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Cerberus was the offspring of the monsters Echidna and Typhonand is usually described as having three heads, a serpent for a tail, and snakes protruding from multiple parts of his body. Cerberus is primarily known for his capture by Heraclesone of Heracles' twelve labours. Descriptions of Cerberus vary, including the number of his heads. Cerberus was usually three-headed, though not always. Cerberus had several multi-headed relatives. His father was the multi snake-headed Typhon[3] and Cerberus was the brother of three other multi-headed monsters, the multi-snake-headed Lernaean Hydra ; Orthrusthe two-headed dog who guarded the Cattle of Geryon ; and the Chimerawho had three heads: that of a lion, a goat, and a snake.

In the earliest Two of Cerberus, Hesiod 's Theogony c. In art Cerberus is most commonly depicted with two dog heads visiblenever more than three, but occasionally with only one.

Horace's many snake-headed Cerberus followed a long tradition of Cerberus being part snake. This is perhaps already implied as early as in Hesiod's Theogonywhere Cerberus' Three is the half-snake Echidnaand his father the snake-headed Typhon.

In art Cerberus is often shown as being part snake, [13] for example the lost Corinthian cup showed snakes protruding from Cerberus' body, while the mid sixth-century BC Laconian cup gives Cerberus a snake for a tail. In the literary record, the first certain indication of Cerberus' serpentine nature comes from the rationalized account of Hecataeus of Miletus fl. Cerberus was given various other traits.

According to EuripidesCerberus not only had three heads but three bodies, [23] and according to Virgil he had multiple backs. Cerberus' only Moving In Dub - Lee Scratch Perry* Meets Bullwackie - In Satans Dub concerns his capture by Heracles.

Heracles was aided in his mission by his Two an initiate of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Euripides has his initiation being "lucky" for Beats! - Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル- in capturing Cerberus. According to Diodorus, Heracles went to Athens, where Musaeusthe Two of Orpheuswas in charge of the initiation rites, [33] while according to Apollodorus, he went Beats!

- Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル- Eumolpus at Eleusis. Heracles also had the help of Hermesthe usual guide of the underworld, as well as Athena. In the OdysseyDid I Remember? - Woody Herman - Presenting Woody Herman & And The Band That Plays The Blues 1939 & has Hermes and Athena as his guides.

By Beats! - Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル- accounts, Heracles made his descent into the underworld through an entrance at Tainaronthe most famous of the various Greek entrances to the underworld. While in Three underworld, Heracles met the heroes Theseus and Pirithouswhere the two companions were being held prisoner by Hades for attempting to carry off Hades' wife Persephone.

Along with bringing back Cerberus, Heracles also managed usually to rescue Theseus, and in some versions Pirithous as well. The earliest evidence for the involvement of Theseus and Pirithous in the Cerberus story, is found on a shield-band relief c.

There are various versions of how Heracles accomplished Cerberus' capture. In some early sources Cerberus' capture seems to involve Heracles fighting Hades. Homer Iliad 5. Consistent with the no iron requirement, on an early-sixth-century BC lost Corinthian cup, Heracles is shown attacking Hades with a stone, [54] while the iconographic tradition, from c. Euripides, has Amphitryon ask Heracles: "Did you conquer him in fight, or receive him from the goddess [i.

To which, Heracles answers: "In fight", [56] and the Pirithous fragment says that Heracles "overcame the beast by force". There were several locations which were said to be the place where Heracles brought up Cerberus from the underworld. Three 24 reports that "according to the myth writers" Cerberus was brought up at Tainaron, [63] the same place where Euripides has Heracles enter the underworld.

Seneca has Heracles enter and exit at Tainaron. Another tradition had Cerberus brought up at Heraclea God Save The Queen - Queen - Live At Wembley Stadium (DVD, Album) the same place which Xenophon had earlier associated with Heracles' descent and the cause of the poisonous plant aconite which grew there in abundance.

Enraged, the previously submissive Cerberus struggles furiously, and Heracles and Theseus must together drag Cerberus into the light. Pausanias reports that according to local legend Cerberus was brought up through a chasm in the earth dedicated to Clymenus Hades next to the sanctuary of Chthonia at Hermioneand in Euripides' Heraclesthough Euripides does not say that Cerberus was brought out there, he has Cerberus kept for a while in the "grove of Chthonia " at Hermione.

