Letter To The King - J-Love - Acknowledge The Takeover 7

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Jay Classik J. J-Love - Intro Meyhem - Love Deliver The Goods - Various - Songs For Political Action - Folk Music And The American Left 1926 - 1 prod.

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Bill Danze - Gangsta Request new password. Syndicate more. J-Love - Acknowledge The Takeover 3. Bill Danze - Gangsta Attachment Size acknowledgethetakeover3. I used to like Nas. But he is on some Black supremacy shit these days. Tryin to be the next Martin Luther King. As a white person how am I supposed to listen to that. I aint racist but picture yourself as a black person listening to a Letter To The King - J-Love - Acknowledge The Takeover 7 mc or band keep on preaching how white people gotta unite and step up.

Nas just aint interesting to me no more. He's a good influence among the black people and a poet. But I cant feel his music anymore cause me and his words dont click. You should try to listen to the message as a whole, and not narrow it down to just a black or white thing. Nas has always been about the people. The revolutionary. It's in his name. If you listened to his last album or ANY of his albums thouroughly, you would have already heard his call to arms. He has always preached to the black man to unite and rise.

It has just been in a more subtle form in the past. I feel what you are saying, being white myself, but that never stopped me from listening to rap. Instead of thinking that I was listening to music bashing my race, I listened to WHAT my race had done to make this perspective come to fruitation so I can be part of the solution Don't let it ruin the music for you, man I like the gangsta beats.

The flow just goes good with it. There isn't anything wrong with representing what you believe in, or where you're from. I love hip-hop and rap for that reason. I suppose that's why I am particularly into older gangsta rap. When it was about coming up from where you were from, and not forgetting where you were from. Then if you made it, you took it with you while you gave back. It wasn't about how much money you have, just how you held it down.

I'm sure you can feel me on that. It doesn't have to end up like Biggie and Pac. Beef can stay on wax. It is possible. If you put out there as music, it should stay as music. You can't blame the music for someone's individual actions. They were grown men that knew what they were getting into when they decided to push the envelope and cross those lines. If it was to happen today it would be seen more as just two ignorant rappers beefin. It's always best to learn from other people's mistakes. Why do you think no one really cares about how many times these rappers have been shot?

I agree. M"the old Kool G. I can say just how wonderful the time was because I was capable Letter To The King - J-Love - Acknowledge The Takeover 7 listening to not only their incredible beats, but also their lyrical strengths and storytelling from one view of the streets to the next corner of the block.

Ironically, no two artists tell the same story due to not only location, but the struggle to become successful in their own individual situations- that's exactly the reason why people were hungry to learn exactly what went on during the time: it was the TRUTH that made it clear.

And, that's exactly what is missing in these sign of the times. You can have an artist talk about shooting people and not pull a trigger off of a Glock in a stick-up incident, or even have two rappers feeing for cash while beefing on each other. The point?

Both situations aren't as strong as it was back in the days. When people hear about a situation like that, it's just another "whodunit" so people can know who's involved and hopefully not escalate to something grand, like a showdown in front of the MTV Music Awards with a beatdown in front of public television. Sure, it's totally exaggerated, BUT, as an example, it'll In The Outer Reaches - Deepspace - The Barometric Sun create more chaos that what we've experienced from then until now.

You're better off listening to someone who can ring the ears, or hasn't been Letter To The King - J-Love - Acknowledge The Takeover 7 the game for a while- like one of the finest that's planning to get out of jail soon, DMX- and plans to drop more than just bombs to people and surprise everyone who's been in it from day one to present. It's not only the respect of the art that cultivates unity out of a genre, it's the ambition to grow, to learn, to educate yourself and others by doing so.

By fighting ignorance in different levels, it creates more levels to achieve a higher level of intellect without stepping down to those lower than you. I even re-educated myself countless of times,listening to Classic rappers talk about how they had to run away from the law so they can make a better way for themselves down the road i. Sure, some people had to bite the bullet and swallow their pride, but if they shared their truth and believe that hard work pays off in the end, it'll influence everyone else to act the same in their own field.

Hence, the art of storytelling. If only artists these days learned from what Hip Hop has been through, both positive and negative, and realize that the only way to achieve the same level of fame, identity, and representation is by telling the people thier stories without twisting reality from the "hype".

Real recognizes real as long as it stays in the same level by helping others, not hurting anyone else by doing so. Knowledge is power, and sometimes the truth hurts. White people DO have a history of being negative towards black people. It's up to you how you use that knowledge that will make a difference. I have never heard Immortal Technique 'generalize' any race on his albums. You know, the Glory - Feel The Fire that 'play their part' I see your argument, but the message is what's important.

By not seeing past all the smoke and mirrors, the ignorant ones will continue to feed the monster and watch it grow. Just enjoy the music Fucks with J Love, support that real hiphop and shit on these fugazie ass niggas, buy the tape if u like it, jloveonline faggots mixtrap all day This dude never shuts the fuck up J Love sits his fat ass on the computer and blogs Hes just mad that he's gettin real opinions that hes a fuckin nerd.

If he only knew all these years peeps just use him to promote. He gets used like a prostitute.


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  1. J-Love - Acknowledge The Takeover 7 (Hosted By Meyhem) Submitted by jada on Tue, 10/07/ - pm. Letter To The King 23) Mos Def - The Glow 24) Willie The Kid - Long Live The Prince J-Love - Acknowledge The Takeover 2; J-Love - Street Savior Pt. 5 (Hosted By Ghostface Killah) J-Love - Rise To Greatness.
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  4. J-Love- Acknowledge The Takeover Pt.3 It's been a lil' while since I put up a J-Love tape. Recently that man has been focusing a lot on his own rapping, putting out his boy Meyhem's Street album (which was a double disc) and maintaining his new clique/group The morlugdabealoregravelredeemer.infoinfo: BIG D O.
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  6. The first two installments of "Acknowledge The Takeover" are less than spectacular, and find J-Love approaching his game in a very routine manner; puttin joints on em' that's not exclusive, puttin on more of the mainstream tracks that are on other DJ's joints and not really mixing it up with too much of his own coveted material/beats.

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