom metal and 80’s horror movie music influences wrapped in a subdued, dreamlike veil, with Kid Moxie’s vocals bringing in a sensitivity that might sound new to old fans of the band. The instrumental b-side “Fiend For Sleep”, despite its contrasting arrangement and noisy, fuzz infused.
  2. Doom metal is an extreme form o hivy metal that teepically uises slawer tempos, law-tuned guitars an a muckle "thicker" or "hivier" soond than ither metal morlugdabealoregravelredeemer.infoinfo the muisic an the leerics intend tae evoke a sense o despair, dread, an impendin doom. The genre is strangly influenced bi the early wirk o Black Sabbath, wha formed a prototype for doom metal wi sangs lik "Black Sabbath" an Cultural oreegins: Early–mid s, Europe an Unitit .
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  4. Doom metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music that typically uses slower tempos, low-tuned guitars and a much "thicker" or "heavier" sound than othe.
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