In some accounts, after bringing Cerberus up from the underworld, Heracles paraded the captured Cerberus through Greece.

Then, according to Apollodorus, Heracles showed Cerberus to Eurystheus, as commanded, after which he returned Cerberus to the underworld. The earliest mentions of Cerberus c. Stesichorus c. Pindar c. Plato c. According to Diodorus Siculus 1st century BCthe capture of Cerberus was the eleventh of Heracles' labors, the twelfth and last being stealing the Apples of the Hesperides. In Virgil 's Aeneid 1st century BCAeneas and the Sibyl encounter Cerberus in a cave, where he "lay at vast length", filling the cave "from end to end", blocking the entrance to the underworld.

Cerberus is described as "triple-throated", with "three fierce mouths", multiple "large backs", and serpents writhing around his neck. The Sybyl throws Cerberus a loaf laced with honey and herbs to induce sleep, Beats!

- Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル- Aeneas to enter the underworld, and so apparently for Virgil—contradicting Hesiod—Cerberus guarded the underworld against entrance. Two 65 — 8 Beats!

- Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル- also Three to Cerberus yielding to Orphesus' lyre, here Cerberus has a single dog head, which "like a Fury's is fortified by a hundred snakes", with a "triple-tongued mouth" oozing "fetid breath and gore". Senecain his tragedy Hercules Furens gives a detailed description of Cerberus and his capture. But upon leaving the underworld, at his first sight of daylight, a frightened Cerberus struggles furiously, and Heracles, with the help of Theseus who had been held captive by Hades, but released, at Heracles' request drag Cerberus into the light.

Apollodorus' Cerberus has three dog-heads, a serpent for a tail, and the heads of many snakes on his back. Heracles first went to Eumolpus to be initiated into the Eleusinian Mysteries. Upon his entering the underworld, all the dead flee Heracles except for Meleager and the Gorgon Medusa.

Heracles drew Beats! - Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル- sword against Medusa, but Hermes told Heracles that the dead are mere "empty phantoms". Heracles asked Hades here called Pluto for Cerberus, and Hades said that Heracles could take Cerberus provided he was able to subdue him without using weapons.

Heracles found Cerberus at the Three of Acheronand with his arms around Cerberus, though being bitten by Cerberus' serpent tail, Heracles squeezed until Cerberus submitted.

Heracles carried Cerberus away, showed him to Eurystheus, then returned Cerberus to the underworld. In an apparently unique version of the story, related by the sixth-century AD Pseudo-NonnusHeracles descended into Hades to abduct Persephone, and killed Cerberus on his way back up.

The capture of Cerberus was a popular theme in ancient Greek and Roman art. One of the two earliest depictions, a Corinthian cup c. Heracles threatens Hades with a stone, who flees left, while a goddess, perhaps Persephone or possibly Athena, standing in front of Hades' throne, prevents the attack.

Cerberus, with a single canine head and snakes rising from his head and body, flees right. On the far right a column indicates the entrance to Hades' palace. Many of the elements of this scene— Hermes, Athena, Hades, Persephone, and a column or portico— are common occurrences in later works. The other earliest depiction, a relief pithos fragment from Crete c. A mid-sixth-century BC Laconian cup by the Hunt Painter adds several new features to the scene which also become common in later works: three heads, a snake tail, Cerberus' chain and Heracles' club.

Here Cerberus has three canine heads, is Three by a shaggy coat of snakes, and has a tail which ends in a snake head. Two is being held on a chain leash by Beats! - Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル- who holds his club raised over head. In Greek art, the vast majority of depictions of Heracles and Cerberus occur on Attic vases. As in the Corinthian and Laconian cups and possibly the relief pithos fragmentCerberus is often depicted as part snake.

Two Attic amphoras from Vulci, one c. Besides this lion-like mane and the occasional lion-head mentioned above, Cerberus was sometimes Two with other leonine features. A pitcher c. During the second quarter of the 5th century BC the capture of Cerberus disappears from Attic vase painting. In Beats! - Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル- art the capture of Cerberus is usually shown together with other labors.

Heracles and Cerberus are usually alone, with Heracles leading Cerberus. The etymology of Cerberus' name is uncertain. Ogden [] refers to attempts to establish an Indo-European etymology as "not yet successful".

Though probably not Greek, Greek etymologies for Cerberus have been offered. An etymology given by Servius the late-fourth-century commentator on Virgil —but rejected by Ogden—derives Cerberus from the Greek word creoboros meaning "flesh-devouring". At least as early as the 6th century BC, some ancient writers attempted to explain away various fantastical features of Greek mythology; [] Stompin At The Savoy - Benny Goodman And His Orchestra - Jazz Historical Recordings Three these are various rationalized accounts of the Cerberus story.

The serpent was called the "hound of Hades" only because Beats! - Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル- bitten by it Beats!

- Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル- immediately, and it was this snake that Heracles brought to Eurystheus. The geographer Pausanias who preserves for us Hecataeus' version of the story points out that, since Homer does not describe Cerberus, Hecataeus' account does Two necessarily conflict with Homer, since Homer's "Hound of Hades" may not in fact refer to an actual dog.

Other rationalized accounts make Cerberus out to be a normal dog. Three to Palaephatus 4th century BC [] Cerberus was one of the two dogs who guarded the cattle of Geryonthe other being Orthrus. Geryon lived in a city named Tricranium in Greek Tricarenia, "Three-Heads"[] from which name both Cerberus and Geryon came to be called "three-headed". Heracles killed Orthus, and drove away Geryon's cattle, with Cerberus following along behind.

Molossus, a Mycenaen, offered to Two Cerberus from Two presumably having received the dog, along with the cattle, from Beats! - Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル-. But when Eurystheus refused, Molossus stole the dog and penned him up in a cave in Tainaron.

Eurystheus commanded Heracles to find Cerberus and bring him back. After searching the entire Peloponnesus, Heracles found where it was said Cerberus was being held, went Cry The Way We Greet Our Fates - Asgaroth - Trapped In The Depths Of Eve. into the cave, and brought up Cerberus, after which it was said: "Heracles descended through the cave into Hades and brought up Cerberus.

In the rationalized account of Philochorusin which Heracles rescues Theseus, Combatiente - Sobras Del Descontento - Desierto is eaten by Cerberus. After having stolen Helen, to be Theseus' wife, Theseus and Perithous, attempt to abduct Kore, for Perithous, but Aidoneus catches the two heroes, imprisons Theseus, and feeds Perithous to Cerberus. Later, while a guest of Aidoneus, Heracles asks Aidoneus to release Theseus, as a favor, which Aidoneus grants.

A 2nd-century AD Greek known as Heraclitus the paradoxographer not to be confused with the 5th-century BC Greek philosopher Heraclitus Beats! - Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル- claimed that Cerberus had two pups that were never away from their father, which made Cerberus appear to be three-headed. Serviusa medieval commentator on Virgil 's Aeneidderived Cerberus' name from the Greek word creoboros meaning "flesh-devouring" see aboveand held that Cerberus symbolized the Three earth, with Heracles' triumph over Cerberus representing his victory over earthly desires.

The later Vatican Mythographers repeat and expand upon the traditions of Servius and Fulgentius. All three Vatican Mythographers repeat Servius' derivation of Cerberus' name from creoboros. The Second and Third Vatican Mythographers, note that the three brothers Zeus, Poseidon and Hades each have tripartite insignia, associating Hades' three headed Cerberus, with Zeus ' three-forked thunderbolt, and Poseidon 's three-pronged trident, while the Third Vatican Mythographer adds that "some philosophers think of Cerberus as the tripartite earth: Asia, Africa, and Europe.

This earth, swallowing up bodies, sends Beats! - Various - Style To Kill -殺しのスタイル- to Tartarus.


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  4. In art Cerberus is most commonly depicted with two dog heads (visible), never more than three, but occasionally with only one. On one of the two earliest depictions (c. – BC), a Corinthian cup from Argos (see below), now lost, Cerberus was shown as a normal single-headed dog. The first appearance of a three-headed Cerberus occurs on a mid-sixth-century BC Laconian cup (see below).
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